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									Wireless Performance - Speed and Range
The speed of a wireless network depends on several factors particularly the protocols being
used. The signal range a WiFi wireless network supports also affects its overall speed. These
frequently asked questions cover the essential concepts in wireless network performance.

How Fast is Wireless Networking?
The speed of a wireless network depends on several factors including the Wi-Fi technology
standards it supports.

How Fast Is 802.11g WiFi?
The 802.11g standard for wireless networking supports a maximum bandwidth of 54 Mbps.
Yet some 802.11g-compatible home networking products may advertise speeds of 108 Mbps
or more. How fast, then, is 802.11g Wi-Fi networking?

What is the Actual Speed of an 802.11b Wi-Fi Network?
The theoretical bandwidth of an 802.11b Wi-Fi wireless connection is 11 Mbps. However, this
level of performance is never realized in practice due to network overhead and other factors.

How Strong Is Your WiFi Wireless Signal?
The performance of a WiFi wireless network connection depends in part on the strength of
radio signals between the devices. Several different methods are available for calculating
wireless signal strength.

How Fast is a Cell Phone Modem?
Most cell phones can be used as a computer modem for portable Internet access. Cell phone
modem speeds vary greatly but are generally much slower than residential Internet services.

Why Does My WiFi Data Rate Keep Changing?
Wi-Fi network connections automatically adjust their data rate (connection speed) based on
the quality of the communication signal. Sometimes called "dynamic rate scaling," this feature
of Wi-Fi extends the range at which wireless devices can connect to each other.

What is the Signal Range of a Wi-Fi LAN?
The range of a typical home Wi-Fi LAN varies substantially depending on a few key factors.

How Can the Range of a WiFi Network Be Extended?
Boost the coverage of your wireless LAN by strategically adding more equipment.
Alternatively, a few simple tweaks to your router (access point) may also do the trick.

Can The Signal Range of a Wi-Fi Laptop be Increased?
When using a laptop with public hotspots, a strong wireless signal is necessary. Laptops with
limited range are likely to suffer from slow or dropped Internet connections. Here are some
ideas for improving the signal strength and range of a laptop to ensure best possible

Which Wireless Router Has the Best WiFi Signal?
Consumer wireless routers vary in the WiFi range they support. Routers with stronger WiFi
signals allow devices to connect at higher speeds from a greater distance and stay connected
more reliably. Which wireless router then, has the best WiFi range?

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