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									                Smart Choice Rewards Program
                                       Enrollment Form
                      Please complete entire form - incomplete forms will not be accepted
                                      <<<<< PLEASE PRINT>>>>>
Service Center (Employer) Name:

Business Address:

City, State, ZIP:

                                    WD Region Number:

Pronto Auto Parts Store Name:

City, State:

Participant Name:

Residence Address:

City, State, ZIP:

Phone Number: (             )

Social Security Number:

I have read and understand the terms and conditions of the Pronto Smart Choice Rewards Program
and agree to comply thereby. I understand that my award activity may be reported
annually as form 1099 earnings to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (current limit $600/yr). I
understand that all award certificates will be sent to the address indicated on each award tally sheet
however, my residence address will be kept on file as my primary address.
I further understand that my Smart Choice Rewards Member number is exclusive only to me and
therefore should not be shared for I am liable for any reward activity linked to my member/Social
Security number.
Please enroll me in the Pronto Smart Choice Rewards Program:

Signature                                                     Date

Accepted by:

Store Owner/Manager          Date                        WD Rewards Manager                   Date
            WHITE - Smart Choice HQ            YELLOW - Pronto WD PINK - Participant

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