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Thank you for joining us today to celebrate the achievements of our club and its members. As we close our first
year of the Tigers Sports Club, we are humbled by the support you have given and our hope is that our
members have now, and in their future, many wonderful memories regarding their participation in the club.
Tigers Sports Club has established a baseball program that continues to grow and has proven to be a top
competitor. We challenge each of our players to improve their baseball skills and reach their full potential.
Our goals are to help develop player confidence that will help them in other areas of their lives, build
friendships that will last a lifetime, and teach the meaning of team work, leadership and sportsmanship. We
assist in building character and we strive to teach our players the finer points, as well as the basic fundamentals,
of the game of baseball. Our players all share a common factor; they are talented, competitively spirited and
dedicated to taking their game to the next level. I hope that our players have:
    learned loyalty to their team and that dedication to the goals shared are keys to success.
    learned winning is just a status; how you played the game is really what counts.
    learned respect- for teammates, coaches, and fellow athletes but most of all, for themselves.
    gained self-esteem and self-confidence.
    gained friendships and bonds that will endure their lifetime.
A few sayings to remember:

        The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love. - Bryant Gumbel
        You owe it to yourself to be the best you can possible be - in baseball and in life. - Pete Rose
        Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he’s losing; nobody wants you to quit when
        you’re ahead. - Jackie Robinson
        "It ain't over till it's over." - Yogi Berra
        The hardest thing to do in baseball is to hit a round baseball with a round bat, squarely.
        - Ted Williams
        You're never alone on that field. There are 8 other players you can depend on.
        There is no crying in baseball!
        Never settle for 2nd best
        We are just starting!!!
        Yep Yep YEA YEA

Cesar Cuni
Tigers Sports Club

Ceremony Schedule
5:00 P.M.   Welcome

5:15 P.M.   Dinner Buffet Opens

5:45 P.M    Winter Achievements

6:15 P.M.   Spring Achievements

6:45 P.M.   Summer Achievements

8:00 P.M.   Fall Achievements

8:45 P.M.   Elite Player Achievements/Presentations

9:30 P.M.   Ceremony close

                              In the Beginning

                        Veterans Day Tournament - 12u
Cameron Fennell, Elie Skolnick, Brenden Cuni, Nicholas Teto, Jason Gray, Evan Blumenthal, Jack Fay, John Reid
      Nico Congionti, Jared Wiesel, Anthony Mirabile, Daniel Dasgupta, Clayton Rice, Danny Zomback
                                   Not Pictured: Nick Esposito, John Valente
               Coaches: Cesar Cuni, Jeff Zomback, Vinny Mirabile, Andy Wiesel, Ron Cheavers

                            Kips Bay Tournament - 10u
      Peter Matt, MJ Durkin, Austin Forman, Josiah Gray, Nicholas Teto, Zack Morris, Damin Romero,
  Ben Burton, Carmine Giordano, Justin Sofer, Cameron Chandra, Steven Weishaus, Luke Chandra, Guido Gulli
                             Coaches: Cesar Cuni, Marty Durkin, Ron Cheavers

In the Beginning
  TSC 101 Workouts

           Winter 2007/2008 Season

            12u Champions - CT Sports Plex Indoor
Mikey Ackerman, Jayson Gray, Mike Nazario, BJ Giordano, John Reid, Charles King, Brenden Cuni
             Nicholas Teto, Nico Congionti, Daniel Dasgupta, Anthony Mirabile
                       Not Pictured: Cameron Fennell and Jack Burke
             Coaches: Cesar Cuni, George Congionti, Charles King, Mike Nazario

 12u Champions - Jack Cust Indoor Tournamant (NJ)
     Brenden Cuni, Jayson Gray, Wesly Albert, Jared Wiesel, Cameron Fennell, Charles King
 Danny Zomback, Nicholas Teto, Daniel Dasgupta, Nico Congionti, Josh Levine, John Tommarello
                      Not Pictured: Cameron Chandra and Nick Esposito
              Coaches: Cesar Cuni, George Congionti, Jeff Zomback, Ron Cheavers

                     Spring 2008 Season
        10u Runner Up - ECTB Spring Travel League
    Jeremy Berman, Luke Chandra, Marty Durkin, Carmine Giordano, Josiah Gray, Peter Matt,
          Zack Morris, Garrett Noake, Damin Romeo, Sam Silverman, Dean Tommarello,
                               Steven Weishaus and Jared Wilson
                     Coaches: Marty Durkin, Ron Cheavers and Peter Matt

