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Emmanuel Moments


									                                     Em manuel Moments
                                Volume 4, Issue 2                                          April/May 2010
Inside this issue:

Editorial                 1
                                 Renew and Refresh!
Sage from Sandra          2

                                 Renewal, resurrection what better      been reinforced every time I
Committee news            3-4    time than Easter to think of fresh     complete a newsletter that if you
                                 thoughts. November 2006 the arti-      trust in God you can achieve
Joan's Jungle             6      cle was entitled, A New Chapter        anything. I‟ve grown spiritual
                                 and I accepted the torch. Just as      by producing these Emmanuel
Rev. Sandra Reflec-       6      in the Olympics, the time has come     Moments and hope that every-
tion of Egypt                    to pass the torch on to the next       one has enjoyed the past 21 edi-
June                      9      new inspiring editor. This is my       tions of the newsletter .
                                 21 st editorial, and Septem-           Gwen
May                       10     ber/October will be my 23rd and
                                 my last. I have enjoyed the chal-
                                 lenges of the position and discov-
             Minister:           ered that even with my dyslexia I
  Rev. Sandra Ann McCarl         could create a newsletter. I would
       905 538-5310              like to thank those who allow me
sandraannmccarl                  to do this task and overcome my
                                 short comings! These individuals
                                 have encouraged me to achieve
 Administrative Assistant:
                                 goals far higher than I would have
        Meredith Taylor
                                 ever thought I could have
  Organist/Choir Director:
                                 achieved. The encouragement that
       Richard Crossman
                                 I received from everyone has made
            Custodian:           the task a pleasant one. Over the
        Charlotte Butts          last 4 years we have journeyed to-                 Our
                                 gether, we have had many chal-              Purpose Statement
                                 lenges and changes that have
                                 taken place. It is now that I feel a         Emmanuel United
                                 new driving spirit needs to step                  Church
                                 forward, we as a congregation need                seeking,
                                 to be seeking, serving and celebrat-              serving,
 I apologise for any errors,     ing in our new purpose. So what
 omissions and general mix       better time to have someone new                 celebrating
                                 to emerge to carry our torch. I‟ve
                                Sages from Sandra
                                 Notes from the Minister’s Desk
                               Sandra Ann McCarl April/May 2010

By the time we read these articles the Great 50      backrooms. Get up! Get Up! This is the day of
days of Easter will have begun. In the ancient       resurrection!
church Easter Sunday was the beginning of a
time in which converts of the faith reflected on     My mom‟s hair was bound in a bandanna with
the importance of their new faith, while more        white polka dots; and weird pants called „pedal
mature Christians reaffirmed the essentials of       pushers‟ and for granny a man‟s shirt with no
their Christian faith for the next 50 days.          rubber gloves just bare hands holding onto
                                                     pails made of elixirs of Spic and Span.. And
Curiously this is the time of year we also cele-     nearby on the floor was the can of wax and a
brate Spring. Here comes the air and breezes         large heavy polisher.
so clean and fresh. Here come some of the pur-
est colours of the earth: a myriad of yellows        The windows squeeked with Windex and news-
and browns, the rouge of the buds like the           paper. Granny‟s dust rag made the blinds clat-
breath of the forest itself, the white of the lil-   ter as bright light flooded the rooms. The
ies. And here comes the scent after thunder-         rooms seemed to exhale the dust and dank and
storms and the chirping of birds everywhere.         inhale the new air and fresh smells.

And all of this reminds me of my grandmother.        Winter cloths were sent to the cloths-line in-
Easter was a very important time in our house.       side out to blow in the wind. Spring and Sum-
It was the time of year, when my sister and me       mer-wear appeared.
got a new pair of nylons, black shinny patent
leather shoes, new gloves and an Easter bonnet       By evening we ourselves were bathed, with
along with a new dress. Spring and Easter are        washcloths slathering our faces, tunneling out
all tangled together for me because everything       our ears, leaving us fresh and shiny as well.
became new and fresh again.
                                                     My granny assured us annually that newness
One particular gift from my grandmother to us        has a right and a reality, that errors can be
was her cleanliness. And Spring and Easter           corrected, that mistakes can be washed away.
was always that fresh start of our faith and the     In springtime we were surrounded with the
hope in cleanliness. Spring cleaning meant the       primal light of God – with renewal, resurrec-
dusty and musty could be eliminated allowing         tion. Easter!
the new to take its place – or better yet, the old
itself could be made new again.

