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					                                                      55 Malvern Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4E 3E4
                                    Telephone: (416) 393-1480 Fax: (416)393-1493

                                                  November 2006 Newsletter
PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE                                                       Dec 12         Malvern Idol - 7:00 p.m.
                                                                          Dec 22         Holiday Assembly - Special Schedule

H     ow can the Holidays almost be upon us? It has been such an
      incredibly busy fall at Malvern that time has flown by! Once
again early registration worked very well and we are happy to report
                                                                          Dec 25-Jan 5
                                                                          Jan 15
                                                                          Jan 16
                                                                                         Winter Break
                                                                                         Early Dismissal Schedule
                                                                                         Grade 8 Parents' Night
that our enrolment is just under 1,000 students. We are please to         Jan 17         Grade 8 Visits
announce the addition of several new staff members this year at
Malvern. Welcome to Saverina Allevato (Technology Studies),               Best wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!
Debra Carter (Art), Luke Hartley (Geography), Joe Killoran (History
and Special Education), Johanna Landert-Taylor (French/                                                                           Line Pinard
Immersion), Alix Moon (Math and Science Assistant Curriculum
Leader), Tracy Rees Mortimer (Science and Art) and Bénédicte
Wiggett (French/ Immersion/German). Congratulations to all our            PARENT/TEACHER INTERVIEWS
outstanding and dedicated teachers who work tirelessly with all of
our students on a daily basis. They really do make a tremendous
positive impact with your son or daughter!
                                                                          W       e are hoping you can attend our first Parent/Teacher Interview
                                                                                  Night of the year so that you can discuss your child’s progress.
                                                                          It will be held on Thursday, November 30th, 2006 from 2:00 p.m. to
                                                                          4:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. It is hoped that some
W      e have had many successful clubs, teams and numerous
       Student Council and MSAA activities to
promote school spirit such as a very successful
                                                                          parents will be able to attend in the afternoon so that they can take
                                                                          advantage of the teacher’s lighter interview schedule.
Kick Off Dance on October 19th. There are so
many great activities available to all our
students this year including new ones such as
                                                                          P   lease indicate on the parent interview appointment sheet (students
                                                                              received it in class on November 16) the names of the teachers
                                                                          with whom you wish an interview. Your son or daughter will have
the Debating Club, the Media Arts Club and the                            their teacher write in the appointment times. It is the responsibility of
Amnesty International Club just to name a few. I am                       the student to make the appointments with their teachers. We realize
also very excited about our major spring drama production of West         that a longer interview may be required in some circumstances. This
Side Story, which will involve hundreds of staff and students in many     may be arranged with the teacher at a time and date convenient to
different areas!                                                          both you and the teacher. Please bring the completed interview sheet
                                                                          with you on parent/teacher night. Our staff is looking forward to

W      ithout a doubt one of the highlights of our fall activities were
       the unforgettable Remembrance Day assemblies held on
November 9th with the participation of two Kandahar veterans
                                                                          meeting with you on November 30th. Your attendance is important
                                                                          and can make a difference!

Warrant Officer Reyes and Sergeant Campos. Thank you to Vice-
Principal McCann who spearheaded the organization of this event as                                                       The Administration
well as Mr. Izzo and his Grade 10 History class for their leadership
during the ceremonies and Mr. Mighton, Ms. Norris and Mr.                 NEW DATES FOR PA DAYS
Matthews for the wonderful performances of our music and art
students. A very special thank you goes to the Williamson family for
their moving and memorable video entitled "I Will Remember You".
Finally, many thanks go to Mr. Wood and his students for their fine
                                                                          P   arents should be aware that the Ministry of Education recently
                                                                              approved two additional Professional Activity (PA) days for the
                                                                          2006-2007 school year at the Secondary Level: Friday, December
audio performances commemorating Remembrance Day on                       8, 2006 and Friday, March 2, 2007. In addition, the system-wide
November 10th.                                                            PA day has been changed to February 16, 2007 (previously
                                                                          February 9, 2007).

