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					                      Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc.
                                                                                      For Elite to prepare a formal proposal for services, we request
                      1516 Centre Circle                                                 the applicable information specified on this form. If you
                      Downers Grove, Il 60515                                           require assistance with this form or your test application,
                                                                                                   please contact an Elite sales engineer.
                      630-495-9770                                                                    1-800-ELITE-11 (800-354-8311).

                MIL or Commerical Aviation EMC Request for Proposal Project Information and Virtual Test Plan

      Customer Information

Customer (contact name)

Customer (company name)

Street, City, Zip, State



      Test Item Information                          (If available, please email product information as a separate attachment)

Test Item Description:
Name, Function, etc.

Web Site URL with Test Item
Test Item Size
(length, width, height, weight)
Are there many product variants or
similar models requiring
Test Item Electrical Power
Voltage, Current, Phase,

Describe the number of cable
bundles, i.e. power cable, I/O
cable, communications cable.

Can the test item operate
continuously, or is there an
operating duty cycle that requires
a cool down period?

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Describe the mode(s) of operation
for the test item during the test.

What is the highest operating
digital frequency or signal?
Does the test item have a digital
communication port(s), i.e.. USB,
RS-232, CAN
Does the device have electric
motors? (Brushed or Electrically

Does the device include any
magnetic sensitive components
(Hall effect)?

Does the device include
intentional transmitters. If so,
please describe frequency, power,

Is the device a machine with
moving linkages and assemblies?

       Test Requirements             (If available, please email test requirements as a separate attachment)

Identify compliance rquirements if

Does this testing require
Government Source Inspection or
DAR/DER witness.

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Describe Criteria for Evaluation of

Identify the primary countries in
which this device will be sold.

Identify the countries where this
device will eventually be sold.

      General Information

Have you tested with Elite before?

Have you tested this item with
Elite before?
Will you be present for testing?

When do you need your proposal?

Other information regarding test
item or test requirements.

Please provide the following          (If available, please email information on the as a separate attachment)
Set up instructions:

Wiring Harness Details

Load Box & Support Equipment

Pin-out Diagram

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This area for a jpg, gif photo or image of the test item.

                           For assistance in preparing this form, contact an Elite sales engineer at 1-800-354-8311

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