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									                                  THE CITY OF AVON PARK, FLORIDA
                                      REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
                                           PROPOSAL NO.:

                     The City of Avon Park, Florida, will receive sealed proposals for:
                     RFP 06----- Banking Services to The City of Avon Park, Florida

Sealed proposals may be hand delivered to the City Manager’s Office located on the 2nd floor of City Hall, 110 E.
Main Street, Avon Park, Florida or mailed to the City of Avon Park, RFP # --- 110 E. Main Street, Avon Park,
Florida, 33825. All proposals, with original signature and two (2) additional copies, whether hand delivered or
mailed, must be received by September 15, 2006 at 2.00 p.m. local time.

One or more City Council members may be in attendance at the above response-opening meeting.

The City of Avon Park reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids or any parts thereof, and the award, if an
award is made, will be made to the most responsible bidder whose bid and qualifications indicate the award will be
in the best interest of The City of Avon Park. The City reserves the right to waive irregularities in the bid.

The City of Avon Park, Florida, does not discriminate upon the basis of any individual's disability status. This non-
discrimination policy involves every aspect of the City’s functions, including one's access to, participation,
employment or treatment in its programs or activities. Anyone requiring reasonable accommodation as provided for
in the Americans with Disabilities Act or Section 286.26, Florida Statutes, should contact Mr.CB Shirey at 863-452-

 Proposals received after the closing time will be returned unopened. Multiple proposals for the same entity will
not be accepted and will be returned unopened. Thereafter, at a place to be announced and immediately following
the deadline for receipt of the proposals, those proposals received will be opened and publicly read concerning:

All interested parties are invited and encouraged to attend.

Complete specifications or additional information may be obtained upon application to the Finance Director, Renée A.
Green, CPA on the 1st floor of City Hall, 1110 E. Main Street, Avon Park, Florida. Contact apfinance@avonpark.cc or
telephone (863) 452-4410.

The City of Avon Park reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, to award proposals on a split-order basis
by item number when applicable, to waive any proposal informalities and to re-advertise for proposals when deemed in the
best interest of the City of Avon Park.
                                                                   CITY OF AVON PARK

                                                                  CB Shirey
                                                                  City Manager
Sarah Adelt
City Clerk

                     The City of Avon Park provides equal access in employment and public services

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                                       THE CITY OF AVON PARK, FLORIDA

                                      REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
                                            GENERAL CONDITIONS

To insure acceptance, all proposers submitting proposals to the City of Avon Park shall be governed by the following
conditions, attached specifications, and proposal form(s) unless otherwise specified. Proposals not submitted on the
proposal form(s) provided shall be rejected, and proposals not complying with these conditions will be subject to rejection.

1.    Intent of Specifications: It is the intent of the specifications attached hereto to set forth and describe a certain
      item(s) to be purchased by the City of Avon Park including all materials, equipment, machinery, tools, apparatus,
      and means of transportation (including freight costs) necessary to provide the item(s).

2.    Legal Requirements: All applicable provisions of Federal, State, County, and local laws including all ordinances,
      rules, and regulations shall govern the development, submittal and evaluation of all proposals received in response to
      these specifications, and shall govern any and all claims between person(s) submitting a proposal response hereto
      and the City of Avon Park, by and through its officers, employees and authorized representatives ...a lack of
      knowledge by the proposer concerning any of the aforementioned shall not constitute a cognizable defense against
      the legal effect thereof. The proposer agrees that it will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national
      origin, sex, age or disability.

3.    Interpretations: All questions concerning the specifications or conditions shall be directed in writing to the Finance
      Director, or as instructed on the Request for Proposal Page, by September 1, 2006. Inquires must reference the
      proposed item and the date of the proposal opening. Interpretations will be made in the form of an addendum with
      copies mailed or delivered to each party represented on the vendors' list. The City Manager shall not be responsible
      for any other explanation or interpretation.

