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									63254          Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 198 / Friday, October 11, 2002 / Rules and Regulations

occupied by crewmembers or                   following requirements of these special         (6) Emergency fire fighting and
passengers. This means must include          conditions must be met with the curtain      protective equipment (Special
the time periods during the evacuation       open or closed:                              Condition No. 9), and
of the crew rest compartment and, if           (1) No smoking placard (Special               (7) Smoke or fire detection system
applicable, when accessing the crew rest     Condition No. 1),                            (Special Condition No. 10).
compartment to manually fight a fire.          (2) Emergency illumination (Special           15. The requirements of two-way
Smoke entering any other compartment         Condition No. 5),                            voice communication with the
occupied by crewmembers or                     (3) Emergency alarm system (Special        flightdeck and provisions for emergency
passengers after opening the OFCR            Condition No. 7),                            firefighting and protective equipment
access door must dissipate within five         (4) Seat belt fasten signal or return to   are not applicable to lavatories or other
minutes after closing the access to the      seat signal as applicable (Special           small areas that are not intended to be
OFCR compartment. Flight tests must be       Condition No. 8), and                        occupied for extended periods of time.
conducted to show compliance with              (5) The smoke or fire detection system        16. Where a waste disposal receptacle
this requirement.                            (Special Condition No. 10).                  is fitted, it must be equipped with an
   If a built-in fire extinguishing system     (d) Overhead crew rest compartments        automatic fire extinguisher that meets
is used in lieu of manual fire fighting,     visually divided to the extent that          the performance requirements of
then the fire extinguishing system must      evacuation could be affected must have       § 25.854(b).
be designed so that no hazardous             exit signs that direct occupants to the         17. Materials (including finishes or
quantities of extinguishing agent will       primary stairway exit. The exit signs        decorative surfaces applied to the
enter other compartments occupied by         must be provided in each separate            materials) must comply with the
passengers or crew; the system must          section of the OFCR compartment, and         flammability requirements of § 25.853(a)
have adequate capacity to suppress any       must meet the requirements of                as amended by Amendment 25–83.
fire occurring in the OFCR                   § 25.812(b)(1)(i).                           Mattresses must comply with the
compartment, considering the fire              (e) Sections within an OFCR
                                                                                          flammability requirements of
threat, volume of the compartment and        compartment that are created by the
                                                                                          § 25.853(c), as amended by Amendment
the ventilation rate.                        installation of a rigid partition with a
   13. There must be a supplemental          door physically separating the sections,
                                             the following requirements of these             Issued in Renton, Washington, on October
oxygen system equivalent to that                                                          3, 2002.
provided for main deck passengers for        special conditions must be met with the
                                             door open or closed:                         Ali Bahrami,
each seat and berth in the OFCR
compartment. The system must provide           (1) There must be a secondary              Acting Manager, Transport Airplane
an aural and visual warning to warn the      evacuation route from each section to        Directorate, Aircraft Certification Service.
occupants of the crew rest compartment       the main deck, or alternatively, it must     [FR Doc. 02–25929 Filed 10–10–02; 8:45 am]
to don oxygen masks in the event of          be shown that any door between the           BILLING CODE 4910–13–P

decompression. The warning must              sections has been designed to preclude
activate before the cabin pressure           anyone from being trapped inside the
altitude exceeds 15,000 feet. The aural      compartment. Removal of an                   DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
                                             incapacitated occupant within this area
warning must sound continuously until
                                             must be considered.                          Mine Safety and Health Administration
a reset push button in the OFCR
                                               (2) Any door between the sections
compartment is depressed.                    must be shown to be openable when
   14. The following requirements apply                                                   30 CFR Part 47
                                             crowded against, even when crowding
to OFCR compartments that are divided                                                     RIN 1219–AA47
                                             occurs at each side of the door.
into several sections by the installation      (3) There may be no more than one
of curtains or partitions:                   door between any seat or berth and the       Hazard Communication (HazCom)
   (a) To compensate for sleeping
                                             primary stairway exit.                       AGENCY: Mine Safety and Health
occupants, there must be an aural alert        (4) There must be exit signs in each
that can be heard in each section of the                                                  Administration (MSHA), Labor.
                                             section meeting the requirements of          ACTION: Final rule; correction.
