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					       Holiday Gift Guide
                                           Cool Gifts
                                      Gifts for Family
                              U of T Clothing & Gifts
                       Computers, Cell Phones & More
                         Stocking Stuffers Under $10
                                      Gifts Under $50
                          Great Fiction & Non-Fiction

iPad    Cool Gifts   Blackberry      Gifts for Family

                                                                             GIANT MICROBES                $7.95
Cool Gifts                                                                   Other microbes include: the Clap, the Pox, Ulcer,
                                                                             the Plague, E. coli, Ebola, Acne, Flu, Mono, Mad
                                                                             Cow, Flesh Eating, Sore Throat, Rabies, Blood Cells
                                                                             and many, many more.

                                                                                                             U of T WINE OPENER SET                $69.95
                                                                                             Nine-piece wine set featuring a polished wooden case with a
                                                                                             U of T engraved plate. Contents include an ergonomic bottle
                                                                                                    opener, foil seal cutter, drip ring, thermometer, pourer,
                                                                                                 two wine stoppers, and two replacement corkscrew bits.

                                                                                                            THE ALL NEW APPLE TV                 $119.00
                                                                                        Apple TV has been redesigned to be small in size but big
                                                                                        on entertainment. Rent from the hottest selection of HD
                                                                                       movies, plus thousands more. Watch Netflix titles instantly.
                                                                                          Stream photos and music from your computer to your
     iPod Touch from $249                   MR. MEN/LITTLE MISS              WATER BOTTLES                                       widescreen TV.
      State-of-the-art fun.                 $19.99
                                            Water Bottle - 600 ml. stainless steel bottle,
Share good times with friends over Face-    with plastic screw cap and metal carabiner.
Time. Shoot scenes in HD or play games      Dishwasher safe.
 on the highest-resolution iPod screen
  ever. In fact, iPod Touch has so much
  technology, you’ll forget it’s an iPod.
                                                MR. MEN/LITTLE MISS MUGS                       $12.99
                                                        8oz. ceramic mug with presentation box.
                                                                               Dishwasher safe.
                               PULSE SMARTPEN LIVESCRIBE                         $199.00
                               Record Everything and Play it Back.
                               While you’re writing, your smartpen is remembering and linking everything
                               you hear to everything you write. Later, simply tap on your notes to replay
                               the recording. Now you can find and get what you need, instantly, with a

                                                                   U of T BEAR         $19.95
                                                                                                                            WACOM BAMBOO FUN $199.00
                                  Cute and cuddly 10” bear wearing a classic U of T Hoodie.
                                                                                                                               Bamboo Fun lets you get hands-on
                                                                                                                              with your creative projects, combin-
                                                                                                                              ing the benefits of Multi-Touch with
                                                                                                                             the comfort and precision of Wacom’s
                                             U of T BLANKET           $29.95                                                 ergonomically-designed pen. Pick up
                                             Sweatshirt blanket with official circular logo.                                   the pressure-sensitive pen to draw,
                                             11 oz. heavy cotton blend.                                                     sketch, edit photos, and add handwrit-
                                                                                                                            ten elements to your creations. Comes
                                                                                                                                     in a stylish silver color.

                                                                                 U of T BACKPACKS            $59.95
                                                                                 Stylish and functional U of T backpacks.
                                                                                 Can accomodate laptops up to 17”.

                                                                                                                                U of T MITTENS $16.95
OUT-OF-PRINT TEES              $24.95                                            JOURNAL BOOKS from $11.95                        U of T HAT $16.95
Out-of-Print Tee shirts feature iconic and                                A collection of sophisticated journal books        Cozy, warm winter accessories hand
often out-of-print book covers.                                                      from designer Christian Lacroix.                 woven in Nepal.
                                                     U of T MOM & DAD SWEATERS                  $29.00
Gifts for Family                                        Mom and Dad favourites! Warm and sporty cotton
                                                                                 blend classic sweaters.
& U of T Clothing
                                                      Gifts for Family

                                       U of T GRANDPARENT MUG                    $6.99
                                       Classic 11 oz. blue ceramic coffee mug.

          $6.99                                     U of T MOM, DAD
 Classic 11 oz. ceramic coffee mug.       & GRANDPARENT TEE $16.95
             (white only)             10 oz. heavy cotton tees for your whole family.