4.    Sealed Proposals: The specifications and all executed proposal forms must be submitted in a sealed envelope. All
      proposals must be signed by an authorized representative of the proposer. In the event more than one proposal
      opening is scheduled for the same date and time, do not include proposals concerning different sets of specifications
      within the same envelope. The face of the proposal envelope shall be plainly marked identifying the item(s)
      proposed and the date of the proposal opening. It shall be the sole responsibility of the proposer to assure receipt of
      proposal at the City Manager’s Office, 2nd floor of City Hall, prior to the published time for the proposal opening.
      No proposal will be accepted after closing time for receipt of proposals, nor will any offers by telephone, fax or
      Internet E-mail be accepted.

5.    Exceptions to Specifications: During the drafting of written specifications, a sincere effort is made to describe
      item(s) best suited to the needs of the City; however, in order that consideration be given in evaluating proposals,
      any exceptions to or deviations from the specifications as written must be noted and fully explained. The City
      Manager is the final authority in determining the acceptability of any exceptions to specifications.

6.    Proposal Bond: None.

7.    Discounts: Terms offering a discount for prompt payment will be considered in determining the low proposal. The
      discount period shall begin whenever (1) the conditions of the specifications have been fully met and the item(s)
      judged acceptable to the City of Avon Park or (2) a correct invoice and other required documents have been
      received, whichever is later. Discounts offered for a period of less than thirty(30) days will not be considered in
      determining low proposal.

8.    Mistakes: Proposers are expected to examine the conditions, scope of work, proposal prices, extensions, and all
      instructions pertaining to the item(s) involved. Failure to do so will be at the proposer’s risk. Unit prices bid will
      govern in award.

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9.    Approved Equivalents or Equals: Any manufacturer's names, trade names, brand names, model numbers, etc.
      listed in the specifications are for information only and not intended to limit competition. The proposer may offer
      any brand for which he is an authorized representative which meets or exceeds the specifications as written. If the
      proposal is based on an "approved equivalent or equal" item, supportive information in the form of the
      manufacturer's printed literature or brochures, sketches, diagrams, and/or complete specifications must accompany
      the proposal. The proposer must explain in detail the reasons why the proposed equivalent or equal will meet
      specifications and not be considered an exception thereto. The City of Avon Park reserves the right to determine
      acceptance of proposed equivalent or equal items.

10.   Proposal Withdrawals: No proposal may be withdrawn after closing time for receipt of proposals for a period of
      sixty(60) days.

11.   Award of Proposals: Recommendations for award of proposals are made to the City Council based on the lowest
      responsive and best qualified proposer meeting all conditions and requirements of the specifications. The City
      Council meets as a whole on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 P.M.

12.   Rejection of Proposals: The City of Avon Park reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, to award
      proposals on a split-order basis by item number, to waive any minor proposal irregularities, technicalities, or
      informalities, and to re-advertise for proposals when deemed in the best interest of the City of Avon Park.

13.   Delivery: Proposal quotations shall include all freight costs to Avon Park, Florida to a point(s) specified herein or
      specified at the time the purchase order is placed. No title to the item(s) ordered nor any risk of loss shall be passed
      to the City of Avon Park until after receipt of delivery has been acknowledged by an authorized representative of
      the City of Avon Park.

14.   Tax: The City of Avon Park is exempt from all State and local sales tax.

15.   Public Entity Crimes: A person or affiliate who has been placed on the convicted vendor list following a
      conviction for a public entity crime may not submit a proposal on a contract to provide any goods or services to a
      public entity, may not submit a proposal on a contract with a public entity for the construction or repair of a public
      building or public work, may not submit proposals on leases of real property to a public entity, may not be awarded
      or perform work as a contractor, supplier, subcontractor, or consultant under a contract with any public entity, and
      may not transact business with any public entity in excess of the threshold amount provided in Section 287.017, for
      CATEGORY TWO for a period of 36 months from the date of being placed on the convicted vendor list.

16.   Licenses, Registration and Certificates: Each proposer shall possess at the time of submitting its proposal all
      licenses, registrations and certificates necessary to engage in the business of contracting (or special contracting if the
      work to be performed necessitates a particular type of specialty contractor) in the City of Avon Park.