S   tudents received their term one report card with this Newsletter.
    The upcoming parent/teacher interviews are an opportunity to
discuss any concerns you may have about your child's progress. I
                                                                          HOME & SCHOOL COUNCIL
hope you can attend.

Some upcoming dates for you to remember:
                                                                          C   ongratulations to the two new Co-Chairs for Malvern's Home
                                                                              and School Council for 2006-2007: they are Mark Greenfield
                                                                          and Jane Hargraft. Mark and Jane look forward to communicating
                                                                          with you on a variety of items this year through emails and future
Nov 30        Parent/Teacher Interviews                                   newsletters. You may contact Mark at:
                   2:00-4:00 p.m. and 6:00 -8:00 p.m.            .The next Home and School Council
Dec 1         Late Start Schedule                                         meeting with be held December 5th at 7:00 p.m. in the Library. All
Dec 5         Home and School Council Meeting - 7:00 p.m.                 parents are welcome.
Dec 6         Holiday Music Concert – 7:00 p.m.
Dec 8         PD Day (new date)                                                                                                   Line Pinard
Dec 11        Early Dismissal Schedule
BLAST EMAILS                                                                The volunteer ambassadors will be hosting an assembly that will
                                                                            motivate students to get out there and volunteer, volunteer, volunteer.
      n Tuesday, November 21st Malvern sent out what we hope to be
O     the first of many, blast emails to our parents and/or guardians of
our students. The inaugural email was a copy of the information
                                                                                                                                Virginia Dawe
regarding the upcoming Parent/Teacher Interviews which was handed
out in class to the students to take home last Thursday, November           FUNDRAISING …

T    hank you for submitting your email address to us during                A    s you are probably aware, the students at Malvern CI constantly
                                                                                 strive to improve their fundraising efforts and increase
                                                                            community awareness. We are hoping that we can count on your
     registration. On our first try we had quite a few undeliverable
                  addresses, but with your help we hope to update our       generosity to aid in the success of two of our upcoming projects.
                  database with current and accurate information. Our       Should you have any questions or need more information on these
                  Co-Op student Thomas Choo has worked tirelessly           two matters please contact Emily Cordeaux at
                  setting up the database for us and we thank him and .
                  Sim Brigden for their invaluable assistance. If you
                  submitted your email address and did not receive the      Formal Committee will be holding a holiday raffle and are looking
Parent/Teacher Interview email, or if you would like to be added,           for any donations big or small which can be used as
please send an email with your email address, your name and your            prizes. Generous donations have started to arrive. For
child’s name to and we will update our list.          example, one of our main prizes is a three course
We are working hard to improve our communication efforts with all           Turkey-To-Go meal for 12 people already cooked and
of you. We hope to be able to send you information about Malvern            prepared for pick up by the talented staff at the
events on a regular basis via the internet.                                 Fairmont Royal York Hotel. So for those of you who
                                                                            want a break from the kitchen during the festive season
                                                                            don’t forget to buy those raffle tickets!!!
                                                        Nickie Lewis
                                                                            Environmental Club is helping Malvern become an EcoSchool.
STUDENTS’ COUNCIL NEWS                                                      One of our projects is to start a community garden and we are
                                                                            therefore looking for donations of any gardening equipment, supplies
   t’s been a wildly successful 3 months for Malvern’s SAC. From
I  our energetic Spirit Week to our spooky Halloween Door
Decorating bonanza, Malvern has been on the “move.” The SAC has
                                                                            or Canadian Tire money which could be put toward this exciting new
                                                                            endeavour. If any community members have any skills to contribute
                                                                            to the success of this project, please let us know!
also put the fun back in fundraising. We ran a successful sock
campaign donating more than 700 pairs of socks to Covenant House.
Currently, we are working hard during this MOM month in order to
                                                                                                                              Emily Cordeaux
raise money for the Red Door and the Brick by Brick campaign.
Thanks to all for your support!                                             VISUAL ARTS
                                                         Jane Fontes
                                                                            C    ongratulations to Malvern grad Stefan Nicoloff, who was
                                                                                 recently awarded a $1,000 scholarship for, among other things,
                                                                            the work he has done in Visual Arts. Stefan, also the winner of the
WEST SIDE STORY                                                             A. Leslie Chatterton Award at this month’s Commencement, is
Look out … it’s coming … March 29th, 30th, 31st – 7:00 p.m., MCI            currently in his first year at OCAD and has been working as my
Auditorium, $10.00. It’s going to be great …!                               volunteer teacher assistant on Fridays. Well done Stefan!
                                                        Erich Lehrer
                                                                            I n other Visual Arts news, students have finished major units in
                                                                              drawing, sculpture, photography and printmaking. The display
                                                                            cases are now full of new work so please come in and take a look.
                                        ESP is
No, it’s not ExtraisSensory Perception, supportsEmpowered Student
 Partnership. It a student club that             and promotes safe                                                            Sean Matthews
school initiatives in school and in the community. Current projects
include assisting with Malvern’s Healthy Choices initiative; we             MEDIA ARTS CLUB
invited Toronto Public Health to come in and talk to students about
healthy sexual choices, what the city of Toronto offers at their clinics,
and the dangers that youth face with respect to sexually transmitted
diseases. Check out their website for some great resources:
                                                                            M       alvern Collegiate has a Media Arts Club! For the first time
                                                                                    ever, Malvern has a club dedicated to the Media Arts. There
                                                                            has been a full house at each of our first two meetings, with over                               thirty students signing up. The club will provide students with access
                                                                            to experiences in the Media Arts, including digital photography,
E   SP is also working on the BRICK by BRICK campaign.
    Everyone deserves the right to a safe education so the Malvern
                                                                            video, music composition and sound recording. We plan to record
                                                                            various events and activities in and around Malvern, the most recent
ESP group are raising funds to build a school in Sierra Leone. To           event being the music department's involvement at the local
find out more about this initiative go to the Free The Children             Christmas Parade.