12u Champions - Throgs Neck Memorial Day Tournament
  Wesley Albert, Jesse Antin, Evan Blumenthal, Nico Congionti, Brenden Cuni, Daniel Dasgupta,
  Nick Esposito, Mike Flynn, Jayson Gray, Buzzy Irizarry, Charles King, Josh Levine, Lou Miceli,
        Mike Schaub, John Tommarello, John Valente, Ryan Walker and Danny Zomback
                      Coaches: Cesar Cuni, George Congionti and Rich Levine

        12u Champions - WBA Spring Travel League
 Wesley Albert, Evan Blumenthal, Luke Comp, Nicholas Congionti, Brenden Cuni, Nick Esposito,
 Mike Flynn, Jayson Gray, Chris Hogan, Buzzy Irizarry, Charles King, Josh Kleinman, Lou Miceli,
          Mike Schaub, Charlie Solomon, Luke Torpie, Johnny Valente and Jared Wiesel
                          Coaches: Cesar Cuni and Anthony Esposito

              Summer 2008 Season

    9u Champions - WBA Summer Travel League
        Louis Berardi, RJ Berardi, Luke Chandra, Dylan Dasgupta, Matt DiCicco,
Cole DiCicco, MJ Durkin, Robert Flood, Peter Matt, Domenico Procopio, Nicky Ramondelli,
                         Jake Tommarello and Drew Tommarello
               Coaches: Ralph Berardi, John Tommarello and Randy Chandra

   11u Champions - WBA Summer Travel League
     Austin Acocella, Cameron Chandra, Vincent Conn, James Coviello, Daniel Duran,
        Carmine Giordano, Josiah Gray, Peter Matt, Raj Palekar, Damin Romeo,
                   Michael Talt, Nicholas Teto, and Dean Tommarello
       Coaches: Randy Chandra, Bart Acocella, Carmine Giordano and Cesar Cuni

               Summer 2008 Season

     12u Champions - Kips Bay Wood Bat League
      Wesley Albert, Evan Blumenthal, Nico Congionti, Brenden Cuni, Nick Esposito,
   Mike Flynn, Jayson Gray, Buzzy Irizarry, Charles King, Lou Miceli, Anthony Mirabile,
                 John Reid, Mike Schaub, Nicholas Teto, and John Valente
               Coaches: Cesar Cuni, George Congionti and Anthony Esposito

10u Division Runner Up - WBA Summer Travel League
        RJ Berardi, Jeremy Berman, Luke Chandra, Edwin Delgado, Marty Durkin
           Josiah Gray, Eric Greenberg, Peter Matt, Chris Pace, Danny Palmer,
                  Daniel Rothbart, Marc Skolnick and Steven Weishaus
         Coaches: Marty Durkin, Ralph Berardi, Randy Chandra and Cesar Cuni

              Summer 2008 Season

12u Champions - Fordham University Tournament
    Wesley Albert, Evan Blumenthal, Nico Congionti, Brenden Cuni, Daniel Dasgupta,
      Nick Esposito, Cameron Fennell, Jayson Gray, Buzzy Irizarry, Charles King,
         Lou Miceli, Raj Palekar, Nicholas Teto, John Valente and Jared Wiesel
              Coaches: Cesar Cuni, George Congionti and Anthony Esposito

          12u Runner Up - Verdero Tournament
Mike Barbuto, Nico Congionti, Kyle Crimmins, Brenden Cuni, George Difiore, Nick Esposito,
   Chris Fredique, Jayson Gray, Buzzy Irizarry, Lou Miceli, Raj Palekar, Mike Schaub,
                   Anthony Shkrelja, Mark Shkrelja, and John Valente
                        Coaches: Cesar Cuni and Anthony Esposito

                           Fall 2008 Season

              10u Champions - WBA Fall Travel League
      RJ Berardi, Jeremy Berman, Ben Burton, Dillon Cass, Luke Chandra, MJ Durkin, Josiah Gray,
               Peter Matt, Zack Morris, Sam Silverman, Marc Skolnick and Jared Wilson
                        Coaches: Marty Durkin , Ralph Berardi and Robert Fields