17.   Permits and Taxes: The proposer shall procure all permits, pay all charges, fees, and taxes, and give all notices
      necessary and incidental to the due and lawful prosecution of the work.

18.   Public Records: Any material submitted in response to this Request for Proposal will become a public document
      pursuant to Section 119.07, F.S. This includes material, which the responding proposer might consider to be
      confidential or a trade secret. Any claim of confidentiality is waived upon submission, effective after opening
      pursuant to Section 119.07, F.S.


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                 August 2006

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I.   Introduction

     A.    Objectives

           The objectives of this Request for Proposal are to identify the banking
           institution that can offer the highest quality service at the lowest cost to the
           taxpayers. This objective is similar to all other goods and services placed
           on a competitive approach by the City of Avon Park.

           The City desires to establish a banking relationship with a qualified bank
           to provide the services described below. It is essential that the awarded
           bank and the City maintain open and frequent two-way communication,
           provide and receive timely responses, establish services and service
           levels by contract or written agreement, provide and receive fair pricing
           and compensation, and maintain high ethical standards.

     B.    Scope of Services

           A proposing bank shall positively affirm its capability to provide the
           specified services or shall note any exception (s) on the Objective and
           Scope of Services Response Form. Banks are invited to propose
           reasonable alternatives to the requested services.

     C.    Contract Period

           All services shall be provided for a three-year period with a one-year
           renewal by the mutual agreement of all parties. The awarded bank shall
           provide service during the one, optional one-year renewal period at the
           same costs, terms and conditions provided for the initial three-year period
           of the contract.

     D.    Instructions

           1.       Sealed Proposals: Responses to this Request will be submitted in
                    a sealed envelope, clearly identified as:
                           PROPOSAL BANKING SERVICES
                           and mailed or delivered to:

                                CB Shirey
                                City Manager
                                City of Avon Park
                                110 E. Main Street
                                Avon Park, Florida 33825

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2.   Response: Each proposer shall submit only one proposal. This
     proposal must be on the standard form provided. Supporting
     material may be submitted; however, the decision in selecting the
     most responsive proposer will be based on the standard proposal
     form provided.

     Each proposer must submit an original and TWO additional
     copies (for a total of three copies) of their proposal. Only one set
     of the financial statements needs to be submitted with the

     No proposals transmitted by facsimile will be accepted.

3.   Questions and Additional Information: Request for clarification
     or additional information should be made in writing (facsimile and
     email are acceptable) to:

     Renée A. Green, CPA
     Finance Director
     City of Avon Park
     110 E. Main Street
     Avon Park, Florida 33825
     863-453-0070 FAX
     apfinance@avonpark.cc (Email)

     Responses to requests will be furnished to all potential proposers.
     Cutoff date to receive requests in writing will be September 1, 2006,
     4:00 p.m). Requests received after that date will not be answered.

4.   Schedule: The following schedule will be adhered to:

           August 20, 2006 Distribution of Requests for Proposals

           September 1, 2006 Cutoff for all written requests for
           information at 4:00 p.m.

           August 15, 2006 Proposals must be in the possession
           of the Purchasing Activity by 2.00 p.m. this date. No

           October 1, 2006 Notification to all proposers on selected

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           January 1, 2007         Implementation date for this banking

5.   Selection Criteria: The following criteria will be used to evaluate
     the responses and to select the winning bank:

           a.     Complete response to all required response items on
                  the standard form;

           b.     Aggregate banking services costs, per identified

           c.     Ability to meet current and projected service
                  requirements over the term of this banking agreement
                  (any past experiences with the bank will be taken into

           d.     Best disaster prepardness plan for the City.

           e.     Best availability schedule for deposit items.

           f.     Capacity to provide numerous electronic banking

           g.     Cost of conversion from current bank to awarded
                  bank (if applicable)

     When the City has tentatively selected the successful proposer, a
     conference may be requested to formulate plans in greater detail,
     to clarify any unclear items, and to otherwise complete negotiations
     prior to the formal award. At any time during the conference(s), the
     City may choose to modify its choice of a selected proposer, if the
     City in its discretion, determines that such a change is in the best
     interest of the City of Avon Park.