A    nd lastly, we have a group of Volunteer Ambassadors who are
     taking part in leadership seminars. These ambassadors are
                                                                            T    here have already been presentations to the Media Club in iPhoto
                                                                                 and iMovie and we plan on giving students opportunities to use
                                                                            the computers at school to create their own photography, video and
scouring the community for volunteer opportunities to post on their         music projects. Our most recent piece was a photographic montage
bulletin board – every student needs 40 hours in order to graduate.         put together by a couple of grade 10 Visual Arts students for
            Malvern's Remembrance Day Assemblies on November             LIBRARY NEWS
                  9th. Liam Blackburn and Sarah Cordeaux
                   contributed the majority of photos, with Marissa
                   Boccongelle and Hannah Wiles each contributing
a picture. You can see this presentation in Quick Time by visiting the
                                                                         M       alvern Library is off to a busy start. Classes in the library
                                                                                 include all the Grade 9’s for orientation with their English
                                                                         class; Grade 10 History and Science classes with lessons on how to
school website.
                                                                         use a few of our databases; Grade 11 & 12 French classes for French
                                                                                                novel selection; Grade 12 English for a lesson on
M    s. Allevato and Mr. Matthews host the Media Arts Club and
     we typically meet Mondays at lunch in the Basement Art
Room. All new members are welcome!
                                                                                                an annotated works cited; Grade 12 Writers’
                                                                                                Craft for short story selection. Our 23
                                                                                                computers are always in use. Many new books,
                                                                                                 reference sets, and current novels have been
                                                  Sean Matthews                                  added to the collection to balance resources for
                                                                                                 assignments. Lunch time in the library is
                                                                         extremely busy. Fortunately, this year the library is able to stay open
HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY AT WORK                                                for all periods of the day.
                                                                                                                              Susan Lindell
Remembrance Day
Congratulations to Mr. Izzo and his grade 10 history class for their                 GUIDANCE & CAREER EDUCATION
hard work on the Remembrance Day Assembly.

