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									                                    Curriculum Vitae

                                                     Address    : Bansal Bhawan,
                                                                 Kothiwal Nagar,

Neha Bansal
                                                     Mobile     : +91 9412494100
                                                     E-Mail: bansal_neha2000@yahoo.co.in


      I aspire for a professional career in the Finance domain, which will provide
me growth opportunities, suitably reward my skills & give a chance to constantly
add value to the organization.

Educational Record

  Qualification    Year        School/College            Univ./Board                 Div.

                           Institute of Foreign Trade    Uttar Pradesh
 MBA (Finance,    2005-
                               and Management,             Technical        77%        I
  Marketing)      2007
                                   Moradabad              University
   C++, VB,       2002-    Institute of Technology         Ch. Charan
                                                                            73%        I
  Networking,     2004     and Science, Ghaziabad       Singh University
  (Commerce,       2001    K.C.M School, Moradabad         C.B.S.E.         73%        I
                              St. Mary’s School,
      10th         1999                                    C.B.S.E.         76%        I

Projects MBA

Summer Training:

      Place: AVIVA Insurance, Noida

      Description: The project overviews to identify the challenges & prospects of Aviva
      Life Insurance in this dynamic era & analyzing its strengths & weaknesses with
      reference to the global players like Bajaj Alliance and ICICI PRUDENTIAL. The project
      focuses on the recent trends of Aviva Life Insurance in the marketing strategies,
      policies, approaches & core-competencies to widen the customer base and
      contributing in the value addition.

      Duration: May-June, 2006; 2 Months

                                      Curriculum Vitae

Other Projects:

      Impact of family values and gender on transformational leadership
      Role pf Foreign Institutional Investors in Sensex.
      Merchant Banking in India, Past and Present.
      Survey conducted by C. L. Gupta and Sons for the opening of a new School
      Survey conducted on preference of faculty members for students as average, below
       average and above average students

Projects BCA

    Marksheet Management System

       Objective: The provision of          automatic marksheet generation for each
       student and the easy and quick retrieval of student’s marks. The current position of
       the college can be known at a glance through marksheet management system.

    Payroll Management System

       Objective: To maintain the database of employee’s profile, to update and maintain
       the updated information system.

Industrial Visits

    Kajaria Ceramics, Alwar (Rajasthan)
    Silco, Gajraula (U.P.)
    C. L. Gupta & Sons, Moradabad (U.P.)

Computer Skills

       MS-PowerPoint, MS-WORD, C, C++, Visual Basics, SQL, MS DOS, and HTML

Extracurricular Activities

      Successful participation in many cultural activities, seminars at institute level
      Winner in various college level events held at I.T.S, Ghaziabad & I.F.T.M, Moradabad
      Awarded certification of merit in B.C.A.
      Participant in various cultural events, seminars
      Served as President of Marketing committee at I.F.T.M.
      Participated in Paper Presentation (inter-college) event on the topic “Globalization of
       Private Higher Education-Challenges and Prospects”.

                                    Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information

      Date of Birth             :   20th June 1984
      E-Mail                    :   bansal_neha2000@rediffmail.com
      Marital Status            :   Single
      Father’s Name             :   Sri. Anil Kumar Agarwal
      Father’s Occupation       :   Business
      Nationality               :    Indian
      Permanent Address         :   Bansal Bhawan,
                                    Kothiwal Nagar,
                                    Moradabad – 244001 (UP)
                                    0591 – 2311453

      I hereby declare that all the information given above is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief.

                                                            (NEHA BANSAL)


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