6.   Terms and Conditions:

     a.    The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to
           waive any irregularities or informalities in any proposal or in
           the proposal procedures, and to accept or reject any item or
           combination of items. The award will be to the proposer
           whose proposal complies with all the requirements set forth
           in this RFP, and whose proposal in the opinion of the City is
           the best proposal taking into consideration all aspects of the
           proposer's response, including the total net cost to the City.

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     Exceptions to any specification must be placed on Exhibit B
     and will be costed in the final analysis of the proposal.
     Failure to include an exception on Exhibit B will render the
     exception, as invalid and the proposer will be treated as
     being in compliance with the specification, regardless of

b.   In the event that the proposer to whom the services are
     awarded does not execute a contract within thirty (30)
     calendar days after the award of the bid, the City may give
     notice to such proposer of intent to award the contract to the
     next most qualified proposer or to call for new proposals and
     may proceed to act accordingly. The City assumes no cost
     by the proposers in preparation of this proposal.

c.   The standard proposal form indicates an estimate of the
     number of transactions for the year. This number is the
     City’s best estimate of the average volume and the City in no
     way guarantees these as minimum or maximum volumes.

d.   Proposers shall thoroughly examine and be familiar with
     these specifications. The failure or omission of any proposer
     to receive or examine this document shall in no way relieve
     any proposer of obligations with respect to this proposal or
     the subsequent contract.

e.   The contract may be terminated by either party by giving
     written notice to the other party no later than ninety (90)
     calendar days before the proposed termination date. This
     provision may be exercised only after the contract has been
     in effect for three (3) calendar months. The Bank shall be
     entitled to just and equitable compensation for any
     satisfactory work completed to the termination date. Under
     no circumstances will any damages be paid as a result of the
     termination of this contract.

f.   Qualified proposing        banks   must   meet   the   following
     minimum criteria:

     i.    Maintain its home office or a full service branch bank
           within City of Avon Park.

     ii.   Certification as a "Qualified Public Depository" under
           the Florida Security for Public Deposits Act (Chapter
           280 of Florida Statutes); and

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     iii.   Submit one set of financial statements for the past
            two fiscal years (must include an auditor's unqualified
            opinion and appropriate notes to financial

g.   Proposals will be on file in the City Manager’s Office after
     September 15, 2006. All documents pertaining to this
     proposal (including your proposals) are subject to the open
     records law of the State of Florida.

h.   Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this
     RFP by the awarded bank will be cause for termination of
     the "Banking Contract" to be entered into.

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                            CITY OF AVON PARK

The successful proponent will be required to comply with the following insurance and
indemnification requirements:


Before starting and until termination of services for, or on behalf of, the City, the
Banking Institution shall procure and maintain insurance of the types and to the limits

The term City as used in this section of the Agreement is defined to mean the City of
Avon Park itself, any subsidiaries or affiliates, elected and appointed officials,
employees, volunteers, representatives and agents.

Insurance shall be issued by an insurer whose business reputation; financial stability
and claims payment reputation is satisfactory to the City, for the City's protection only.
Unless otherwise agreed, the amounts, form and type of insurance shall conform to the
following minimum requirements:

Workers’ Compensation must be maintained for all Workers' Compensation obligations
whether legally required or not. Additionally, the policy, or separately obtained policy,
must include Employers Liability Coverage.

Commercial General Liability coverage must be provided, including bodily injury and
property damage liability for premises, operations, contractual liability, and independent
contractors. The coverage shall be written on occurrence-type basis.

Errors and Omissions/Professional Liability insurance coverage must be provided to
afford protection for errors and omissions arising out of services provided.

Financial Institution Blanket Bond must be provided to afford protection for employee
dishonesty, forgery or fraudulent alteration of securities, and electronic and computer
crime exposures.