In a way my granny was a priest. Spring clean-
ing was her sacramental ritual. Early on a
sunny March Saturday morning we would
awake to a sudden wind that blew through the
house. The windows had been thrown open up-
stairs and down, front and back, bedrooms and

Volume 4, Issue 2                                Page 2                           Emmanuel
                                                                              April /May 2010 Moments
   Committee/Club News

   Faith Development (formerly known as Christian us for our clean up days. They have been schedule for
   Development & Worship)                                 May 8 & June 12 from 8:30am-1pm. These clean up
                                                          days are very important for our budget. If as a con-
   After our first meeting of the 2 committees we have
                                                          gregation we do not complete the tasks then we will
   decided to experiment over this year as one com-
                                                          be forced to out source the work. This might be the
   mittee. At the end of this year we will submit our case of our lawn cutting. In the past we have had a
   recommendation to the board as to our situation.       team cutting the grass but over the past years few the
   This is a large group and we have some familiar numbers have dropped. We need 3-6 more people to
   faces as well as not so familiar faces. It looks to be carry out this job for the summer (this will allow you
   an exciting year of change for this committee. Our to only have to cut the grass 2-4 time in the season).
   hope is to be a co-chair committee to allow the If we do not meet these numbers then it will be out
   merging of the committees and to make a smooth sourced at a minimum cost of $1500.                      submitted
                                                          by Robert Gilhooly
   transition. However, as of our first meeting we
   stand with only myself as co-chair but hope to re-
   solve this after our next meeting. The F.D. com- Stewardship Report
   mittee will look after all the duties of both the for- The Stewardship Committee has two subcommittees
   mer committees; C.D. and worship. We will also Finance, and Outreach and Social Action. These
   look after both budgets.                               Committees met on March 8th but were unable to find
                                                          a person willing to become the chair of the committee.
   Our committee as it stands                             They have agreed to meet again on April 12. The
   Co-chair-Gwen Gilhooly                                 committee will continue to discuss Emmanuel‟s Stew-
                                                          ardship program. A volunteer Chair would be most
   Members: Joan Brodati, Pam Byers, Bob Fletcher, welcome. One task of the Stewardship committee is
   Isabell Gilbank, Rob Gilhooly, Jane Lucy, Carol to see that our church is able to carry on our purpose
   MacDougall, Dianne Lethbridge, Lisa Pfau, Gloria statement:
   Shinn, Meredith Taylor.                                           seeking, serving, and celebrating.
      Submitted by Gwen Gilhooly
                                                                  Please Read the Parable below to see if there is a mes-
   Fun Raisers                                                    sage there for you.
   We have been quiet lately but we are still around.                           A STEWARDSHIP PARABLE
   May will bring a return of the café and a meeting as
                                                                  And behold, a certain man went down with a friend to
   well to see where it is everyone would like to us to go.       a place where people like to eat. And there the two of
   Thanks to the funds raised by the cook book the fin-           them dined sumptuously. And when they finished
   ishing touches were completed in the library. If you           easting, the waitress brought the men a bill. And in
   haven‟t had the chance to see the renovations in the           the sight of this friend the man placed beside his plate
   old CD office please pop in. The old library will be           a certain sum of coins. “What does this sum of money
   looked after by the Board and with luck become our             beside your plate mean?” The friend inquired.
   archives, and spare office space. Submitted by Gwen Gilhooly
   Men‟s Club (EMC)                                       “It is but a tip, a customary percentage of the sum of
   We meet regularly on a Saturday morning each the bill.” The man answered.
   month. In April we will be looking forward to prepar-
   ing our sandwich and corsages for the Mother‟s day The friend said to himself: “How strange this is! This
   service. We in turn will look forward to our Fathers' man has been served for a few minutes by the wait-
   day service and breakfast.                             ress, and behold, he gives to her 15% of the bill. All
   Submitted by Robert Gilhooly
                                                          his life he has received this world‟s goods from his
                                                          heavenly father, yet he is offended that God should as
   Property Committee(formerly Building & Grounds) of his a tenth part ___ a tithe___ of his increase. Can
   This year‟s B&G is being a co-chaired by Ken Byers it be that he holds this waitress, a stranger, in greater
   and Clark Stewardson . This will be my last submis- esteem than his heavenly Father?”
   sion to the newsletter. I hope that everyone will join                                    Submitted by Tom Lowden