              12u Champions - Throgs Neck Fall League
Wesley Albert, Jesse Antin, Evan Blumenthal, Luke Comp, Nico Congionti, Brenden Cuni, Daniel Dasgupta,
  Jayson Gray, Buzzy Irizarry, Josh Kleinman, Josh Levine, Sean Nicholson, Raj Palekar, Robert Sadak,
    Anthony Shkrelja, Mark Shkrelja, Brandon Standard, Kevin To, Jared Wiesel and Danny Zomback
                          Coaches: Cesar Cuni, George Congionti and Rich Levine

                         Fall 2008 Season

            11u Runner Up - WBA Fall Travel League
Austin Acocella, Brandon Bedevian, Joey Benyair, Cameron Chandra, Austin Forman, Carmine Giordano,
      Justin Kaplan, Matthew Krasik, Sean Nicholson, Raj Palekar, Clayton Rice, Damin Romeo,
                                 Nicholas Teto and Steven Weishaus
                        Coaches: Randy Chandra, John Rice and Bart Acocella

                        Our 9u Players
Louis      Berardi      My message is simple; I am honored and thrilled to be part of the
                        Tigers Sports Club family and to be the 9U head coach. Most
RJ         Berardi      important; I am so proud of my players and their
Dylan      Dasgupta     accomplishments at such young ages.
Matt       DiCicco      Tigers Sports Club has proven by its early success that the best
Cole       DiCicco      players who want to compete at a higher level, having fun along
                        the way, (but fun not being the emphasis) and with the blessing
Robert     Flood        of their parents will persevere, be part of successful baseball
Jack       Iannotti     teams and the Tigers family from their early youth through their
                        teenage years.
Andrew     Milite
Jason      Nascimento   Tigers begin at the 9U level and being head coach comes with
                        serious responsibility. The children of 9U are 7, 8, 9, and some
Chris      Pace         10 year olds. These players are the youngest and have the most
Domenico   Procopio     fragile minds. Physically, they possess great baseball talent,
                        which can only improve as they grow older, but they need
Nicky      Ramondelli   practice to sharpen their skills and focused attention to
Jake       Teto         maintain their goal of wanting to compete at and against the
                        highest level of competition. Tigers can and does offer that.
Jake       Tommarello
Drew       Tommarello   These children have endured great pressure put upon them, on
                        the field, by their competitors, by their individual minds and by
                        me to be successful at the game of baseball. It can be over-
                        whelming at times, but that is where my responsibility lies; there
                        is constant positive reinforcement. Their well-being is crucial to
                        their confidence and continued involvement with Tigers for the
                        future. Our 9u team’s success has proven it.

                        I recognize that the 9U division is crucial to the future success of
                        Tigers Sports Club and am thrilled to be part of it.

                        - Coach Ralph Berardi

                       0ur 10u Players
RJ        Berardi     These players have come a long way. Many of
Jeremy    Berman      them started playing together last winter for the
Ben       Burton      Indoor Baseball League at Kips Bay. The team
Dillion   Cass        faced good all-star type competition and lost some
Luke      Chandra
                      very close games. We learned quickly that we
Edwin     Delgado
                      could compete but had to work hard in order to
Marty     Durkin
                      win. The remainder of the winter was spent
Ted       Ecker
                      practicing and playing indoor baseball, we did
Jason     Gaffney
                      very well during the Jack Cust Tournament. The
Josiah    Gray
Eric      Greenberg   beginning of 2008 proved that practice and
Guido     Gulla       dedication pays off. The 10u players played very
Jason     Kapelus     good baseball, both in the spring (Hudson Valley)
Brandon   Klee        and summer (WBA) where they finished runner
Azreil    Lavi        ups both seasons. This past Fall we continued
Peter     Matt        the positive momentum by winning the WBA (3rd
Zack      Morris      time is a charm) and finished with a dominating
Garrett   Noake       record of 11-1. Many of our Tigers are developing
Daniel    O'Brien     into top notch players and they will continue to
Danny     Palmer      get better as we go forward. Remember, you can’t
Daniel    Rothbart    win unless you learn how to lose.
Sam       Silverman
Marc      Skolnick    - Coach Marty Durkin, Ralph Berardi
Justin    Sofer
Sammy     Stone
Max       Weisbrot
Jared     Wilson
Noah      Zomback