Premises and Transit Coverage must be provided to afford coverage for physical loss of
securities while being held on premises or while being transported by employees or


Required insurance shall be documented in Certificates of Insurance that provide that
the City of Avon Park shall be notified at least thirty (30) days in advance of
cancellation, nonrenewal or adverse change or restriction in coverage. The name of

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this contract shall be listed on the Certificate. If required by the City, the Banking
Institution shall furnish copies of the Banking Institution's insurance policies, forms,
endorsements, jackets and other items forming a part of, or relating to such policies.
Certificates shall be on a "Certificate of Insurance" form. Any wording in a Certificate
which would make notification of cancellation, adverse change or restriction in coverage
to the City an option shall be deleted or crossed out by the insurance carrier or the
insurance carrier's agent or employee. The Banking Institution shall replace any
cancelled, adversely changed, restricted or non-renewed policies with new policies
acceptable to the City and shall file with the City Certificates of Insurance under the new
policies prior to the effective date of such cancellation, adverse change or restriction. If
any policy is not timely replaced, in a manner acceptable to the City, the Banking
Institution shall, upon instructions of the City, cease all operations under the Agreement
until directed by the City, in writing, to resume operations.


The Banking Institution's required coverage shall be considered primary, and all other
insurance shall be considered as excess, over and above the Banking Institution's
coverage. The Banking Institution's policies of coverage will be considered primary as
relates to all provisions of the Agreement.


The Banking Institution shall retain control over its employees, agents, servants and
subcontractors, as well as control over its invitees, and its activities on and about the
subject premises and the manner in which such activities shall be undertaken and to
that end, the Banking Institution shall not be deemed to be an agent of the City.
Precaution shall be exercised at all times by the Banking Institution for the protection of
all persons, including employees, and property. The Banking Institution shall make
special effort to detect hazards and shall take prompt action where loss control/safety
measures should reasonably be expected.


The Banking Institution shall indemnify and hold harmless the City of Avon Park, its
officers and employees, from any and all liabilities, damages, losses, and costs,
including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees, to the extent caused by the
negligence, recklessness or intentional wrongful misconduct of the Banking Institution
and persons employed or utilized by the Banking Institution in the performance of this
contract. The Banking Institution’s obligation shall not be limited by, or in any way to,
any insurance coverage or by any provision in or exclusion or omission from any policy
of insurance.


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The Banking Institution agrees to pay on behalf of the City, as well as provide a legal
defense for the City, both of which will be done only if and when requested by the City,
for all claims as described in the Hold Harmless paragraph. Such payment on the
behalf of the City shall be in addition to any and all other legal remedies available to the
City and shall not be considered to be the City's exclusive remedy.

I.     Scope of Banking Services

       A.     Bank Service Charges

              It is the intent of the City that a single bank provides all the banking
              services specified in this proposal.

              Bank service charges included on Exhibit A will be considered the total
              cost of providing that service as herein defined in this Request for
              Proposal (RFP). Additional charges to provide the defined service will not
              be allowed, and, if not eliminated, will subject the bank contract to
              termination by the City, in accordance with the terms set forth in this RFP.
              Any changes in the scope of the services (other than very minor changes),
              including any additional service charges, will be subject to negotiation
              between the City and the Bank.

       B.     Account Structure

              The City desires to maximize its cash availability through the use of
              concentration and zero-balance accounts. This account structure will be
              comprised of a Concentration Account ( cash management), and the
              following zero-balance accounts

                                  CASH MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT

                                          General (operating)
                                          Water/Sewer Account

              The City does maintain trust and other accounts in various banks.
              Only the accounts listed above are included in this proposal.

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Concentration Zero-Balance Account Structure

On an operational basis, all disbursements will flow through the zero-
balance accounts. The individual deposits will be made to the General
and the Water /Sewer accounts on a daily basis.       The Zero-Balance
Accounts will be reimbursed at the close of the business day or at the
opening of the business day following the day the checks are presented
for payment, depending on the bank's policy. These zero-balance
accounts will always have a zero ledger balance at the beginning of each
business day.

The City reserves the right to open additional zero-balance accounts
during the contract period at the price proposed in this proposal provided
the awarded bank is furnished notification at least thirty (30) calendar days
before implementation date.

