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									  South Dakota Motorcycle Rider Education
            Program Presentation
                 Rick Kiley
Director, Motorcycle Rider Education Program
         South Dakota Safety Council

             2008 South Dakota
      Transportation Safety Conference
    “Transportation Safety & Our Youth”
          February, 19 & 20, 2008
                Ramkota Inn
            Pierre, South Dakota
South Dakota Motorcycle
Rider Education Program
            offered by the

South Dakota Safety Council
History of Training
Year        Students Trained
1977              226
1978              304
1979              641
1980             1149
1981             1287
1982              899
1983              875
1984              735
1985              678
1986              601
History of Training (continued)
  Year             Students Trained
  1987                   425
  1988                   337
  1989                   407
  1990                   436
  1991                   388
  1992                   346
  1993                   404
  1994                   329
  1995                   355
  1996                   388
History of Training (continued)
  Year             Students Trained
  1997                   403
  1998                   419
  1999                   537
  2000                   776
  2001                   942
  2002                  1114
  2003                  1342
  2004                  1591
  2005                  1663
  2006                  1792
        History of Training (continued)
             Year                        Students Trained
             2007                             1834

        TOTAL                                23,623
Represents 13 consecutive years of increases in
Training has increased 5 ½ times during this period
The total number of students trained equals 44% of
 all registered motorcycles in the state of South
 Dakota (*2006 SD Motor Vehicles Division Registration Statistics))
               Funding Source
One of the first states in the nation with a legislated
  state funding source
$7 fee on all motorcycles registered
Student Tuition (presently $75)
Federal Grants (used at times in the past)
Funded by the Motorcyclists of South Dakota
SD ABATE, SD Office of Highway Safety, SD
  legislators, SD Motorcycle Dealers and other
  organizations and individuals have been highly
No state tax dollars other than the fees paid by
  motorcyclists are used to support this program
               Training Sites
Aberdeen                       Redfield
Brookings (future)             Sioux Falls (4 sites)
Huron                          Spearfish/Sturgis
Madison                        Watertown
Mitchell (future)              Webster
Pierre                         Yankton
Rapid City (2 sites)

Mobile sites are possible providing there is demand,
 required space (200’x300’), and facilities
           Program Personnel
61 dedicated RiderCoaches statewide
All RiderCoaches have state and national certification
 through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)
Must recertify every two years – involves actively
 teaching, attending update training, and participating
 in professional development & learning activities
Program administrator, 2 part time regional
 coordinators, and other office support staff
       Basic RiderCourse (BRC)
BRC General Information:
Intended for beginning riders of legal licensing age or
 returning riders
Two day course (15 hours) – many schedule options
Safety equipment required: helmet, eye protection,
 gloves, jacket, pants, and over the ankle boots
Qualifies graduates for motorcycle license test waiver
Qualifies graduates for insurance premium discounts
 with some motorcycle insurers
        Basic RiderCourse (BRC)

BRC General Information (continued):
The BRC is a minimum of five hours of classroom
Involves at least ten hours of practical riding in a
 controlled, off-street environment, typically a parking
Motorcycles are provided (combination of state
 owned, SDSC owned, and new motorcycles loaned
 by local dealers)
        Basic RiderCourse (BRC)

BRC Riding Skills:
Learn how to operate a motorcycle safely, with a lot
 of emphasis on the special skills and mental attitude
 necessary for dealing with traffic
Skills taught include: straight-line riding, turning,
 shifting and stopping
Gradually progress to cornering, swerving and
 emergency braking
       Basic RiderCourse (BRC)

BRC Classroom Instruction:
Includes: learning about the different types of
 motorcycles, their controls, and how they operate
Advise on what to wear for comfort and protection
Information on how alcohol and other drugs affect
 your ability to ride safely
Learn how to create your own strategy for riding in
 traffic, and dealing with critical situations
       Basic RiderCourse (BRC)

Graduation Requirements:
Knowledge Test score: a minimum average correct of
 80% or higher
Skill Evaluation: 20 or fewer deductions on 4 riding
 skills test exercises
 Experienced RiderCourse (ERC)
ERC General Information:
Even if you've been riding for some time, there's
 always something new to learn
The ERC is a ½ day (5 hour) course
Must be licensed with at least one year riding
 Experienced RiderCourse (ERC)

ERC General Information (continued):
Participants use their own insured and safe operating
Safety equipment required: helmet, eye protection,
 gloves, jacket, pants, and over the ankle boots
Qualifies graduates for insurance premium discounts
 with some motorcycle insurers
 Experienced RiderCourse (ERC)

ERC Curriculum:
Participants hone their skills and fine-tune the mental
 skills needed for survival in traffic
Using your own motorcycle, you'll put into practice
 the techniques of managing traction, stopping
 quickly, cornering and swerving
Discuss with peers how to balance the mental and
 physical aspects of safe riding, manage risk, increase
 visibility and optimize your lane position
 Experienced RiderCourse (ERC)

ERC Curriculum (continued):
Also covers protective gear, rider responsibility,
 motorcycle inspection and care, the effects of alcohol
 and other drugs on riding
Includes an optional skill evaluation and knowledge
   How to Register for a Course
Online Registration available
Check the website for courses close to you or
 call the South Dakota Safety Council at

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