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									Wireless Security FAQs
Frequently asked questions in wireless networking include many specific to security.
Understanding these concepts and terms will help you build and use wireless networks safely.

Are Wireless Networks Secure?
No computer network is truly secure, but how does wireless network security stack up to that
of traditional wired networks?

What Are WEP Keys?
A WEP key is a security code used on some WiFi wireless networks. WEP keys allow a group of
devices on a local network to exchange encoded messages with each other. A WEP key is a
sequence of digits and sometimes letters.

What Is a Passphrase?
A passphrase is one or a few small words chosen for use as a security setting. In computer
networking, the passphrase represents a long password. In Wi-Fi home networking, the
passphrase may be used to generate static WEP keys.

What Is Wardriving?
Legal and ethical issues aside, the practice of wardriving has helped to raise awareness of the
importance of WLAN security.

WEP - Wired Equivalent Privacy
WEP is a helpful but controversial security feature for Wi-Fi home networks that scrambles
wireless network traffic so it can not be easily interpreted by humans.

WPA - Wi-Fi Protected Access
The WPA wireless security standard improves on the WEP standard by supporting
authentication and stronger encryption.

Enable WEP or WPA
Use WPA encryption on your WiFi network as the preferred choice but, if necessary, consider
WEP as an alternative.

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