                                                                   U of T SOMEBODY LOVES ME TEES
                                                                   Adult      $15.95
                                                                   Childrens  $14.00
                                                                   Fun and inspired tees.
                                                                   Perfect for that special somebody!

           $21.95                                                                U of T MOM & DAD KEYCHAINS $7.95(each)
     Tee and bib baby gift set.
                                                                                               Metal spinner keychains for Mom or Dad.
                                    U of T Clothing & Gifts
                                                                U of T 3 TEE PACK           $29.95
                                                                Three different looks for a great price.
U of T TODDLER FUTURE GRAD TEE                    $16.95
Inspirational tee for the young scholar.

                                     U of T CLASSIC T-LEAF TOQUE               $12.95                                    U of T VARSITY BLUES
                                  Be warm and cozy while you cheer for your home team.
                                                                                                                     Be warm and cozy while you cheer for
                                                                                                                     your home team in a new Varsity Blues
                                                                                                                     hoodie. Comes in navy, white and grey.

   20% OFF!
 For the month of December,                             VARSITY BLUES SPORTS FAN TEES $16.95
  take 20% off all regularly                                     Show your Varsity Blues spirit and cheer for your      CLASSIC T-LEAF SCARF
                                                                     favourite team. Additional sports available.              $36.00
   priced sports racquets!                                                                                            Keep your spirits up all winter long.
                                                                          This item at Varsity Sports Store only.
    This item at Varsity Sports Store only.
                                                                                     MICROSOFT ARC MOUSE                   $59.99
Computers,                                                                           The revolutionary design of the Arc™ Mouse combines
                                                                                     the comfort of a desktop mouse and the portability of
                                                                                     a notebook mouse. Arc Mouse folds to 60% of its fully
Cell Phones                                                                          expanded size when you’re on the go.

& more . . .

                                                                           APPLE MAGIC TRACK PAD                   $69.00
                                                                                           More control at your fingertips.
                                                                            Magic Trackpad gives you a whole new way to
                                                                                  control what’s on your Mac desktop computer. When you perform
                                                                            gestures, you actually interact with what’s on your screen. You feel closer
                                                                                       to your content, and moving around feels completely natural.

                                                                                     iHOME ALARM CLOCK              $69.00
                                                                                            Wake up to your favorite songs
                                                                                                 with this iPod alarm clock,
                                          MOSHI iVISOR AG         $34.99                   which features gently increasing
                                          iVisor AG for iPad an advanced anti-reflective     or decreasing wake and sleep
                                          screen protector specifically re-designed to       volumes. The alarm automati-
                                          protect your iPad’s touch screen while            cally resets for the next day, so
                                          reducing smudging.                                you don’t have to worry about
                                                                                              being late to school or work.

        iPADS from $549                   MOSHI RETRO HANDSET FOR iPHONE                          $29.99
 The best way to experience the                                            This retro handset combines classic style with a
 web, email, photos, and video.                                            contemporary edge and is finished with a luxurious
          Hands down.                                                      soft-touch texture. It has been manufactured with
                                                                           a high quality speaker and microphone and can be
Imagine being able to page through
                                                                           used to make VOIP computer telephone calls.
websites, write an email, flick through
    photos, watch a movie, or disc
    over thousands of apps. All on
 a beautiful, 9.7” Multi-Touch screen.
    With just the touch of a finger.                                       INVISIBLE SHIELD for iPHONE 4                   $24.99
                                                    ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD™ is an exceptionally clear and virtually indestructible
                                                          film that will protect your Apple iPhone 4 from unsightly scratches. The
                                                  exclusive, patented film - with nano-memory™ technology - covers and shields
                                                           your device, keeping it as pristine as the day you took it out of the box.
                                                                 STYLUS PRO LOGiiX                        $15.99                 BLACKBERRY TORCH
                                                      Enhance ability to write emails, play games and
                                                     surf the web. Avoid getting grease and smudges                              Get $50 off the
                                                     on your device. Works for iPhone, iPod touch and                            Blackberry Torch
                                                                                                 iPad.                           and $50 worth of

                                                                                                                                 Total value $100.

