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Use answers to questions to fill out the fields of the Energy Awareness Plan.
                    Question                                           Answer/Notes
1. What does a successful Energy Awareness
Program mean to you?
2. Who is the audience you are targeting with the
Energy Awareness Program?
3. What information do you expect to communicate
to the audience?
4. What is the communication frequency of the
Energy Awareness Program?
5. What type of regular meetings are already in
place for this target group?
6. How does the facility currently communicate
their safety, quality, environmental, and HR
7. What training/awareness approaches have failed
in the past and why?
8. What training/awareness approach has been
successful and why?
9. How will the Energy Management Team
measure success of the awareness efforts?
10. How will information be shared (e.g.: energy
use per unit produced, energy efficiency (EE)
ideas from employees, communication of new EE
protocols, procedures, SOP, and PM practices to
support persistence of savings on capital and non-
capital activities)?
11. What metrics will be used to measure success
(e.g.: kWh/pound, ideas submitted by employees,
ideas implemented per ideas submitted, energy
units saved from energy ideas)?
12. What corporate, executive, plant manager, and
energy champion objective will this help achieve?
13. Can energy be easily added to any existing
meetings (e.g.: New Employee Orientation, Safety,
Quality, Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma, Shift Change,
HR Annual Benefit Updates, Production,
Department, Management)?
14. What tools do you already have to help with
communicating the message (e.g.: posters,

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15. What tools would you like to develop to help
communicate the message?
16. Who needs to approve or be informed? Who
needs to be enrolled for support?
17. What are the financial impacts on the facility?
18. What is the schedule of specific events to
support energy awareness goals and plans?
19. How will the energy awareness program be
integrated to continually reinforce the messages,
incorporate new employees, and track training?
20. How does energy awareness involve and
engage your utilities, both electric and gas?

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                         ENERGY AWARENESS PLAN

Awareness                                                   Tools &                 Success
  Venue     Frequency   Facilitator   Audience   Message   Resources   Activities    Metric

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