      1.      Concentration Account ( cash management)

              The purpose of this account is to concentrate the cash
              balances on a daily basis. This account will contain all cash
              balances (except as already noted) within the entire account

              The Zero-Balance accounts will have deposit transactions
              with the exception of the payroll account  Deposits are
              made to the water/sewer and the general ( operating)

              Appropriate balances will be transferred from the
              Concentration Account to the zero-balance accounts at
              the end of the business day, or at the beginning of the next
              business day to cover the amount of checks presented the
              previous day in each of the accounts.

              On a daily basis (see Section II. E, Computer Based
              Connection to Bank), the City will be able to access certain
              information in the Concentration Account and the zero
              balance accounts.

              Bank encoding errors are to be corrected within 72 hours
              after notification by the City at no cost to the City. Customer
              deposit errors will be corrected in the normal course of
              business at no cost to the City.

              Deposit tickets will be validated by the bank and a validated
              copy returned to the City on the next business day.

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2.    Payroll Account (Zero-balance account)

      This account will be used solely to process payroll
      disbursements to employees. This account is used for
      payroll checks and direct deposits into the employees

3.    General (Operating) Account (Zero-balance account)

      This account is used to process disbursements for accounts

      This account is used to process payroll withholding
      payments via file transfers, payments to pension plans and
      other ACH deposits and disbursements.

4.    Water/ Sewer Account (Zero-balance account)

      This account is used for processing payments for the utility
      department. Deposits are made daily into this account.
      ACH deposits from customers are processed through this
      account. Checks are not written out of this account.

5.    Other Zero-Balance Accounts

      Other accounts may be established over the contract term
      by the City. These accounts will function essentially the
      same as the zero-balance accounts indicated above.

The zero-balance accounts will operate on the following basis:

      At the end of the business day, the zero-balance accounts
      will be debited for all checks presented during the day. At
      the close of the business day, the total amount debited will
      be transferred from the Concentration Account and
      credited to the zero-balance account.

      Transfers between the accounts will be charged to the City
      only as transfers and not also as items deposited and
      checks paid. All transfers will take place automatically
      without initiation by the City.

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D. Availability of Funds

      Deposits will be made periodically during the business day (9:00 a.m. to
      2:00 p.m. or later depending on the bank) to a designated cashier or
      location mutually agreed on by the City and the awarded bank. If your
      bank has adopted an earlier or later cutoff time than 2:00 p.m., then
      please note this exception on Exhibit B. Deposits will be made to the
      main bank or to any of its branches by City personnel.

      Awarded bank agrees to credit the City's Concentration Account for
      selected items according to the following schedule:

            a.     Incoming Wire Transfers - same day credit if received prior
                   to the close of the bank’s wire transfer operations room. See
                   Section II.G Wire Transfers.

            b.     Bagged items will be credited on the day of deposit.
                   Corrections to the deposit ticket can be made a later time
                   when the bag is counted by bank personnel.

      All other checks will be based on the awarded bank's "availability
      schedule". Proposing banks are required to attach a copy of their current
      "availability schedule" to the proposal. Awarded bank agrees to notify the
      City, in writing, of any changes to the schedule. City reserves the right to
      periodically audit the awarded bank's compliance with the existing
      "availability schedule".

E.    Computer Based Connection

      The awarded bank will be required to provide an internet based
      connection for the Finance Department, by 9:00 a.m.(EST) of the

                   Daily Balance Information

                   The awarded bank will be required to provide the following

                   1.      Ledger balance
                   2.      Available (or collected) balance
                   3.      Summary of debit and credit postings
                   4.      Details of incoming and outgoing wire transfers and
                           ACH postings to the Concentration Account (as
                   5.      Details of incoming and outgoing wire transfers and
                           ACH postings to ALL accounts.

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                  Wire Transfer Capabilities

                  The Finance Department will use the internet connection to
                  initiate and monitor wire transfers.

                  ACH Credits and Pre-Authorized Debits

                  The Finance Department will initiate ACH transactions for
                  direct deposit of payroll and will monitor incoming debits and
                  outgoing credits.

                  Initiate any stop payments on checks that have been issued.
                  All stop payments to take place within 24 hours of placement
                  by City.