Volume 4, Issue 2                                         Page 3                             April /May 2010
   Committee/Club News
   Outreach                                                           Christmas Store: More in later news letter
   At their meeting on March 8th the committee made some         Annual Sunday Dinner: CONGRATULATIONS!
   major decisions about their future projects. It was deter-    The Outreach Committee would like to thank you for
   mined that we would focus our attention on three major        reaching out to the disadvantaged in the inner city by
   areas of community assistance. We will also continue to       providing $over $500.00 to provide sufficient food to feed
   raise topics of social and environmental concern.             215 clients at Wesley Centre. We would also like to
   Wesley Urban Ministries:                                      thank the 18 people who prepared and served the meal
                                                                 on Sunday Feb. 14. Also thanks to the Emmanuel Choir
       Case for Kids Walkathon: This year the walk will
                                                                 for their participation in the worship service conducted
   be on June 6th. The committee would like to have more
                                                                 by Thom Davies and Sandra McCarl.
   Emmanuel Walkers. Donation forms will be available
   at the church April 4. Plan now to be a “walker” and ask          Neighbour to Neighbour: We continue to have an
   friends a neighbours for small donations to this worth-                ongoing collection of non-perishable food; We
   while cause. Last year with congregational, friends,                   have arranged with the centre to pick up food at
   neighbours and relatives support Emmanuel raised                       the church the 2nd Tuesday of each month. We
   $2794.75. The money raised will be used so that Wesley                 will remind you on the 1st Sunday to bring food
   can reach out to those in need through effective social                on the 2nd Sunday.
   service programs. Ontario Early years Centre, Wesley          Canadian Foodgrains Bank: It was agreed that this
   Child Care Programs, Summer Day Camps and March               should be one of our main thrusts again this year. It has
   Break Program, Teen Drop in Centre, Wesley Your Hous-         been suggested that we grow oats this year as a different
   ing, Case Management and Support Team for Family              crop. We may grow a surprise crop along with it. WE
   Supportive Housing. Is it not amazing how much Wesley         said we would grow oats last year but ended up with a
   Urban Ministries is doing to help the disadvantaged in        fine crop of corn. Crop suggestions are welcome.
   our community.                                                Submitted by Tom Lowden


       Does your committee have an upcoming event that needs to be advertised in our community? Send
                                         all publicity requests to Tracy will make sure the event gets out to our local television, radio
    stations and newspapers, as well as other area churches, and internet sites. Please try to provide the
                                information 6-8 weeks before your event.

                                                May 9 thru June 20
                                   Starting with our Mother’s day after service luncheon
                                  (presented by the EMC) continuing weekly till the Fa-
                                 ther’s day Breakfast. Each week we will look at different
                                  aspects of the family. Presented by Faith Development

Volume 4, Issue 2                                               Page 4                            April /May 2010
                                     Saturday May 8 & June12

  The Property Committee has set two dates for you to volunteer to help with fix-up, clean-up, repairs
  and painting. PLEASE NOTE – TWO SATURDAYS, MAY 8 & JUNE 12; 8:30-1:30p.m. When can you
  help? Watch the bulletin for more information.
  Also requesting volunteers to cut the “green” grass …..go green. With many hands makes little work.
  The more volunteers will reduce the number of time during the season that you need to cut.
  Volunteers needed for the Odd Jobbers please talk with Bill Webster

                                            Saturday, April 17th.
                We need your gently used, clean items delivered to the
  church April 12-16. See Jean or Dorothy.
                                                               Mom to Mom Sale
                                                               September 25 from 9-noon.
                    SPIRITUAL EXAM
                     RATE YOUR DAY…..                          To rent a table, contact
     Look back over your day and ask these questions…..        the office. Tables $10
                                                               for 5 feet.
              What was my happiest moment?
                   Who helped me today?
                      Whom did I help?                        Congratulations to
       Was I disappointed at how I did in something?          Charlotte (nee Butts)
                                                              and Randy Walker on
          What did I do that was most fun of all?
                                                              their wedding March
                 Whom did I change today?                     26th in Y108 Ambush
                  How was God real to me?                     Wedding

