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									                                            Pump Up Your Biz

                               Maximize Your Sales
                               Are you putting out extra books to find new customers? Remember you can
                               get past campaign books for free from me and use them for finding new

                               You can leave books at the day care center, vets, bank, doctor’s office,
                               grocery store, laundro-mats, car dealerships etc.
                               selling period: September 2 – September 15, 2008
                               Get full use of Your Avon Business Tools:

                               Customer Brochures:
                               Order a min of 30 extra books to use to find new customers.
                               Don’t forget to have plenty of the mark Magalogs on hand as well.
Fundraising Guide
                               Preferred Preview:
                               You have option of advance ordering special new products approximately
                               three to four times a year with the Preferred Preview. Get the big hit products
                               long before others and pre-sell them before they hit the books.

                               What’s New
                               Order your campaign demo products to demonstrate and show your
                               customers our new upcoming products.

                               Review your mark Sneak Peek
                               to get the scoop on mark’s Gifts, and the newest in holiday sparkle.

                               Multi-channel marketing:
                               Send customers forwardable emails that
                               will drive Campaign sales online and
Community Outreach Flyer for
                               offline. All Representatives receive a
                               forwardable email template for the latest
                               Avon product at the start of each
                               Campaign’s selling period. And,
                               eRepresentatives will find a selection of email templates (including ones for
                               mark) in their Web Office.

                               selling period: September 2 – September 15, 2008
                               Beauty of Knowledge Courses:

                               Complete the Beauty of Knowledge Your Customer’s Avon course to learn
                               how to make every Customer contact count.

                               Maximize your Beauty sales Become a Beauty Advisor when you complete
                               these courses:

                                      Beauty of Knowledge courses: Beauty Basics 40 minutes
                                      Skin Care at Avon 40 minutes
                                      Avon Color and Makeup Application 25 minutes
                                 Avon Fragrance and Personal Care 25 minutes
                                 Sell More with mark 30 minutes

                            Learn about FUND-RAISING
                            Go to YourAvon.com and click on the Earning Opportunities tab.

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