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LOGFRAME PLANNING MATRIX FOR Project Fiche                                   Programme name and number
                                                                             Accelerating the Implementation of
                                                                             the National Strategy for
                                                                             Improving the Roma Condition
                       Name of the project                                   Contracting period expires           Disbursement
                „Grant Scheme for identity papers”                                                                period expires
                                                                             Nov. 2007                            Nov.2008
                                                                                          Total budget :          Phare budget
                                                                                          3.33 MEURO              2.5 MEURO
Overall objective               Relates to Copenhagen criterion and          List of other projects with same
                                acquis chapter                               objective
To contribute to improving      POLITICAL CRITERIA
Roma conditions in order to     Human rights and minorities
promote the social              protection:                                  N/A
inclusion of Roma that do       - the stability of the institutions which
not have access to public       guarantee the democracy, the state of
services and in the labour      right, human rights and minorities
market                          protection

                                Accession Partnership 2003:
                                 Provide adequate financial support and
                                 administrative capacity in order to
                                 implement the Government Strategy on
                                 the improvement of the situation of
Project purpose)                Objectively verifiable indicators       Sources of Verification                   Assumptions
To facilitate the access to                                                   • Periodical reports of the         Adequate support
public services and in the                                                    National Agency for Roma            for the
labour market for Roma                                                                                            implementation of
without identity and/or civil                                                 • Reports/studies of Anti-Poverty   this project from
status papers                                                                 and Social Inclusion Commission     all the responsible
                                                                              • Periodical progress reports on    institutions for the
To be achieved by the                                                                                             implementation of
following tasks:                                                              the project
                                                                                                                  the National
                                                                              • Monitoring reports of the         Strategy for
                                                                              project                             improving the
Task 2A from Sector             OVI task 2A                                                                       Roma condition
                                40 projects to support the Roma to            • Final report of the funded
Programme Fiche)                                                                                                  The financed
                                obtain identity and/or civil status papers    projects
Management of a Grant                                                                                             activities realised
Scheme designed to              (birth certificates) financed and
                                concluded                                                                         according to the
address the issue of Roma                                                                                         planning
identity papers. [TA]

Task 2B from Sector       OVI task 2B
Programme Fiche           The number of Roma without identity
                          and/or civil status papers (birth
Undertake a Grant         certificates) reduced by 80% in relation
Scheme designed to        to the current numbers (current numbers
address the issue of Roma to be determined by the Results of the
identity papers. [GS]     2004 programme)
Results                      Objectively verifiable indicators            Sources of Verification               Assumptions
    Results fulfilling the   OVI purpose                                   • Periodical progress reports on      • Support from
    overall purpose                                                        the project                           the local
                             48 % of the persons identified in 2004
                                                                           • Monitoring reports of the           authorities
                             programme without identity papers
                                                                           project                               • Efficient
                             accessed public services (social
                             services, employment services etc.)           • Periodical reports of the           communication
                                                                           National Agency for Roma              between local
                                                                           • Periodical reports of the County    actors
                                                                           Offices for Roma                      • The
                             OVI Task 2A                                   • Final report of the project         partnerships
•   Results Task 2A          Guidelines for grant applicants available                                           between public
- Documents for the                                                                                              authorities and
tender elaborated;           Press release available;                                                            Roma
                             3 national coverage articles that                                                   representatives
- Documents of the           promote the Grant Scheme;                                                           are efficient
tender published and         At least 1 article that promote the Grant
                             Scheme in local media in each county;
                             The number of applications received;

- The evaluation             Evaluation reports approved;
process organized

                             At least 40 projects to support the
- The financing              Roma to obtain identity and/or civil
contracts signed             status papers (birth certificate) financed

- Training packages
                             A training package for support
prepared for support
beneficiaries in the field   beneficiaries elaborated
of:                          250 persons, involved in management
    - project                of financed projects, trained
    - communication
    and collaboration
    between partners;
    - financial