OFCR compartment that accompanies            § 25.812(b)(1)(i) that direct occupants to
automatic presentation of supplemental       the primary stairway exit. An exit sign      SUMMARY: This document corrects errors
oxygen masks. A minimum of two               with reduced background area as              that appeared in MSHA’s preamble and
supplemental oxygen masks are                described in Special Condition No. 4(a)      final rule for Hazard Communication.
required in each section whether or not      may be used to meet this requirement.        EFFECTIVE DATE: October 11, 2002.
seats or berths are installed in each          (f) For each smaller section within the
section. There must also be a means by                                                    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
                                             main OFCR compartment created by the
which the oxygen masks can be                                                             Marvin W. Nichols, Jr., Director, Office
                                             installation of a partition with a door,
manually deployed from the flightdeck.                                                    of Standards, Regulations, and
                                             the following requirements of these
   (b) A placard is required adjacent to                                                  Variances, MSHA, 202–693–9440.
                                             special conditions must be met with the
each curtain that visually divides or        door open or closed:                         SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On June
separates, for privacy purposes, the           (1) No smoking placards (Special           21, 2002, we (MSHA) published, in the
OFCR compartment into small sections.        Condition No. 1),                            Federal Register (67 FR 42314), our
The placard must require that the              (2) Emergency illumination (Special        final rule on Hazard Communication for
curtain(s) remain open when the private      Condition No. 5),                            the mining industry. This document
section it creates is unoccupied. The          (3) Two-way voice communication            contained errors and omissions that
vestibule section adjacent to the            (Special Condition No. 6),                   must be corrected; therefore, the
stairway is not considered a private area      (4) Emergency alarm system (Special        document is corrected as follows:
and, therefore, does not require a           Condition No. 7),                               1. On page 42335, third column,
placard.                                       (5) Seat belt fasten signal or return to   second paragraph, ninth line, correct
   (c) For each OFCR section created by      seat signal as applicable (Special           ‘‘provides valuable,’’ to read ‘‘provides
the installation of a curtain, the           Condition No. 8),                            valuable guidance,’’.
                 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 198 / Friday, October 11, 2002 / Rules and Regulations                         63255

   2. On page 42343, first column, first        DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION                 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr.
paragraph after the heading 3. Section                                                       Barry Dragon, Project Officer, Seventh
47.2 Label Contents, tenth line, correct        Coast Guard                                  Coast Guard District, Bridge Branch,
‘‘The label must also contain’’ to read                                                      telephone 305–415–6743.
‘‘For customers, the label must also            33 CFR Part 117                              SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
contain’’.                                                                                   Request for Comments
   3. On page 42343, third column, first                                                       We encourage you to participate in
paragraph, seventeenth line, correct            RIN 2115–AE47
                                                                                             this rulemaking by submitting
‘‘the name, address, and telephone                                                           comments and related material. If you
number of the operator or other                 Drawbridge Operation Regulations;
                                                Miami River, Miami-Dade County, FL           do so, please include your name and
responsible party be included in the                                                         address, identify the docket number for
contents of the label’’ to read ‘‘the name      AGENCY:Coast Guard, DOT.                     this rulemaking [CGD07–02–091],
and address of the operator or another                Temporary rule; request for
                                                ACTION:                                      indicate the specific section of this
responsible party be included in the            comments.                                    document to which each comment
contents of the product’s label for                                                          applies, and give the reason for each
customers.’’.                                   SUMMARY: The Coast Guard is                  comment. The Coast Guard is interested
   4. On page 42345, second column,             temporarily changing the operating           in comments that, among other issues,
                                                regulations of all the drawbridges on the    detail specific economic impact to
sixth paragraph, eighth line, correct
                                                Miami River from the mouth of the            stakeholders on the Miami River. Please
‘‘Although you do not have to label it’’
                                                River to, and including, the NW 27th         submit all comments and related
to read ‘‘Although you do not have to                                                        material in an unbound format, no
                                                Avenue Bridge, mile 3.7, Miami,
label it while on mine property’’.              Florida, to allow tugs and tugs with         larger than 81⁄2 by 11 inches, suitable for
   5. On page 42365, first column,              tows to pass through these bridges,          copying. If you would like to know they
second paragraph, fifteenth line, correct       except the new Second Avenue Bridge,         reached us, please enclose a stamped,
‘‘§ 47.32’’ to read ‘‘§ 47.42’’.                upon proper signal to the bridge tender      self-addressed postcard or envelope. We
   6. On page 42373, second column,             at all times, including during the normal    will consider all comments and material
first paragraph, third line, correct ‘‘4015     rush hour traffic curfew periods. This       received during the comment period.