                    Thursday, April 15                                                News articl
                                                                                                 es deadline
                                                                                           May 14th
  Living with respect in Creation Preparing for Earth Day
  workshop, Hamilton Conference Office 9:30-3:30pm.
  Please join us, Call 905-389-7137

                                      Website information
  Please be advised that printed material such as the newsletter and bulletins are public
  documents and are put onto our website, Rob Gilhooly. Emmanuel’s website now works on
  Internet Explorer 8. Check it out:

Volume 4, Issue 2                                Page 5                         April /May 2010
                                                Kid/Youth Korner

                                                   Joan's’ Jungle
                  Happy spring! Since the last news         the service, after which we joined the groups and role
                 letter, Emmanuel Youth participated        played the events of Passion Week in Fellowship
                 in a skating party at the Gilhooly’s       Hall. Wearing costumes of the time, the children
                 ice rink in early February. The big bon-   played the parts of the happy crowd on Palm Sunday,
fire and warming apple cider helped keep the chill off      Jesus and his disciples taking part in the Passover
from the wind and cold temperatures. We had lots of         seder, Judas betraying Jesus at the Mount of Olives,
kids out, some adults too! – THANK YOU Gwen and             the angry leaders and their accusations to Pilate and
Rob for letting us invade your home and make use of         Herod, Peter’s denial of Jesus, the shouting crowds,
the Ken Munro Ice Palace!                                   Simon of Cyrene carrying the cross, Jesus’ death,
         Some of the children also participated in the      and Joseph of Arimethea arranging for his burial…. a
Mom-to-Mom sale on February 20 to help support our          meaningful experience for both the younger and older
SOCKS program. Lisa Heathcote has graciously                students, who hopefully will have a better under-
agreed to take on leadership for fund raising and did a     standing of this coming week leading to Good Friday
great job with the children, raising over $100 in sales     and Easter.
and donations that day! Thanks so much! Look for                   As always, I’d like to thank those who are
future fundraising efforts soon. The Fun Night was held   helping to teach and support our youth. Although our
on March 12 and we had a good group of our youth          group of children is small in number, we are commit-
come out, some of whom brought friends, to eat, chat,     ted to ensuring that they feel valued as Emmanuel
and play some games including the ever favourite Sar-     members. Thanks to Meredith for taking on the dis-
dines and, new to this group, pew racing (did you no-     cussions with the older youth during March and to
tice the cleaner floors on the right side of the sanctu-  Rob who will be working with that group beginning in
ary?). Plans are under way for some springtime events     April. Thanks to John and Meredith for their help with
to be held outside of church hours so that our youth      running the Fun Night, to Gwen and Rob for their on-
can continue to connect and socialize outside of Sun-     going support of all children’s activities, to Tracy
day School programming. Watch for announcements!          Brisco for teaching the younger group beginning in
        I am writing this the afternoon after the Palm    April, and to Nancy Stewardson, who has agreed to
Parade service where we had eleven children partici-      be the Sunday School coordinator for the coming
pating in singing and waving palms. It was lovely to      year and is already demonstrating her strong organ-
see that many children attend and actively participate in izational skills!
                                                          Wishing you all a joy-filled Easter!

         Rev. Sandra Ann’s reflection on my trip to Egypt 2010.
In every culture there is a creation myth. In the beginning an Egyptian creation myth begins
- there was a time when Nun, the eternal ocean, filled the universe. When the waters sub-
sided a primeval hill appeared on which stood the creator god – the sun god Atum. From
there many gods appeared.

For the Egyptians their Pharoah (King) was a living god, he alone could unite the country
and maintain the cosmic order, or Maat. They believed that when he
died, he would achieve eternal life, not just for himself but also for
all the people. The Pharoah‟s power was absolute, he led the army,
set taxes, judged criminals and controlled the temples.

Interestingly, as soon as the new Pharaoh was crowned, work began
on his tomb that would take many, many years to construct.

Volume 4, Issue 2                                      Page 6                             April /May 2010
His stonemason and architect visited the Valley of the Kings to
choose a site for his new tomb right after his coronation and con-
struction began immediately. Stonecutters cut the entrance
doorway, passages and chambers. The walls were then polished
with stone, any gaps were plastered. Then the draftsmen
sketched outlines of figures and representations in red pain.
Next came sculptors with painters to fill in the backgrounds.

