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Because we act like Greek-parents our selves: We are persistent, overprotective and personal!
EmBIO Medical Center (Athens, Greece) achieves enviously high rates of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and
donor-egg pregnancies. Providing breakthrough technologies with human interest for each patient.

Our extended family of medical and scientific fertility experts support each customer, personally
committed to turn them from “infertility case” to expecting mother, in the safest, fastest and most
economic way.

We Don't take "infertility" for an answer
Previous failures, age, poor egg quantity or quality, sperm deficiency, or embryo quality problems are
just that: problems to be solved. This is what we practice at EmBIO, one of the largest and best-
equipped fertility centers in Europe, and certainly, one of the most experienced and successful. EmBIO's
ground breaking research program, developed in its world class laboratory, has contributed significant
improvements in assisted reproductive techniques. Among EmBIO's acclaimed achievements are first
IVM vitrification in Greece, an extensive donor egg program, and the first birth in Greece to result from
frozen egg. EmBIO is Europe’s answer to infertility for thousands of patients each year since 1997, with
pregnancy rates approaching 60% in certain patient population groups.

EmBIO's founder and clinical director is Gynecologist Obstetrician-Infertility and IVF Expert Thanos
Paraschos. Dr. Paraschos has gained his expertise in infertility treatments at university and large general
hospitals in England, such as Hammersmith Hospital, working with Lord Professor Robert Winston, a
world leading expert in reproductive biology. Keeping abreast with cutting-edge reproductive
techniques, Dr Paraschos is actively involved in international genetic medicine conferences, with
extensive contributions in medical research.

EmBIO's 50-member group of board-certified reproduction experts, obstetricians and gynecologists,
actively prove their commitment to each patient, overcoming infertility problems caused by age,
gynecological malfunctions or the male factor. EmBIO extends this commitment to complicated cases
that other fertility centers can't or won't consider taking up. At EmBIO's welcoming environment, a
specially assigned team of doctors, embryologists, nurses and therapists evaluate each patient
individually, and enhance her chance of a successful pregnancy. Regardless of whether you come as a
couple or an aspiring single mother, in just a few days we will determine and use the best combination
of cutting-edge and conventional fertility techniques that will best help you have your child. To further
improve your chances, you will be supported by an advanced integrative mind-body programme
featuring acupuncture, massage, yoga, individual therapy and nutrition counseling.

The Right Reproductive Method for You!
All assisted reproduction techniques, cutting-edge or conventional, are provided at EmBIO Medical
Center, according to your individual needs.To name but a few:

  * In Vitro Fertilisation
  * Egg Donation Programme
  * Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
  * Embroyo Reproductive Potential (Metabolomics)
  * Sperm Bank
  * Elective Oocyte Cryopreservation
  * Egg Freezing
  * Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  * Microfertilization (IMSI)
  * Male Factor Infertility Treatment
  * In Vitro Maturation (IVM)
  * Robot-Assisted Laproscopic Surgery

Literally Here for You in London and Liverpool
If you can't schedule your fertility holidays in Greece right away, you can start your treatment closer to
your home. For an appointment even at short notice you can see EmBIO's fertility experts on Harley St.
in London or Rodney St. in Liverpool. At our comfy, air-conditioned rooms, you will discuss the fertility
treatment suitable for you, and your extra chances for a successful pregnancy at EmBIO.

For an egg donation programme, you can easily arrange for a one-day stay at EmBIO, Athens! In the
meantime, with our convenient opening days and hours in the UK, you could start your fertility
treatment this week!

After your fertility treatment in Athens, we will be monitoring your progress in pregnancy through
ultrasound scans transmitted in strict confidentiality, by our associates in the UK, or your own

Visit us in London or Liverpool any day of the week (9am to 9pm), even on Saturdays and Sundays (9am
to 5.30pm).

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