                  The bank is requested to provide a detail listing, by fax, mail
                  or preferably electronic medium of all ACH Credits and

                  Bank is requested to provide the software (as appropriate)
                  and manuals for this internet connection

F.   Disaster Preparedness Availability

                  In the event of a natural disaster or other disaster the bank
                  should have in effect a plan to accommodate the City with

                  In the event of such disaster the bank must maintain off site

G.   Wire Transfers

           The City intends to carefully monitor the time of receipt for all wire
           transfers. Continued delay in receipt of wire transfers for which the
           bank is at fault may constitute sufficient cause for termination of the
           banking service contract.


           The awarded bank agrees to make timely execution (within two
           hours) of any orders for outgoing wire transfers. The City agrees to

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           initiate outgoing wire transfers through the internet link prior to
           11:00 am (EST). Wire transfers ordered by 11:00 a.m. and not
           received by the destination party by 2:00 p.m. will be traced by the
           bank from origin to destination to ascertain the party responsible for
           delaying the transfer. If necessary, adjustments will be made for
           any lost interest, or charges resulting from a "fail" to consummate
           an investment transaction.

H.   Positive Pay Services

           The City may wish to implement additional fraud protection over the
           City’s checks, by banks providing positive pay service with a “no-
           pay default” option. The City may negotiate a positive pay services
           agreement. The City currently does not receive positive pay
           services. A proposing bank will be asked to provide three bank
           references who utilize the positive pay services.

I.   Statement and Advice Frequency

     Monthly bank statements will be for the full calendar month and will be
     delivered to the City of Avon Park Financial Services Department within
     fifteen (15) business days after the end of the month.

     A Monthly Service Charge Report/Account Analysis for a particular
     month will be completed and FAXED, emailed, or delivered to the Finance
     Department within fifteen (15) business days after the end of the month.

J.   Designated Account Executive

     The City requests that the proposing banks provide the name of a
     designated account executive, as well as an alternate. The designated
     account executives must have the authority to make timely decisions in
     the normal course of business on their own without having to refer to other
     people within the bank.

K.   Other Banking Services and Conditions

     1.    All returned checks due to insufficient funds will be returned to the

     2.    The City intends to pay for all services specified within this RFP.
           Other services, which the banks customarily provide at no cost,
           shall not be included. All other supplies and services needed to
           deliver the requested services must be priced and included in the
           proposal submitted.

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     3.    At no time will any charges be applied against any of the accounts
           established through this Request for Proposal. All charges will be
           paid through a compensating balance or by direct fee, at the option
           of the City. Should the City desire to add services not
           contemplated in this RFP, those charges will be covered by the
           compensating balance or by the direct fee at the option of the City.

     4     All debit and credit memos required to adjust errors caused by the
           bank will not be charged to the City.

     5     The bank agrees to provide MICR check specifications to the check
           printer, if requested.

     6.    The City uses direct deposit for its employees (approximately 100)
           and those amounts are reflected in Exhibit A.

     7.    Bank agrees to respond to all inquiries and to make all necessary
           corrections of errors within 72 hours.

     8.    If your bank charges for the FDIC assessment fee, then that is to
           be considered an exception and must be placed on Exhibit B.

     9.    Notification on cash deposit of the time of verification by the bank.

     10.   Notification on check deposit of the time of verification by the bank.

     11.   Changes to deposits by bank personnel to be accompanied by a
           copy of the check and check tape.

     12.   For incoming ACH transactions, the bank is requested to provide a fax of
           additional information accompanying the ACH to assist the City in
           determining the source and reason for the transfer, if the City deems


     1. Electronic Check Presentment: The City may consider point of
        presentment (POP) electronic check presentment (ECP), converting
        deposit items to ACH transactions. At this time the City does not
        participate in a POP ECP program. Please describe the software and
        hardware requirements, the bank’s training program, and a brief
        comparison of the benefits of POP ECP versus processing deposits

     2. For comparison purposes, the City would like to the bank to propose
        the cost of returning the paid checks and other items to the City on a

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              monthly basis. Do NOT include this cost on Exhibit A. Rather list the
              costs on Exhibit A-1.

