Resizing images in iPhoto

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					Most images taken with digital cameras are too big for use on the internet. These directions will help
you to resize your images in iPhoto.

Resizing images in iPhoto

Select the image that you wish to use. Go to the File menu and select Export. The Export Photos
window will open.

Make sure you are on the File Export tab. Go to the Format menu and select JPG.

In the Size section, click on the Scale images no larger than: option.

The numbers for the width and height of your image are in pixels. Images on the internet are scaled
to 72 pixels per inch. If you use 480 x 360, your image will be approximately 6.667 inches x 5 inches
on the internet. The actual numbers you enter will be determined by what you plan to use the image
for in your movie and how big or small you need the image to be. You may need to do a little trial and
error to get exactly what you want.

You only need to change one of the numbers. iPhoto will change the other number for you and keep
the proportions of your original.

Click on Export and select the location to save the file.