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									        Axis Communications
The driving force in network video
 Josh Breault – National Distribution Manager

    This is Axis

    > Network video pioneer and driving force
              – Global #1 in network video and network cameras*
              – Global #3 in video surveillance cameras*
              – Global #4 in video surveillance equipment*

    > The world’s leading expert
              – Broadest product portfolio in the industry
              – Largest installed base
              – Open – Platform, API, and industry standards
              – Most trusted source of knowledge, expertise and
                dedicated customer support

    > Partners worldwide with complete solutions
      for every sector

*Source: IMS report, “The world market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment, 2009 edition
   The market is moving towards digital

   Benefits with network video products
   > Progressive scan
   > Benefits of PoE
   > HDTV
   > Simplified storage
   > Intelligence
   > Flexible mount
   > Wireless
   > Ethernet infrastructure often in place
   Securing the future -            openness

   > Easy integration. Easy evolution
        ‒ Open industry standards
        ‒ Flexibility and scalability
        ‒ Standard networks and IT equipment

   > Standardization and interoperability
        ‒ Founding member of ONVIF

   > VAPIX® Application Programming Interface
   > AXIS Camera Application Platform

                                …return on
   Securing the future -         usability
   > Image quality and usability
   > Hybrid solutions for a secure path from
     CCTV to IP
   > Security and safety, remote monitoring,
     video analytics, loss prevention, traffic
   > Integration with access control, building
     management, POS and EAS systems…

               …all types
                  of environments
                 Indoor, outdoor, wired, wireless, local,
               remote, in even the toughest conditions
   Securing the future – cutting-edge   technology
   > Pioneering product development

   > Axis’ own core technology

   > Designed for quality

   > Advanced features

      …to facilitate
      new applications and
           enhance usability
   Securing the future –      complete solutions
   > Network cameras – Fixed. Domes. PTZ. HDTV. Thermal.

   > Video encoders – Complete hybrid solutions

   > Video management software

   > Full range of video and network accessories
   Technology leadership

   > Continuously high investment in R&D
   > In-house developed ASIC technology
         – ETRAX for networking
         – ARTPEC for network video functions

   > Innovative network solutions
         – 1991 First to introduce a multi-protocol print
         – 1996 First to introduce a network camera
         – 2008 Launch of the new chip ARTPEC-3

   > Open standards
   H.264 – the ultimate video compression

                    H.264 compression (example savings)

               Motion JPEG      MPEG-4 Part 2        H.264



               Bandwidth &

                                 Bandwidth &
                                 consumption       Bandwidth &
   ONVIF – Open Network Video Interface Forum

> Founded 2008 by Axis, Bosch and
> An open industry forum for the
  development of a global standard for
  the interface of network video
> Around 180 industry members
> More than 100 conformant products
  released by members
      – Axis Communications
      – Bosch
      – Milestone
      – Sony, and more

   Solutions for every sector

               Proven solutions for:
               > City surveillance       > Education
               > Government              > Industrial
               > Retail                  > Healthcare
               > Transportation          > Casinos & gaming
               > Banking and finance     > Leisure & entertainment

                                       …and many more.
   Axis solutions for Retail

               > Cross-functional video solutions
                 making the difference for retail
                   ‒ Improved loss prevention
                   ‒ Increased safety and security
                   ‒ Optimized merchandising and operations
                   ‒ Greater customer satisfaction
   Axis solutions for Transportation

               > Greater security in transportation environments
                   ‒ Improved safety at airports, stations and public
                     transport hubs
                   ‒ Onboard surveillance solutions for buses, trains
                     and other rail-bound vehicles
                   ‒ Real-time infrastructure monitoring – e.g. traffic,
                     roads and tracks
                   ‒ Proven solutions for large installations
   Axis solutions for Education

               > Greater school safety and immediate cost savings
                   ‒ Increased staff and student protection
                   ‒ Prevention of vandalism and theft
                   ‒ Remote learning
                   ‒ Ease of installation and maximized ROI
                     through use of IT infrastructure
   Axis solutions for City surveillance

               > Safer and more secure urban environments
                   ‒ Efficient protection of people and property
                   ‒ Security and vandalism control
                   ‒ Traffic monitoring
                   ‒ Enhancement of the city image
   Axis solutions for Banking & Finance

               > Reliable systems for bank surveillance and security
                   ‒ Greater staff and visitor security
                   ‒ Protection of assets and property
                   ‒ Exceptional image detail and powerful
                     event management
                   ‒ Protection of existing CCTV investments
   Axis solutions for Government

               > Safer and more secure public environments
                   ‒ Increased staff and visitor security
                   ‒ Protection of all kinds of public buildings
                      - from museums and offices to libraries and prisons

                   ‒ Enhanced image quality for greatest recognition
   Axis solutions for Industrial

               > Efficient monitoring of facilities and industrial
                   ‒ Increased worker safety and site security
                   ‒ Accurate monitoring of production lines and
                     manufacturing processes
                   ‒ Instant detection and response to incidents
                   ‒ Remote troubleshooting and maintenance
   Convergence rates by end-user industry 2008

                                         IMS Research
                                          Report 2009

Source: IMS Research 2009
   What makes the difference?

           Global reach   Focus   Partner network
                              Get the Axis picture. Stay one step ahead.

                 Axis                       competence

                                           worldwide                   convergence
     partner network
                       open network video
                           camera easy installation

                       Thank you!
                            innovation                               outdoor

                       environment                                   ease of use
                       protect                                       integration
      image usability
       video encoder                       thermal

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