The walls of the tombs were decorated with mysterious guides and gods to the underworld.
There are scenes describing the journey of the sun god through the earth and heavens. The
deceased king is shown as the companion of the sun god, sailing through the underworld at
night in a boat.

The first corridors and their walls are decorated with scenes and texts from two closely re-
lated books. The Book of Imyduat and the Book of Gates. These books are divided into twelve
sections, representing the twelve hours of night. Each Gate is guarded by a huge depiction of
a serpent. Scuptured into the walls is the river bearing the boat of the sun god surrounded
by the ram-headed god, bringing light and life to each region the King traverses during his

Our guide told us that the ancient Egyptians believed that their life was like the hours of a
day. The first twelve hours was their life here on earth and the second twelve was their life
in the hearafter. That is why, when they died, they were buried with everything they needed
for their journey including food, jewellery, clothing, furniture and hundreds of tiny sculp-
tures that represented their servants.

I would encourage you to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto to dig deeper into the
mysteries of ancient Egypt with the official exhibition of King Tut the Gold King and the
Great Pharohs. (until April 18, 2010)

My trip began in Cairo a city of some 22 million people! We visited the Great Pyramids,
Sphinx, the Valley Temple, Memphis and Sakkara. Of course we could only look at the Pyra-
mids as they are in very poor shape to walk or climb. We then flew to Luxor and visited the
Karnak Temple before boarding our Nile cruise ship.

For the next 8 days we cruised the Nile River visiting many temples, including the Valley of
Kings, Queen Hatshepsuit Temple as we headed southward to Aswan. In Ashwan we visited
the High Dam and continued to Philae Temple. Later on we had a Felluca ride to Kitchener
Island botonical gardens. (Feluccas are sail boats that have been used on the Nile since an-

On our last two days of our trip in Cairo we visited the old citadel of Salah El Din with the
Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Aly, the Hanging Church and the Egyptian museum with all
the original artifacts of King Tutankhamen.

Volume 4, Issue 2                           Page 7                      April /May 2010
  One of the most interesting things about my trip was the friendliness of the people of Egypt.
  Almost everyone smiled and said „alo‟ to us as we walked in our tour groups around the tem-
  ples and streets. The people in Egypt live in constant fear of attack by terrorists. It was also
  shocking to see all the security. Literally every building has a metal detector and we had to
  walk through them at every site. There are also armed guards and sniffing bomb dogs every-
  where you go. However, on our cruise ship and at each site we did feel safe and secure.

  There are many icons and images of gods everywhere in Egypt. They have beautiful jewelry
  as well. I purchased a cartouche (we would call it a pendant) with my first name inscribed
  on it - In Egyptian hieroglyphs, a cartouche is an oblong enclosure with a horizontal line at
  one end, indicating that the text enclosed is a royal name, coming into use during the begin-
  ning of the Fourth Dynasty under Pharaoh Sneferu.

              The other icon that really fascinated me was the the ankh or 'key of life', 'the key
             of the Nile', 'crux ansata'. This icon was in the hands of many of the people in the hi-
             eroglyphics everywhere we went. The ankh was the Egyptian hieroglyphic character
             that read "eternal life", a sign often portrayed by carrying it by its loop, or bearing
             one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. I also purchased a pendant of the
           „key of life‟, as well as an ancient picture of one on papyrus.

  I had a very interesting and enjoyable visit to Egypt. I learned that in ancient Egyptian law
  known as Maat, there is no individual choosing, willing or thinking, no occcasion to pause
  to ask oneself, “What is it I would now most like to do? What is it I would like to be? One‟s
  birth determines what one is to be, as well as what one is to think and do. This socially ac-
  cepted kind of thinking in the early Bronze age was uncritically accepted then and for some
  even to this day.

  If have any questions about my trip feel free to ask me.

                         Contacting Emmanuel and Sandra
  Office hours Tuesday to Friday 9am to 1pm                          Emmanuel Office 389-4150
  Sandra’s office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9-1pm             Minister’s Office 905-538-5310
                                                                     Home phone: 905 383-7690
                                                                     Blackberry: 1-519-741-4348

                                                      Drop in Play group
                                                      0-3 years, 9:30-11:30a.m., Thursday
                          mornings, in the nursery. Spread
                                                      the word.