                      Our 11u Players
Austin Acocella       Congrats to all Tigers players and parents for a
Brandon Bedevian      very successful year. This baseball year had
Joey     Benyair      three parts and each one built on the previous
Cameron Chandra       one and together we achieved many goals. The
Vicent Conn           Spring season was very tough in that not only
James    Coviello     did we face very tough competition but we had to
Daniel Duran          adjust to the modified baseball field(50/70) as
Austin Forman         well as having to deal with taking leads and
                      balks. Although we did not have a great
Chris    Fulco
                      record every player improved immensely and it
Carmine Giordano
                      set the table for our dominating Summer season
Justin   Kaplan       which ended with winning the championship
Matthew Krasik        11-1 in 4 innings. In the Fall season, we faced
Benny Morris          some tough competition as well but continued
Clayton Rice          to play great baseball which culminated with us
Damin Romeo           losing in the championship against our arch
Jake     Sherman      rivals Pelham Bay. Everyone has a different
Michael Talt          reason for coaching sports but I know personally
Nicholas Teto         that nothing would make me happier than to
Dean     Tommarello   watch these kids continue to improve so that
                      many of them can play on their junior high, high
Steven Weishaus
                      school, college and who knows after that. On
                      behalf of all the 11u coaches we look forward to
                      coaching this great group of kids for many years
                      to come.

                      - Coach Randy Chandra

                        Our 12u Players
Wesley     Albert       This is a special group of players and I am proud to be a part of
Jesse      Antin        their training and honored to be their coach. This team started as
                        my “original TIGERS” and over time we have added some great
Evan       Blumenthal
                        players. The reward of seeing each of them develop their skills
Jack       Burke        and become the best they can be is priceless. They are a well
Luke       Comp         rounded team and they dominate in all aspects of the game;
Nico       Congionti    offense- with great power and speed, defense- by making the hard
                        plays look easy and pitching- by challenging the better hitters and
Brenden    Cuni         overwhelming the rest. They have consistently done this all year
Daniel     Dasgupta     long at various levels: 46x60, 50x70 and this past fall at 60x90.
Paul       Despotakis
                        This team has played together and successfully won two (2)
Nicholas   Esposito     tournaments and 5 league championships during this past
Cameron    Fennell      year. This fall, we played “true” baseball and proved, by winning
Mike       Flynn        the Throgs Neck 12u League, that we are going to be an Elite
Jayson     Gray         squad at the 60x90 level. In every game we had different players
                        step up and show their “Tigers stripes” and that is a true indicator
Chris      Hogan        of a good baseball team.
Buzzy      Irizarry
Charles    King         On several occasions this past year we were seeked out and
                        invited to participate in various leagues. This is a direct result of
Josh       Kleinman     their success and talent and all the Tigers should be proud. I am
Josh       Levine       looking forward to the coming seasons as we continue to work
Lou        Miceli       together to compete and progress through every challenge.
Sean       Nicholson
                        - Coach Cesar Cuni
Raj        Palekar
Robert     Sadak
Mike       Schaub
Mark       Shkrelja
Anthony    Shkrelja
Charlie    Solomon
Brandon    Standard
Kevin      To
John       Tommarello
Luke       Torpie
Johnny     Valente
Ryan       Walker
Jared      Wiesel
Danny      Zomback

                    Our 13u Players
Mikey      Ackerman     Well, we finally arrived at playing real baseball.
Jonathan   Aquino
Jakeel     Daniels      This was a great group of players and for many of the players,
                        this was their first season playing at the 60x90 level. We had a
Vincent    David
                        500 season overall in game play this year and the players should
BJ         Giordano     be proud of themselves as much as I am. The majority of the
Josh       Goldstein    time, we found that we were always the youngest team.
Owen       James        Regardless, we showed that we could hang with the “big boys”.
James      Laitman      We even played (and won) a few games against 14u level type
Adam       Lavi         teams.