- The financed projects Monitoring reports approved and
implemented             available
successfully according
to the PRAG procedures

- All the projects
completed successfully       Narrative and financial reports approved

•   Results Task 2B          •   OVI Task 2B
- The number of Roma         80 % from all Roma, identified by the
without identity and/or      2004 programme, without identity
civil status papers (birth   papers obtained these documents;
certificate) decreased
                             80 % from all Roma identified by the
significantly                2004 programme without civil status
                             papers (birth certificates) obtained these

- The access of Roma to 60% form the persons that obtained
public services is      identity and/ or civil status papers (birth
significantly improved  certificates) accessed public services;

- The level of
                         At least 40 local awareness and
information and          information sessions organized within
awareness of the persons financed projects;
from the target groups
significantly increased

Activities                  Means                                      Assumptions
Activities Task 2A           Means Task 2A                             • The applicants
                                                                         for the Grant
Design and manage the        TA contract. Selection of the               Scheme will
Grant Scheme for the        Technical Assistance with the                establish efficient
identity and/or civil       involvement of the stakeholders              partnerships
status papers (TA)          according to the PRAG procedures
1.1. Designing the           TA supports PIU/GSG to elaborate          • Local authorities
     needed documents       guidelines and evaluate the applications     employ staff to
     to launch the grant    for the GS according to the PRAG             support access of
     scheme for the issue                                                Roma to public
                             TA supports PIU/GSG to make pre-            services
     of identity papers     contracting visits
     and their issuance
                             TA supports PIU/GSG to monitor the        • There is adequate
1.2. The publishing of                                                   commitment and
     the tender             implementation of the projects financed
                            through the GS                               financial support
     documents and                                                       (co-financing)
     promoting the           TA assures support for the teams            from the local
     programme in mass      involved in the management of financed       public authorities
     media                  projects (at regional/local level)           and, alike, from
1.3. Organizing the                                                      the Roma
                             TA supports PIU/GSG to makes the
     evaluation process                                                  communities to
                            narrative and financial periodical
                                                                         apply for funds
     of the applications    reports for the financed projects to the
                                                                         from the Grant
1.4. Technical assistance   Implementation Authority, Contracting
     on the management      Authority and the European
     of projects for the    Commission Delegation
                                                                       • The target groups
     beneficiaries by        Means Task 2B                               are motivated to
     organising training                                                 support the
     on:                     GS contracts.                               project
 - project                  The eligible applicants for the Grants
 implementation issues;    Scheme are public institutions from         • Participation of
 - communication and       county level in partnership with Roma         Roma
                           NGOs or Roma NGOs in partnership              representatives
 collaboration between
                           with public institutions from county          fully ensured and
 partners;                                                               non-conditional
 - financial               level. The partnership with Community
                           Public Services for Persons Data              at all levels
 management.                                                             (national,
                           Records is compulsory. The partnership
                           concluding is a compulsory requirement        regional, local).
1.5. Elaborating the final for all applicants and it must remain
     report                active and functional throughout all the    • The current
                           stages of the project (elaboration,           legislation in the
                           implementation and finalization).             field of identity
Activities Task 2B                                                       and civil status
                             The projects will be designed and           papers remains in
Grant scheme for
                            implemented at the county level, not at
identity and/or civil       the local level.    force
status papers
1.6. Projects implement                        • The in-depth
     the necessary steps                         analysis of needs
                                                 of the persons
     for the provision of
                                                 without identity
     the identity and civil                      and/ or civil
     status papers (birth                        status papers is
    certificates)                                realized
1.7. Projects ensure                             according to the
     support and advise                          task 1A, 2004,
     for the persons that                        Sector Program
     obtained identity                           Fiche PHARE
     papers to access the                        2004-2006
     public services
1.8. Projects include
     local awareness and
     information actions
     on the importance
     of the identity
     papers for the target

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