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CITY OF BLYTHE                                  CITY OF INDIAN WELLS                            CITY OF PALM SPRINGS                                CABAZON BAND OF MISSION INDIANS
922-6161 (FAX 922-4938)                         346-2489 (FAX 346-0407)                         323-8299 (FAX 323-8207)                             342-2593 (FAX 347-7880)
235 NORTH BROADWAY                              44-950 EL DORADO DRIVE                          3200 EAST TAHQUITZ CANYON WAY                       84-245 INDIO SPRINGS PARKWAY
BLYTHE, CA 92225                                INDIAN WELLS, CA 92210-7497                     PALM SPRINGS, 92262                                 INDIO, CA 92203-3499
WEB ADDRESS:            WEB ADDRESS:          WEB ADDRESS:                  WEB ADDRESS:
922-6161 Mayor Joseph De Coninck                346-2489 Mayor Patrick Mullany                  323-8200 Mayor Stephen Pougnet                      342-2593 Tribal Chair David Roosevelt
922-6161 Vice Mayor Carie Covel                 346-2489 Mayor Pro Tem Douglas Hanson           323-8200 Mayor Pro Tem Lee Weigel                   342-2593 1st Tribal Vice Chair Douglas Welmas
922-6161 Councilmember Richard Contreras        346-2489 Councilmember Bill Powers              323-8200 Councilmember Ginny Foat                   342-2593 2nd Tribal Vice Chair San Juanita Callaway
922-6161 Councilmember Oscar Galvan             346-2489 Councilmember Mary T. Roche            323-8200 Councilmember Rick Hutcheson               342-2593 Tribal Sec./Treasurer Helen Ruth Callaway
                                                                                                                                                    342-2593 Tribal Member Michael Roosevelt
922-6161 Councilmember Sam Patel                346-2489 Councilmember Larry Spricer            323-8200 Councilmember Chris Mills
                                                                                                                                                    342-2593 Paul Slama, Tribal Field Representative
922-6161 David Lane, City Manager               346-2489 Greg Johnson, City Manager             322-8350 David Ready, City Manager
Mallory Sutterfield, Administrative Secretary   Debbie Allen, Executive Secretary               Jan Truscott, Executive Services Administrator
                                                                                                                                                              CVAG STAFF ROSTER
CITY OF CATHEDRAL CITY                          CITY OF INDIO                                   CITY OF RANCHO MIRAGE
                                                391-4000 (FAX 391-4008)                                                                                        Department of Administration
770-0340 (FAX 770-0399)                                                                         324-4511 (FAX 324-8830)
68-700 AVENIDA LALO GUERRERO                    P. O. DRAWER 1788/100 CIVIC CENTER MALL         69-825 HIGHWAY 111                                               Tom Kirk, Executive Director
CATHEDRAL CITY, CA 92234                        INDIO, CA 92201                                 RANCHO MIRAGE, CA 92270                                             e-mail:
WEB ADDRESS:              WEB ADDRESS:                      WEB ADDRESS:                     Joanna Stueckle, Executive Assistant
770-0342 Mayor Kathleen De Rosa                 391-4000 Mayor Lupe Ramos Watson                324-4511 Mayor Richard W. Kite                                    e-mail:
770-0342 Mayor Pro Tem Chuck Vasquez            391-4000 Mayor Pro Tem Glenn Miller             324-4511 Mayor Pro Tem G. Dana Hobart                   Gary Leong, Director of Administrative Services
770-0342 Councilmember Bud England              391-4000 Councilmember Elaine Holmes            324-4511 Councilmember Scott Hines                                 e-mail:
770-0342 Councilmember Greg Pettis              391-4000 Councilmember Ascension “Sam” Torres   324-4511 Councilmember Ron Meepos                      Lance Albrecht, Information Technology Manager
770-0342 Councilmember Sam Toles                391-400 Councilmember Michael Wilson            324-4511 Councilmember Gordon Moller                             e-mail:
770-0372 Donald Bradley City Manager            391-4000 Dan Martinez, City Manager             324-4511 Patrick Pratt, City Manager                        Aaron Espinosa, Accounting Assistant
Josie Meza, Administrative Assistant II         Martha Sommons, Executive Assistant             Sylvia Niño, Executive Assistant                                e-mail:
                                                                                                                                                                 Diana Aguilar, Receptionist
                                                                                                COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE                                               e-mail:
CITY OF COACHELLA                               CITY OF LA QUINTA                               951-955-1110 (FAX (951) 955-1105)
                                                777-7000 (FAX 777-7101)                                                                                        Department of Transportation
398-3502 (FAX 398-8117)                                                                         4080 LEMON STREET, 5TH FLOOR
1515 SIXTH STREET                               P.O. BOX 1504/78-495 CALLE TAMPICO              RIVERSIDE, CA 92502-1647                                   Allyn Waggle, Deputy Executive Director
