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									1.      A software engineer returns from America. As he is fat he decided to have
evening walk.....he started at 3pm. he walks along the road at 4km/hr for some
time then he climbs a upward slope area at 3km/hr then downwards at the rate of
6km/hr. then back to the home through the road at 4km/hr. what is the distance he
covered in one way if he reaches back home at 9pm.

2.      men and lodge related question
a)1 man related to 2lodges.
b)each lodge has 3 men.
c)only 1 man common b/w 2 lodges

3.      A child questions his father, "What is your father's age", to which the
father answers "He was aged X in year X^2 (X square) ". If the context is 20th
Century, What is his Date of Birth?

4.      A man rides cycle for two third of the distance to be covered. then his tyre
got punctured. he walks the rest of the distance and found he took twice the time
for walking compared to riding. How fast he can ride compared to walk.

5.      51 teams are there and they are to play basketball matches. A team is out
of the tournament if that looses 2 games. what is the maximum number of games
to be played to decide one winner.

6.      who was the murderer(of smith) roger,o'neil,wait the waiter poisened
smith with which friend. each of the friends tells 3 stmts 1 of which is false (1
stmt of each friend is false)

7.      Nalanda,Rampur, Triloknagar, Maninagar etc some conditions are
given....then u have to find which has the population below 5 lakhs.. whic is not
the capital 2 industrial towns,2 harbours,longitude relation,latitude relation......etc
(four questions based on these)

8.      Another one on A,B,C , D and E younger and older relation + occupation
of each nutritionist, doctor,planner etc. find who is who ?

9.      Two lamps sold for Rs.12 each profit of 25% on 1 and loss 0f 20% on
other? did he gain or lose?by how much?
     10.     A,B,C are persons and thy r div into three groups: Sororrean [always
     truth] , Nororrean [always lie] and Midrorrean [alternate-but not in any order as
     they speak truth first of false first]--repaet from earlier papers.


     1.      Ans: 12 km (one way )( total distance:12* 2 = 24 km)

     2.      Ans: 6 men and 4lodges

     3.      Ans: 1892

     4.      Ans: V(riding)=4*V(walking)[4 times]

     5.      Ans:101 matches
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