Volume 4, Issue 2                                Page 8                         April /May 2010
                        April 2010
         Sun                 Mon               Tue             Wed                    Thu                  Fri             Sat

                                                                           1 9:30-11:30am Tot‟s                       3

                                                                           7:30 Choir practice

                        5      1pm        6               7                8 9:30-11:30am Tot‟s      9                10
                               Bridge                                      playtime
                                                                                                     1:30 Badminton
                             7pm Out-                                      1pm Meditation
                            reach and
                            Stewardship                                    7:30 Choir practice

    11                  12 1pm Bridge     13 10am Friend- 14               15 9:30-11:30am Tot‟s     16               17 9-noon
                                          ship Club                        playtime
    10:30 Worship                                         7:00 Faith                                                  Rummage Sale
                                                          Development(FD) 7:30 Choir practice
    noon confirmation

    18                  19 1pm Bridge     20              21               22 9:30-11:30am Tot‟s     23               24 EMC
    10:30 Worship 7pm Amalgama-           7 pm Property                                              1:30 Badminton   Breakfast
                        tion research     committee                        2:30 pm Pastoral
    12 confirmation     group                                              care
                                                                           7:30 Choir practice

    25                  26 1pm Bridge     27              28               29 9:30-11:30am Tot‟s     30
    10:30 Worship                                                                                    1:30 Badminton
                                                                           7:30 Choir practice
    12 confirmation

Schedule of Events

   April 2 10am Good Friday Service at Emmanuel joining us Bar-                                   Monday 6:30pm–
    tonstone United                                                                                       Guides/Sparks/Brownies
                                                                                                   Tuesday 7pm –Scouts
   April 11 Soup luncheon after service
                                                                                                   Wednesday 7 pm- Cubs
   April 24-EMC (Emmanuel Men‟s Club) Watch for detail on this
                                                                                                   Wednesday 7 pm- Concert Band
                                                                                                   Thursday 6:30pm - Beavers
   Every Thursday-Drop in Play group for children 0-3

Volume 4, Issue 2                                              Page 9                                     April /May 2010
                    M ay 2 0 1 0

       Sun               Mon              Tue                   Wed                 Thu                   Fri              Sat
                                                                              *Tot‟s play time                       1
        May 18, 7pm Hamilton Presbytery Oversight Committee                   every Thursday
        meets with the Church Board. Everyone is welcome to                   at 9:30-11:30
        attend. Watch bulletins for further information

 2                  3   1pm Bridge   4                     5                  61pm Meditation       7                8
 10:30 Worship 7pm Outreach/                                                  7:30 Choir practice   1:30 Badminton
 12 confirmation

                    10 1pm Bridge 11 10am Friend- 12                          13                    14               15
                                     ship club                                                      1:30 Badminton
                                                                              7:30 Choir practice

 10:30 Worship

 16                 17 1pm Bridge 18 7pm Board             19                 201pm Meditation 21                    22
 10:30 Worship Annual Women          7 pm Property         7:00 Faith       7:30 Choir practice     1:30 Badminton
                    Potluck          Committee             Development (FD)

 23                 24 1pm Bridge 25                       26                 27                    28               29
 10:30 Worship                                                                7:30 Choir practice   1:30 Badminton

 30                 31
                                                                          Po t Lu
 10:30 Worship 1pm Bridge                                       Women‟s
                                                                           ng Wo
                                                              ``Cel ebrati             a frien
                                                                       hu  s and
                                                                be wit
                                                     P   lan to

Schedule of Events
 May 2 soup luncheon after service                                                                 Monday 6:30pm–
 May 10 Friendship Club
                                                                                                    Tuesday 7pm –Scouts
 May 8 Clean up at the church 8:30 am to 1:30pm
                                                                                                    Wednesday 7 pm- Cubs
 May 9 Mother‟s day and start of focus on the family services                                      Wednesday 7 pm- Concert Band
  Mother’s day tea after service please plan on staying                                             Thursday 9:30am –Toddlers play
 EMC breakfast                                                                                               6:30pm - Beavers

Volume 4, Issue 2                                                 Page 10                                  April /May 2010

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