COACHELLA, CA 92236                             LA QUINTA, CA 92247/LA QUINTA, CA 92253                                                                           e-mail:
                                                                                                WEB ADDRESS:
WEB ADDRESS:                  WEB ADDRESS:                                                                        Michael Shoberg, Transportation Program Manager
                                                                                                955-1010 Supervisor Bob Buster, 1st
                                                777-7030 Mayor Don Adolph                                                                                        e-mail:
398-3502 Mayor Eduardo Garcia                                                                   955-1020 Supervisor John Tavaglione, 2nd
                                                777-7030 Mayor Pro Tem Linda Evans                                                                         Carol Rayner, Senior Program Assistant
398-3502 Mayor Pro Tem Steven Hernandez                                                         955-1030 Supervisor Jeff Stone, 3rd
                                                777-7030 Councilmember Kristy Franklin                                                                            e-mail:
398-3502 Councilmember Arturo Aviles                                                            863-8211 Supervisor John J. Benoit, 4th
398-3502 Councilmember Emmanuel Martinez        564-2925 Councilmember Terry Henderson                          CVAG Vice Chair                            Department of Community Resources
398-3502 Councilmember Gilbert Ramirez, Jr.     564-1568 Councilmember Stanley Sniff, Sr.       (73-710 Fred Waring Drive, Suite 222                   Aurora Wilson, Director of Community Resources
398-3502 David Garcia, City Manager             777-7100 Tom Genovese, City Manager             Palm Desert, CA 92260 * FAX (760) 863-8905)                       e-mail:
Andrea Carranza, Executive Assistant            Wanda Wise-Latta, Executive Assistant           955-1050 Supervisor Marion Ashley, 5th                      Valarie Franklin, Program Assistant II
                                                                                                955-1100 Bill Luna, County Executive Officer                      e-mail:
                                                                                                Diana Grant, Executive Secretary
CITY OF DESERT HOT SPRINGS                      CITY OF PALM DESERT                                                                                       Department of Environmental Resources
329-6411 (FAX 288-3129)                         346-0611 (FAX 340-0574)                                                                               Katie Barrows, Director of Environmental Resources
                                                                                                AGUA CALIENTE
65950 PIERSON BOULEVARD                         73-510 FRED WARING DRIVE                                                                                          e-mail:
                                                                                                BAND OF CAHUILLA INDIANS                                      Jim Sullivan, GIS Program Director
DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA 92240                    PALM DESERT, CA 92260-2578
                                                                                                699-6800 (FAX 699-6919)                                           e-mail:
WEB ADDRESS:                  WEB ADDRESS:
                                                                                                5401 DINAH SHORE DRIVE                                       Jacob Alvarez, Management Analyst
329-6411 Mayor Yvonne Parks                     346-0611 Mayor Jean Benson
                                                776-8233 Mayor Pro Tem Robert Spiegel           PALM SPRINGS, CA 92264                                             e-mail:
                CVAG Chair
                                                346-2285 Councilmember Cindy Finerty            WEB ADDRESS:                                 Nicholas Peihl, GIS Analyst
329-6411 Mayor Pro Tem Russell Betts
                                                346-0611 Councilmember Jan Harnik               699-6920 Tribal Chair Richard M. Milanovich                         e-mail:
329-6411 Councilmember Karl Baker
                                                346-0611 Councilmember William Kroonen          699-6920 Tribal Vice Chair Jeff L. Grubbe                     Linda Rogers, Program Assistant II
329-6411 Councilmember Scott Matas
                                                346-0611 John Wohlmuth, City Manager            699-6920 Tribal Sec./Treasurer Karen A. Welmas                     e-mail:
329-6411 Councilmember Jan Pye
                                                Karen Prusinowski, Secretary to the City Mgr    699-6920 Tribal Member Vincent Gonzales III
329-6411 Rick Daniels, City Manager
                                                                                                699-6920 Tribal Member Anthony J. Andreas III
Laura Green, Assistant to the City Manager
                                                                                                699-6960 Thomas Davis, Chief Plan. & Dev. Officer
                                                                                                Laura Fregozo, Executive Assistant

     73-710 Fred Waring Drive, Suite 200, Palm Desert, CA 92260 * (760) 346-1127 FAX (760) 340-5949 * CVAG Web Site: * CVMSHCP Site:

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