ECOFAN by MACALLY               $44.99
ECOFAN Bamboo cooling stand for laptop computers.
• Ultimate thermal solution to cool down your notebook
• Organic and eco-friendly bamboo for a greener lifestyle
• Compatible with any laptop under 17”
                                                          TUCANO SLEEVES FOR NOTEBOOKS $39.99
                               Laptop Sleeve for MacBook & MacBook Pro. High density neoprene material,
                                       flexible use as a stand alone case or placed in another storage case.                                                        In
                    Introducing the new iLIFE ’11                      $39.00**                                                  iPHONE 4                         stock
                         Browse, edit, and share your photos with stunning                                                       Get $50 worth of
                    new full-screen views in iPhoto. Turn your home videos                                                       accessories when you
                     into epic Hollywood trailers in iMovie. And make great                                                      purchase the iPhone 4.*
                        sounding songs or even learn to play an instrument                                                       Total value $50.
                                                          with GarageBand.

                                                      CANON PIXMA MP280                          $39.00
                                                      The PIXMA MP280 Inkjet Photo All-In-One is a
                                                      compact, stylish and high quality product that                                     Bonus Offer!
                                                      will fit in any area of your home. Its maximum                             $50 off any other Bell device.*
                                                      4800 x 1200 color dpi is combined with Canon’s                                            excluding iPhone 4
                                                      patented Hybrid Ink System, so you’ll have a
                                                      pigment black ink for crisp text and dye ink for
                                                      beautiful photos up to 8.5” x 11”.
BELKIN CONSERVE             $44.99
Conserve Smart AV™ Auto-Off Surge Protector. Reduce standby power.                       MOSHI USB CABLE            $16.99       *Conditions:
Did you know the standby power consumed by your entertainment                           Moshi’s USB Cable for iPod/iPhone will   All offers are valid only for new customers
system when it’s not in use is costing money? Entertainment systems are                  charge and sync your iPhone or iPod     who activate a new 3yr Voice & Data term
typically the biggest energy drains in the house, consuming energy 24/7.                        with your Mac or Windows PC.     (smartphones) / 3yr Voice term (regular phones).
                                                                                                                                 Offers cannot be combined. Offers subject to
                          **must be student, staff or faculty at the University of Toronto to purchase.                          change and while quantities last.
                                          U of T PEEWEE PEN/NOTEBOOK COMBO                        $4.99
Stocking                                                Mini memo book & pen combo. 80 lined sheets.
                                                                                 Assorted colours.
Under $10                                      Stocking Stuffers
                                                                      SOMEBODY AT U of T LOVES ME PLUSH                           $8.95
                                                                      Cute and cuddly 6” plush wearing a
                                                                      Somebody at U of T Loves Me t-shirt.

                                                                                                 U of T SHOT GLASSES              $5.95
                                                                                                          Two choices, same price for this
                                                                                                                           popular item.

Hardcover journal with 192 ivory lined                                        U of T KEYCHAIN             $3.95
 pages, interior gusseted pocket plus                                              Different styles, classic looks.
 matching elastic closure and ribbon
    bookmark. Assorted colours.                   U of T MUGS         $8.99
                                                  12oz black ceramic mug with colourful interior.
                                                  Available in a variety of colors.

                                               WILSON SWEATBANDS                   $5.95
                                               Wristband or headband.
    SCRATCH PADS $4.99                                             DUST-OFF SCREEN CARE                   $9.99
Eco-friendly, fully sustainable notepad             NEW is the Dust-Off LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaner. Contains
is made from recycled elephant poop             1 soft, suede microfiber cloth; 1x 50ml bottle of cleaning spray.
 (sanitized & odorless). A percentage          Contains no harsh chemicals and is completely safe for all types
  of profits is contributed toward the            of digital screen cleaning: LCD and Plasma televisions, laptop
      conservation of elephants.                   screens, media player screens, cell phone screens, and more.
                                                MAXELL EAR BUDS                $5.99
                                                Lightweight ear bud design for extended
                                                use. Soft cushion ear covers. Colour
                                                matching cords and plugs.
                                                Assorted colours

                                                                        MOLESKINE VOLANT NOTEBOOKS
                                                                                 The Volant Notebooks with soft cover
                                                                                come packed in sets of two, consisting
                                                                            of two different shades of the same colour.
                                                                                                                              U of T ORNAMENT
                                                    LED FUN KEYCHAIN              $3.50                                     University of Toronto circular
U of T TOTE BAG           $9.95                     Fun LED keychain with sound. Available in assorted styles.                  glass tree ornament
Features a zippered main compartment, front
pocket, and shoulder-length handles with sewn
grips. 600 Denier Poly Canvas.
                                                        SOMEBODY AT U of T LOVES ME PENS                         $2.99
                                                                        A fun, novel item. Perfect stocking stuffer idea.
       U of T SPORTS STEIN              $8.95
     12oz. glass stein with official U of T mark.

