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Digital AV Presenter


       1.Advantages of AV-P960
    Improved Performance                                   Sound Ergonomics
    ■XGA                                                          ■Slim and compact body with
    ■20fps high refresh rate      ■Telescopic, clampable arm
                                  ■Free, friction-stop rotation   wide stage for near-A3 imaging
    ■Optical 12x zoom
    ■Near A3 size imaging
                                                                         ■Two separate rotating lamps
                                                                         for high quality lighting

                                                                        ■Separate keys for
                                                                        separate functions

■Carrying Handle               Quick-Response SD memory system
                               ■ 0.5sec rapid recall of stored images
                               ■ 0.1sec quick thumbnail search @ 4x4
                               ■ Allows PC-less Presentation and Image Capture
                               ■ Allows paper-less Review and Presentation

2. Markets Addressed
  Education
   Lecture theatre & seminar room
   Learning laboratory
   IT facilities

  Corporate
   Video conferencing & business presentations

  Medical
   Display of 3-dimensional objects


3. Key Features
 1 Slim and compact style
 •   378mm wide and 491mm deep
 •   Compact when folded.
 •   Lightweight at 5.6 kg
                                    Dimensions (Open)            Weight

                AV-P960            378 x 491 x 653mm             5.6kg

                AV-P950            775 x 670 x 700mm             9.0kg

 2 Zoom: optical 12x, plus digital 4x
 •   Holding down the zoom control gives progressive zoom to 12x by optical means.
 •   Continuing to hold button gives additional zoom of 4x by digital means.
     Note: The use of digital zoom requires optical refocusing of object.
           12x zoom is enough to enlarge a postage stamp to full image size.


3. Key Features continued
 3   Increased fame-rate
 •   Natural movement when changing or moving objects around.
 •   Capture moving 3-D objects more smoothly.

                                           Frame rate

                     AV-P960                 20 fps

                     AV-P950                 15 fps

 4   Larger stage is almost A3 size (297 x 420mm)
                                           Stage area

                    AV-P960              282 x 376mm
                                            (approx A3)

                    AV-P950              260 x 350mm
                                            (approx B4)


3 Key Features continued
 5 Simultaneously available both to the RGB output and
   to the monitor output are the live camera images and
   any stored pictures on the SD memory card.
                                     RGB output             Monitor output
              Live picture               Yes                     Yes
          Stored picture in SD           Yes                     Yes
          External PC input              Yes                     No

 6 Built-in SD card slot for bi-directional imaging
   Images out: PC-less presentation is achieved by displaying images saved to the
   SD card inside the AV-P960 (No PC necessary)

   Images out: Images of documents and of 3-D objects can be captured and saved
   to the SD card inside the AV-P960
   SD capacities are approx 60 images using 32MB card and 120 using 64MB card.


   4.AV-P960/P950 comparison
                                                              AV-P960                                AV-P950
          Dimensions(WHD)           Open     378 x 491 x 653mm                      775 x 670 x 700mm
                                    Closed   378 x 491 x 190mm                      450 x 765 x 230mm
          Weight                             5.6kg                                  9.0kg
          Stage area                         376 x 282mm (approx A3)                350 x 260mm (approx B4)
          Zoom                               Optical 12x and Digital 4x             Optical 5x and Digital 4x
Optical   Focus                              Auto / Manual                          Auto / Manual
          Iris                               Auto / Manual                          Auto / Manual
          Image         Size                 1/3“ CCD                               1/3“ CCD
                        Number of pixels     850,000 (1077H x 788V)                 850,000 (1077H x 788V)
          Scan          Progressive          1024 x 768 (48.4kHz/60.0Hz)            1024 x 768 (48.4kHz/60.0Hz)
          system                             Note: XGA is the only mode available
Camera                                                                              800 x 600 (37.9kHz/60.3Hz)
 Head                                                                               640 x 480 (31.5kHz/59.9Hz)
                        Interlace            PAL (15.625kHz/50Hz)                   PAL (15.625kHz/50Hz)
          Frame rate                         20 fps                                 15 fps
          Sync system                        Internal                               Internal
          Input         External PC input    D-SUB 15 pin (Female) x 1              D-SUB 15 pin (Female) x 1
          Output        RGB                  D-SUB 15 pin (Female) x 1              D-SUB 15 pin (Female) x 2
                        Monitor                                                     RCA x 1
Inputs                                       RCA x1
                                                                                    Y/C 4 pin x 1
          PC            SD card slot         Yes                                    No
                        USB                  USB(SeriesB)x 1                        USB(SeriesB)x 1
                        Remote               D-SUB 9 pin (Male) x 1                 D-SUB 9 pin (Male) x 1

   5 Applications for SD card
                               120 images on one 64MB card
                               0.5 sec to scan one page
                                                                      AV-P960                         PC


                                                                                               SD writer

1 Printed documents and solid objects can be captured at the optimum size,
  and from the correct angle with appropriate lighting.
  ■Presentations become possible uniquely from SD memory.
  ■Objects can be shot in advance from different angles and their images stored to memory.
  ■Automatic page turn of the stored images is achieved with the ‘auto slide show’ function.