           3. The bank should have in place, fraud protection and security

II.   Proposals

      A.   Explanation of Proposal Form

           Use of the Proposal Form (Exhibit A) or a copy thereof is required of all
           proposers. No proposal will be considered without amounts being place
           on this form. If the bank is unable to meet or exceed the requirements
           specified, then the phrase "No Proposal" should be entered for that
           particular item.

           The proposal will be on a variable cost basis. Under the variable cost
           method, actual monthly services will be counted and the volume of
           transactions will be computed to determine the amount to be paid to the

           The City reserves the right to eliminate any individual service contained in
           the bid, if based on analysis, the fees for providing the service are
           excessive, or if the service proposed can be administratively performed in
           an alternative manner.

      B.   Completion of Proposal Form

           Each bank should review the proposal form and price each service
           specified. Per item charges should be extended to the "Annual Charges"
           column. The total of this column will be entered on the line "Total

           The City will be using the direct fee method of paying for banking services.

      C.   Direct Fee Approach

           Complete the Exhibit A form for the estimated total services listed. The
           "Total Proposed" amount on this form will constitute the estimated total
           costs of services on an annual basis. Specific monthly transactions will be
           billed to the City's Finance Department at the proposed rates on a monthly

      D.   Monthly Service Charge Calculations

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          The awarded bank will prepare on a monthly basis a billing for services

          Total service charges will be calculated based on the actual number of
          transactions for a month multiplied by the fixed charge per item.

          It is the intention of the City that all per item charges remain fixed over the
          life of the initial three year contract. However, the City recognizes that an
          adjustment in a per item charge may be necessary based on price
          changes by the Federal Reserve System. Adjustments in per item
          charges will only be allowed by complying with the following conditions:

                 1.     The per-item charge (or portion thereof) will change only for
                        corresponding adjustments in the Federal Reserve System's
                        Fee Schedules, on or after the effective date of the

                 2.     Changes in the Federal Reserve Fee Schedules must be
                        final, and not proposed.

                 3.     Awarded bank will provide the City a copy of the Federal
                        Reserve System's notification supporting the adjustment,
                        with the "Monthly Service Charge Report".

IV.   Summary

          All banks are required to complete the form "Proposal for Banking
          Services", attach the required forms, reports and Exhibits and return the
          package (3 copies) to the City in accordance with the instruction in
          Section I.B.

          The City intends to enter into a formal Banking Services Contract with the
          awarded bank, which will incorporate all provisions of the Request for
          Proposal. Additional terms and conditions will not be included in the
          Contract unless mutually agreed to by both parties.

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                            Request for Proposal No.


                              CITY OF AVON PARK






This proposal contains all the information requested in the Request for Proposal,
including the following exhibits:

             Exhibits A and A-1:      Proposal Form
             Exhibit B:               Exceptions to this Proposal
             Bank's Availability Schedule(s)
             Bank's Audited Financial Statements for the previous two years (one


                                              Typed Name



Please submit an original and two (2) additional copies of your proposal.

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                                  EXHIBIT A

                           CITY OF AVON PARK
                            PROPOSAL FORM

                                     ANNUAL    PER ITEM ANNUAL
Account Maintenance                       4
Checks Paid:
     Accounts Payable                 2,000
     Payroll                            295

No. of Deposits
       Operating Account                           470
       Water/Sewer Account                         270

Change Orders                                       36

Wire Transfers:
             Normally from SBA accounts       varies
      Outgoing- To SBA accounts

ACH-Incoming -
      Operating Account                            110
      Water/Sewer Account                          329

On-Line Payments                                   100

Bank Transfers:

Transfers from Cash Management to Accounts         592
Transfers to Cash management from Others           477

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Maintenance Service Charges                   1

Positive Pay service
CD-ROM of imaged checks
Total Proposed                                    $_____________

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                                EXHIBIT A-1



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                                             EXHIBIT B
                                PROPOSAL FOR BANKING SERVICES

The Bank wishes to take exceptions to the following items:

Page                  Item                                    Estimated Costs

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