Vincent    Martin       The hard work and dedication the players gave during this past
Anthony    Mirabile     season showed in many ways: many of the loses we had were
Joe        Miressi      close by 1-2 runs, many of our players participated in try-outs
Mike       Nazario      for their middle school teams and many made the various
Griffin    Noake        squads. These are all fantastic accomplishments and definite
                        things to celebrate.
Richard    Pugh
John       Reid         We all know that playing at this level is very difficult the first
Mike       Reid         time out but all the players did well and showed a great deal of
Bradley    Riccardi     promise. Now that our first 13u season is out of the way, I
Joseph     Schwartz     expect that we will all come together with renewed focus and
Elie       Skolnick     dedication. That will be our road to success in 2009.
                        14U WATCH OUT...
Nick       Valentino
Charles    Zimmermann   - Coach Cesar Cuni

        TSC Friends & Family Network
We would like to introduce the Friends and Family Network for the
Tigers Sports Club.
These businesses have enthusiastically agreed to sponsor or
subsidize several TSC initiatives and we would hope that you would all
look over the following pages carefully and if the need arises, would
choose to patronize their businesses.
The best part is that these businesses are all associated with or owned by
TSC members. So, let’s try to keep the “money” in the family.

Look for these and new “Friends & Family Network” members on the
sponsor pages of our website. Don’t forget to mention you saw their
ad on the Tigers Sports Club’s Friends & Family Network pages.
Our Sponsors:
Sammarco Stone & Supply Inc.
The Mortgage Company
The Shot Doctor
PM&R (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center)
Cousins Cigar Lounge
Stanz Café
Huguenot-National, Inc.
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
Acocella Landscaping LTD
Paul Klein Travel Services Inc.
Augie’s Italian Restaurant of Larchmont
R & R Creative Construction, LLC
Nareema Baksh Real Estate

                  Our Corporate Sponsor
Sammarco Stone & Supply, Inc. is a local merchant that carries a full line of stone
and masonry products. Sammarco was established in 1929 by Peter Sammarco,
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                        Sammarco Stone & Supply, Inc.
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TSC Friends & Family Network
               YEP YEP, YEA YEA……….GO TIGERS
                The Mortgage Company
                  Residential & Commercial Loans
                    Registered Mortgage Broker
                  N.Y.S. & CT Banking Department

                   Ralph J. Berardi, President
                    235 Mamaroneck Avenue
                             Suite 105
                   White Plains, New York 10605
                       (914) 428-0559 Office
                        (914) 428-2449 Fax
                      Ralph J. Berardi, Jr.
                      Anthony A. Berardi

Focus on Shooting, Passing and Dribbling
   Take your Game to the Next Level
           Build Confidence

     TSC Friends & Family Network

                             THE PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND
                             REHABILITATION CENTER, P.A.

                                         Howard Liss, M.D.
                                          Donald Liss, M.D.
                                           Jeff Pavell, D.O.
                                        Daniel Mendez, M.D.
                                          Philip Tasca, M.D.
                                       Juliana Khowong, M.D.
                                         Angela Ryan, M.D.
                                           Sonali Lal, M.D.
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                                           Banck and Neck Pain
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                                            Pain Management

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                   TSC 101 - 2008 Winter Workouts
          Space is limited...Reserve your spot ASAP!!!
 December 14, 21 & 28                     January 4, 11, 18 & 25
 February 1, 8, 15 & 22                   March 1

**** December Pitching Sessions - Tom Koehler Instruction****

   TSC Friends & Family Network

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                                             Cleo Macris Ziogas
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                              Church Office: 914-235-6100  Office: 914-636-4653
                              Fax: 914-235-0708              Fax: 914-636-4649

        TSC Friends & Family Network
                               Acocella Landscaping LTD
                                             Bart Acocella
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TSC Friends & Family Network

TSC Friends & Family Network

TSC Friends & Family Network

  Special Thanks
          Councilman Jim Stowe
NR Parks Dept. Commissioner Bill Zimmerman
  NR Parks Dept. Office Mgr. Ann Romero
               Frank Colosa
                Roy Krasik
               Frank Miceli
              Jason Standard
               Michele Teto

          Coaching Staff:
         9u - Ralph Berardi
              John Tommarello
         10u - Marty Durkin
               Ron Cheavers
               Robert Fields
         11u - Randy Chandra
               Bart Acocella
               John Rice
         12u - Cesar Cuni
               George Congionti
               Anthony Esposito
               Rich Levine
               Jeff Zomback
        13u - Cesar Cuni
              Carmine Giordano
              Vinny Mirabile
              Steven Schwartz


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