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									Increase Car Performance
by David Rose

There are various methods to optimize the performance of your automobile. If you
would like serious performance enhancement and more velocity and power, the way
to go is to get yourself a supercharger kit. A supercharger kit includes all the important
parts that you would need in order to perform your own conversion. In most cases, you
can do it all in just one weekend if you buy the proper manual.

If you build the Jet Stream Electric Supercharger, it will cost you a lot less than the
price of a normal Supercharger, and you will see similar increases in horsepower. Their
easy to follow instruction guide will help you through the process of the entire install
procedure which is not all that difficult and can be applied to just about any vehicle.

The Jet Stream Electric Supercharger doesn’t require mechanical skill to build and
install and will immediately be capable of delivering a 5-30% boost in horsepower
throughout the entire RPM band GUARANTEED! The heart of their electric
supercharger is powered by a 12 volt lightweight motor that can push the electric
supercharger fan to an impressive 24,500 rpm's in less than one second. This produces
immediate boost with no hesitation or turbo lag.

These Jet Stream units are extremely easy to install and operate, and they offer
performance gains unmatchable for the price! You’ll see an improvement of up to 30
Horsepower on some vehicles! Along with this horsepower increase you will also see
a savings in your gas mileage up to 10% or more! The Electric Superchargers are
available for all makes and models, and the required parts are easily available from a
wide assortment of locations all through the world! The total cost to build is often under

If you want to try out the Jet Stream plans, you’ll see exactly how it works. The electric
supercharger is works its miracles by a push button switch that can be installed
anywhere in your vehicle’s interior. The supercharger will only be activated once this
button is depressed. Once engaged, boost will be immediate at a full 24,500 rpm. The
increased airflow generated by the supercharger will be followed by an increase in fuel
delivery supplied automatically by your vehicle’s Mass airflow sensor or fuel delivery
system. Basically, the unit is powered under Wide Open Throttle like many NOS kits
available today.

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