                                                                         PEER LEADERS
                                                                         Last year’s Peer Leaders worked very successfully with PAD (Parent
We'd like to announce our newly formed Amnesty Group. Thanks to
                                                                         Action on Drugs) providing opportunities for students to discuss the
a keen group of grade 10 students and Mr. Hartley, they will be
involved in letter writing for the Urgent Action Campaign. Thanks        risks and realities of marijuana use. This year’s project is entitled
                                                                         Wise Choices. On October 25th, grade 9 and 10 students participated
for all your hard work.
                                                                         in Under Pressure by Mixed Company, a forum theatre which
                                                                         explored sexual pressures and consequences for teenagers. Questions
                                             Catherine Hunnisett         about the project can be directed to Bonnie Cutten (public health
                                                                         nurse), Line Pinard (Principal), Sue Knutsen (social worker), or
                                                                         guidance counsellors Val Copeland and Holly Kee.
                                                                         COLLEGES OF APPLIED ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY
M      alvern Co-Op students are now working at their placements on
       alternate week-day afternoons. They spent the first three
weeks in September with their teacher in pre-placement classes
                                                                         October, 2006
                                                                         Guidance Counsellors distributed the Ontario College Guide, which
learning and preparing for the workplace. Once a month, they return      contains details about programs, admissions and financial aid.
for a full afternoon of integration classes, which provide them with
the opportunity to reflect on what they are learning at work and         December 6, 2006
discuss the various challenges encountered there. This school year,      Graduating students are to attend a PowerPoint presentation on how
our students have chosen to work in a wide variety of fields, such as:   to apply on-line.
television, education, automotive trades, business, film, social work,
hospitality and travel.                                                  February 1, 2007
                                                                         All applications must be received by Ontario College Application
                                                                         Services on or before this date to be given equal consideration by the
C    o-op is open to Grades 11 and 12 students. If interested for the
     2007-2008 school year, students should attend the February
information meeting to learn more.

                                                                         March 31, 2007
                                                 Virginia Maxwell        Earliest admission offer date for high school applicants. Offers of
                                                                         admission will continue to be issued until programs are filled or
                                                                         waitlists are established.
                                                                         May 15, 2007
                                                                         Applicants must confirm through OCAS their acceptance of an offer

A     fter our amazing trip to Costa Rica last March, the second part
      of the exchange took place in October, when we welcomed a
group of students from St. Mary School from near the capital of
                                                                         of admission to a college by this date.

