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      Volume 4        Issue 3         September, 2010

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         Countdown To Conversion                               Proudly Serving Our Community
On September 17 , we will be moving all our data        To date, in 2010, Eastend Credit Union has donated in
and records to our new ‘eroWORKS’ banking system.       excess of $3,348 to various community organizations,
                                                        groups, events and functions. Our staff members are
We will be closed Monday September 20 for the           involved not only, in activities on behalf of the credit
testing of our new banking system.                      union, but they also volunteer their own time to
                                                        activities they support. Activities too numerous to list.
This new system will allow us to continue to grow and
to serve our members for years to come.

Here are a few things about the conversion weekend
(September 17 – 20) that we wish to remind our
members about:
                                                        Attention Snow Birds
    1) Have alternate payment methods available,        With Eastend Credit Union’s lending rate,
       including cash, credit cards and cheques to
                                                        you could have the winter you’ve always
       carry you throughout the conversion
       weekend-there is a chance your debit card        dreamed of. Loans for tickets, 5th wheel
       may not work those days.                         trailers, travel trailers, vacation packages. The
    2) All members will receive a statement with a      possibilities are endless.
       September 17 cut-off date. Personal              Come in and talk to Wendy or Trevor Today.
       accounts with a September 23 statement will
                                                        Before the snow gets too deep!
       then not receive another statement until
       October 23 for this one instance only.
       Business accounts will receive a September
       month end statement.
    3) Member Direct internet banking will not be
       available from 5:00 PM September 17 to
       9:00 AM September 20 .
    4) After conversion weekend (Sept 17-20),
       when you first access Internet (Member
       Direct) Banking, you will need to use a
       temporary PAC.

Please be sure to read the information we have sent
out to all our members and visit our website at for
further information.
We want to wish our students all the best, this new school year.

Please be alert when driving through school zones.

  Credit Union Livestock Loans
                                                                    Credit Union Day
 Livestock is an important part of the
 southwest economy. Eastend Credit Union
 is proud to support our ranchers. Stop in and
 see us about livestock loans. Loans are
 available for breeding stock, feeders, vet
 bills, anything to do with your livestock
 operation. Serving our community since
 1944. We have the experience and
 knowledge you want in a lender.

                                                             Be sure to mark your calendar and visit us
                                                             on Credit Union day, Thursday October 21,

                                                             We have a lot to celebrate this year with our
                                                             new banking system and we will be serving
                                                             coffee and freshly baked treats to our
                                                             members all day.

                                                             We hope to see you there!