                                                rule allows the new Second Avenue            We may change this rule in view of
Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA
                                                Bridge to keep a single leaf in the          them.
22203’’ to read ‘‘1100 Wilson Boulevard,
Arlington, VA 22209’’.                          horizontal (down) position for up to         Regulatory Information
                                                nine hours each day except
   7. On page 42375, first column,              Wednesdays, beginning three hours               On August 6, 2002 we published a
second paragraph, fourteenth line,              after one of the two daily high tides.       notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM)
correct ‘‘to about $370’’ to read ‘‘to          This rule is intended to facilitate          entitled ‘‘Drawbridge Operation
about $390’’.                                   construction of the new Second Avenue        Regulations; Miami River, Miami-Dade
                                                Bridge and provide increased relief for      County, Florida’’ in the Federal Register
   8. On page 42379, third column,
                                                tugs and tugs with tows on the Miami         (67 FR 50842). We received twenty-
second paragraph, eighth line, correct                                                       three letters commenting on the
‘‘At concentrations between 2–10%,’’ to         River. The construction is scheduled to
                                                be accomplished in two phases, the first     proposed rule. A public meeting was
read ‘‘At concentrations between 2–                                                          requested; none was held for reasons
10%,’’.                                         running from October 7, 2002 to
                                                November 18, 2002. The second is             discussed later in this preamble.
§ 47.42 [Corrected]                             scheduled from approximately                    Under 5 U.S.C. 553(d)(3), the Coast
                                                December 16, 2002 to January 27, 2003.       Guard finds that good cause exists for
   9. On page 42385, second column,             This temporary rule covers the entire        making this rule effective in less than 30
paragraph (d) of § 47.42, correct ‘‘(d)         period from October 7, 2002 to January       days after publication in the Federal
Include the name and address’’ to read          27, 2003, but leaves open the potential      Register. The Coast Guard is making
‘‘(d) Include on labels for customers, the      for the Coast Guard to change this rule      this rule effective on October 7, 2002
name and address’’.                             based on comments received.                  because the contractor will solicit input
                                                                                             weekly from the tugboat companies
§ 47.92 [Corrected]                             DATES: This rule is effective from 12:01
                                                                                             responsible for moving large
                                                a.m. on October 7, 2002 until 11:59 p.m.     commercial vessels on the Miami River
  10. On page 42388, Table 47.92—               on January 27, 2003. Comments must be
Hazardous Chemicals Exempt from                                                              to develop a coordinated construction
                                                received by November 18, 2002.               schedule to minimize disruption to the
Labeling, first column, first entry after       ADDRESSES: You may mail comments
the heading Exemption, second line,                                                          large vessel and construction schedules
                                                and related material to Commander            of the Miami River and Second Avenue
correct ‘‘presticide’’ to read ‘‘pesticide’’.   (obr), Seventh Coast Guard District,         Bridge, respectively. Allowing the rule
  Dated: October 4, 2002.                       Room 432, 909 SE 1st Ave., Miami, FL         to go into effect in less than 30 days will
John R. Caylor,                                 33131–3050.                                  allow construction to begin closer to the
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Mine Safety
                                                   Comments and material received from       scheduled start, thus expediting the
and Health.                                     the public as well as documents              completion of the Second Avenue
                                                indicated in this preamble as being          Bridge and elimination of obstructions
[FR Doc. 02–25928 Filed 10–10–02; 8:45 am]
                                                available in the docket are part of docket   to navigation due to its construction.
                                                [CGD07–02–091] and are available for
                                                inspection or copying at the Seventh         Background and Purpose
                                                Coast Guard District Bridge Branch,            On August 6, 2002 we published a
                                                located at the above address, between        Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)
                                                7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through         outlining a request from the Florida
                                                Friday, except Federal holidays.             Department of Transportation (FDOT)

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