  5 Applications for SD card continued
2 PowerPoints can be transferred and stored in separate files on SD card, using JVC exclusive software.
 ■PC-less presentation
 ■Page turn (a) manually by IR remote control or (b) automatically by auto slide show

               3 PC connectivity via USB interface
                 ■Pictures stored on the SD card are easily uploaded to PC.
                   (AV-P960 can be configured on the PC as a removable disc.)


6 Q&A              (Page 1 of 2)

                      Q                                                           A
 External input from PC can be displayed via   No, only via the RGB output.
 monitor out?
 How to view 35mm slide positives?             With white page on stage, place white-
                                                  framed 35mm slide in the slide-
                                                  holder in the camera head.
 How to view 35mm slide negatives?             Turn back-light to “On” and place the film on
                                               centre of the stage. Set to “Negative” at the
                                               Nega / Posi select button.
 Why was the SD format chosen from amongst     The SD card system is the most popular device
 the solid-state formats?                      for digital still cameras.
 Images on an SD card taken by a digital       Not possible. It is necessary to convert it to the
 still camera can be viewed directly?          exclusive format for AV-P960 (Exif) by the
                                               special software. It can be downloaded from
                                               the following Web site free of charge.


6 Q&A              (Page 2 of 2)

                       Q                                                 A
 An SD card is provided with the AV-P960?         Not as standard. Recommended SD cards are
                                                  32MB and 64MB from Panasonic.
 A wireless remote control is provided with       Yes. It is a standard accessory, supplied
 the AV-P960?                                     complete with 2 x AA batteries.

 What functions can be controlled by              Input select(Camera / External PC / SD card),
 the wireless remote control?                     Freeze, Brightness, Focus
                                                  , Zoom in / out and White balance
                                                  (inter alia)
 Can the camera head be turned towards the        It can be turned only 45°towards presenter.
 person presenting?                               Note also that the picture will be upside down.
 May an LCD monitor be attached for               An appropriate monitor may be attached
 live previewing by the presenter?                using the optional adapter AV-ZK10.
 If an LCD monitor is connected, is it possible   No, it is not possible, because only one
 to output to another video monitor?              monitor output is available.


       7 AV-P960 Specifications
General                                                          Camera Head
Power requirements: AC 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz                     Output operation mode: Progressive mode: 1024x768
Power consumption: Approx.0.5A                                                           (H:48.4kHz and V:60.0Hz)
Dimensions (mm): Open: 378(W) x 491(H) x 653(D)                                           Interlace mode(NTSC/PAL switching)
                   Closed: 378(W) x 495(H) x 190(D)                                       NTSC (H:15.734kHz/V:59.94Hz)
Weight:            5.6kg                                                                  PAL (H:15.625kHz/V:50Hz)
Operating temperature: 5 °C to 40 °C                             Image pick up device: 1/3” progressive CCD
Operating humidity: 30% to 85% RH                                Total number of pixels: 850,000(1077Hx788V)
Optical                                                          Horizontal resolution: 600 lines(Progressive mode)
Lens:           F1.8 to F2.8, f=5.4mm to 64.8mm(12x)             Frame rate: 20fps
Shooting area: 376 x 282mm max(approx A3)                        Sync system: Internal sync
Focal distance: From stage surface to 50mm above the stage       White balance: Auto and manual
               (with camera facing down and with close-up        3-way input select: Built-in camera, external input and SD card
               lens in place)                                    Camera rotation angle: 110° to the back and 20° to the front
               Infinity to 0.8mm                                                          with the beam axis as 0°
               (with camera in horizontal position and without   Inputs & outputs
               the close-up lens in place)                       Input terminals: External input (D-SUB 15-pin, female) x 1
Zoom control: Optical 12x zoom lens, Digital 4x zoom             Output terminals: RGB(D-SUB 15-pin, female) x 1
Focusing:     Auto and manual                                                       Monitor(RCA phono, female) x 1
Brightness adjustment: Auto and manual                           PC interface: USB(Ver1.1) x 1, SD card system x 1
Lighting                                                         Control terminal: Remote RS-232C (D-sub 9-pin, male) x 1
Side lamps: 6W x 2 (fluorescent)                                 Standard accessories
Back-light panel: 4W x 1 (fluorescent), 127 x 100mm              Video cable, power cord, wireless remote control unit with 2 x
                                                                 AA battery, instruction book


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