                                           U of T STAINLESS WATER BOTTLES                       $7.95                       WILSON COMFORT FIT
                                                              18oz. classic stainless steel water bottle.                     1/4 CREW SOCKS
U of T LEATHER BOOKMARK                    $3.99                                                                                   $4.50
7” bookmark.Genuine bonded leather with official U of T mark.
Available in navy, black, tan, red, and yellow.
                                                                                    U of T STAINLESS STEEL STEIN                   $42.00
Gifts                                                                               20 oz. stainless steel tankard with a beautiful
                                                                                    U of T medallion. A lasting keepsake. Both durable
Under $50                                                                           and elegant.

Gifts for Family
                                                             U of T ROSEWOOD PEN                 $39.99
                                                              A beautifully engraved twist action pen in a
                                                             complimentary rosewood presentation box.

           $36.00                                                                U of T FELT HOODIES               $45.00
 Made in Canada. 100% acrylic knit                                               Huge Selection of comfortable fleece sweatshirts
     scarf. Circular Signature                                                   for the whole family.
    embroidered on the ends.

                                                                                                             U of T CUFFLINKS           $39.00
                                                                                               U of T cufflinks inlaid with beautiful University of
                                                                                               Toronto medallion. Nickel-plated or gold-plated.

                                     EXECUTIVE U of T PAD HOLDER                  $29.99
                                     Includes a shaped interior pocket, clear business card
                                     holder, pen loop and lined writing pad. Black, navy and

                                                                                    CLASSIC U of T VARSITY HOODIES                       $39.00
                                                                                                                            Classic athletic wear .
         Trudeau: Images of Canada’s
         Passionate Statesman ISBN: 9780470679678
                                                                                                      20% O
                                                                                                           these FF
         The photographs in this book capture the many sides
         and dimensions of a man who would not be denied
         political and social change that he felt would benefit                                      Holid
         all Canadians in a united country.
          Great reading makes a great gift!                                                                           U of T Clothing
Friends Listography                                               Royal Tours
Journal                                                           1786-2010                                       The University of Toronto:
ISBN: 9780811869751                                               ISBN: 9781554888009                                     A History
With list topics that range                                       Royal Tours 1786-2010 is a                               ISBN: 9780802044297
from the ever-popular (favorite                                   penetrating look at the tours of 11            Covering the history of the University from
movies) to the unexpected                                         royals who were or would be monarchs,           its origins as King’s College in 1827 to the
(predict your friend’s fortune                                    viceroys, and commanders-in-chief              present, Martin Friedland weaves together
cookie), each page is organized                                   of Canada.                                     personalities, events, and ideas to create a
for maximum friend-making,                                                                                                  highly readable history.
team-building, and list-making fun.

University of Toronto: The Cam-                                   Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk
pus Guide                                                         ISBN: 9780316038393
ISBN: 9781568987194                                               This collection of sharply observed
Organized as a series of walks                                    animal-themed tales is a delight, told
through the distinctive precincts                                 with David Sedaris’s trademark blend
of the University of Toronto’s three                              of hilarity and goodnaturedness.
campuses, this architectural guide
offers an intimate view of Canada’s
largest university.

                                                                                                                           100 Photos
Stroll                                                            Player One                                          That Changed Canada
ISBN: 9781552452264                                               ISBN: 9780887849725                                      ISBN: 9781554684984
Stroll celebrates Toronto’s details –                             Coupland’s 2010 Massey Lecture is a              From the Last Spike to Pierre Trudeau,
some subtle, others grand – at the                                real-time, five-hour story set in an air-          from Vimy Ridge to Terry Fox, from
speed of walking and, in so doing,                                port cocktail lounge during a global                  Bob and Doug McKenzie to
helps us to better get to know its                                disaster. The book asks as many                 Ben Johnson, these subjects come to life
many neighbourhoods.                                              questions as it answers, and readers            in 100 images that make us proud to be
                                                                  will leave the story with no doubt that                        Canadian.
                                                                  we are in a new phase of existence and
                                                                  that there is no turning back.
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