Costa Rica, San José. They stayed in the homes of some of our                                                                  Val Copeland
Malvern students for 2½ weeks, attended some classes, got to know
many other Malvernites, and traveled to places all over Toronto. As      COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT PASSPORT
well, they presented a special assembly for all of our students          Graduating students are required to complete 40 hours of community
studying Spanish, and, with many of their partners, spent a great        involvement. This is a mandatory requirement. Students will not
weekend in Niagara Falls. For some photos of our exchange, please        receive their graduation diploma if the community involvement
see the Programs section of the Malvern website:                         passport is not complete, verified and returned to the Attendance              Office. It is requested that students submit this by February 14,
                                                     Janine Geddes
FULL DISCLOSURE                                                          This is also the earliest date by which the Ontario universities may
The mark will NOT appear on the Ontario Student Transcript, if the       require any type of financial commitment from you (for example: a
student withdraws from a Grade 11 or 12 course prior to December 8,      registration deposit, residence deposit, etc).
THE GUIDANCE OFFICE before December 8, 2006. For a                       May 28, 2007
withdrawal after December 8th, the most current mark will appear on      This is the earliest date by which the Ontario universities may require
the transcript.                                                          that students respond (accept or decline) to their conditional offers of
In addition to daily announcements and postings on the white bulletin    July, 2007
                                                                         Malvern will send students’ final current-year course grades to the
board outside the Guidance Office, potential graduates will now be
                                                                         OUAC by mid-July. The OUAC will transmit students final marks to
emailed all pertinent information. Graduates should check their
                                                                         the universities by late July.
email regularly.
                                                                         OUT-OF-PROVINCE INFORMATION SESSIONS
ONTARIO UNIVERSITIES                                                     Out-of-province sessions will be held during December for all
September                                                                interested students. The application process to these universities and
The Guidance counsellors visited all grade 12 English classes to         the deadlines will be discussed. The dates are:
distribute INFO magazine, which contains details about programs,
admission requirements, scholarships, residence and application          Mon. Dec. 11          McGill University
process.                                                                 Tues. Dec. 12         Atlantic Provinces
                                                                         Wed. Dec. 13          British Columbia & Western Provinces
September – November                                                     Thurs. Dec. 14        Bishop’s University and Concordia University
We had over 30 university and college seminars at Malvern. Students      Fri. Dec. 15          UK/US
were also encouraged to attend University Fairs (Western provinces,
Ontario, Atlantic Provinces, Quebec and International universities)      Some programs may require additional information, auditions,
                                                                         portfolios or interviews. Students are responsible for forwarding all
October                                                                  relevant information. Students are required to complete an out-of-
Guidance counsellors visited all grade 12 home form classes to           province form from the Guidance office. This will be a record of your
 Verify data to be transmitted to OUAC (Ontario University              application.
    Application Centre) and/or OCAS (Ontario College Application
    Services)                                                            SCHOLARSHIPS
 To obtain student email address.                                       An information session was held on October 16th for all graduating
 To encourage students to attend college and university campuses        students. This was a follow-up session to the one held in the spring of
    (Nov. 3rd campus visits/tutorial day).                               2005. A list of available scholarships was distributed and discussed.
 To complete a summary of activities and important dates.               The students were advised that this was a guide only. Students are
                                                                         encouraged to broaden their research of scholarships through the web
December 1, 2006                                                         sites provided and through INFO, the comprehensive guide to the
A PowerPoint presentation will be given in the Auditorium on how to      Ontario universities for secondary school students.
apply on-line to an Ontario university. After the presentation,
students will be given their PIN (Personal Identification Number).                                        CLASS OF 2006
The PIN allows student access to apply on-line.
                                                                         Students Enrolled in University                                      100
                                                                         Students Enrolled in College of Applied Arts & Technology              6
                                                                         Students Working/Travelling/Other                                     34
January 10, 2007
                                                                                                                Total Graduates               140
The latest date to submit on-line applications to the OUAC (Ontario
Universities Application Centre) is January 10, 2007. Students at        Ontario Universities
Malvern were encouraged to complete the application by January 6.        Brock University                                                      2
Applications received by the OUAC after January 10, 2007 will still      Carleton University                                                   2
be processed and distributed to the universities, however, some          Lakehead University                                                   1
universities enforce specific application deadlines for some programs.   Laurentian University                                                 1
                                                                         McMaster University                                                   1
                                                                         Ontario College of Art & Design                                       1
February 6, 2007                                                         Queen’s University                                                    4
Recommended last day to make changes to applications - changes           Ryerson Polytechnic University                                        2
received after this date will continue to be accepted and processed by   Trent University                                                      1
the OUAC. Some universities, however, began their admission              University of Guelph                                                 28
decision process based on the information received by the February       University of Ontario Institute of Technology                         1
6, 2007 deadline.                                                        University of Ottawa                                                  3
                                                                         University of Toronto                                                25
Early March, 2007                                                        University of Waterloo                                                2
                                                                         University of Western Ontario                                         5
Conditional offers of admission will be sent to students. Check INFO     University of Windsor                                                 1
for more details.                                                        York University                                                       5

May 25, 2007                                                             Other Universities
This is the latest date Ontario Universities must respond to students’   Dalhousie University                                                   4
application for admission. This response will be one of:                 Crowder College                                                        1
1. an offer of admission;                                                McGill University                                                      3
2. a refusal;                                                            University of British Columbia                                         1
3. a deferral pending receipt of specific additional information.        Syracuse University                                                   1