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					Explode Your Article Marketing Traffic In
These Simple Steps
Article Marketing is a widely used tool that anyone can use to drive a great deal of traffic to
their website or online business. If you are wanting an endless amount of traffic to be driven
to your business, following these article marketing traffic ideas will ensure true success.
Article marketing has been and will continue to be a great source of free traffic as long as you
provide good content, choose the right keywords to target and submit to the sites that get the
most traffic.

What Are You Writing About?

As with any website, there should be a general theme involved, something that you are
targeting. I have seen some people that just throw up a landing or squeeze page to try to
obtain visitors information like name and email and this is an instant turn off. The best advice
that I could give you is to have a blog, with a possible five or six different areas that are very
relevant to the main site. For every article that you write, may I suggest making sure that you
have some general knowledge of the subject as it helps you become more of an expert but
also helps the reader in solving their problem they are wanting to learn more about. The ideal
situation would be to provide an article or post that has roughly six hundred words or more
and have very easy to read paragraphs and not use big words.

Pick Out The Right Keywords

Completing the right amount of keyword research up front will help your articles rank very
high on the search engines and allow you to obtain great amounts of article marketing traffic.
Depending on which industry you are in, some keywords are very competitive and practically
millions of articles have been written using certain keywords, like the keyword, home
business opportunity. This keyword and many more like it are so saturated with articles and
videos, the ability for you to rank on page one of a search engine are slim and next to none.
The way you can find specific keywords that you could write an article on and rank on page
one of any search engine is to use a keyword research tool that shows different statistics on
that keyword.

Have An Enticing Title

Consider the title of your article the cover to your book, if it looks sounds great and is
intriguing, it has a higher chance of producing readers. Most successful articles use titles that
provide a way to improve a problem in a very easy way, for example, Three Simple Steps To
Gain More Readers. Be aware though that what ever you have in your title must be provided
within your article, if you do provide solid content and a legitimate solution you have a
greater chance of people sharing your content. Make sure that you avoid is to claim, Four
Simple Steps, and only provide two or provide four steps that no one can implement,
remember at all times that your name and your reputation is connected to the content you

Think Of The Reader
I have seen writers time and time again lose readers and any future visitors just by not
thinking of the reader and offering a honest down to earth solution. Think of all the time that
you spend online and all the hundreds of sites you visit in a day or even a week, when you are
surfing the net, you are looking for something specific, so is everyone else. The world that we
live in is a world that we all want everything right now, not an hour later, not a week later but
now, the same thing goes for the internet and people looking for solutions. When you write a
piece of content, keep it anywhere from five hundred to a thousand words and keep videos
anywhere from two to three minutes for the most part. If your article or video is too long and
boring you lose the reader very quickly and they are off looking on another site for the
answer you could have given them but took your sweet time telling them. Follow these short
and sweet steps will no doubtfully enhance your article marketing traffic.

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Getting Massive Website Traffic Through
Google Adwords
In order for an online marketer to maximize their online presence through the use of Google
AdWords, you first have to have a complete grasp on the Google Campaign and Ad Groups
and determining what these two levels are. First off, the Campaign level pertains to the stage
where you have to set your daily monetary allocations, the beginning and end dates of your
campaign, your ad distribution preferences, location and language targeting, and of course
your goal earnings while the Ad Group level is all about the keywords and the ads
themselves, grouping your ads into groups (at least two per group) and trying various kinds of
tactical approach for each group and in that way, you would be able to determine which ad
group works best and which ones need tweaking.

To get huge amounts of website traffic, it would be best to come up with multiple campaigns
with multiple ad groups for each campaign so that you can set up different parameters and
eventually compare results which you can use to devise a more strategically designed
approach on your next round of campaigns. Getting massive website traffic is not an
overnight process and it may take weeks and even months to perfect and it involves a lot of
studying, monitoring, and experimenting in order for you to arrive at the best campaign setup
for your website.

Website traffic management with Google AdWords also involves choosing the language you
would want to target and the territories or countries that you want to concentrate on with your
advertisements and this would entail some helpful ideas which Google Adwords will provide
especially in your decision whether your product would benefit only a specific country or will
it be better to market it globally. Google Adwords provides precise targeting as exact as
setting your parameters of location to a certain number of miles from your business area
bounded by coordinates.

Google Analytics, which is integrated with Google AdWords is also a very powerful service
that can track the success of not only your paid search results but also your organic search
campaign results and through Google AdWords and Google Analytics, you would have a
better understanding of what the customers' site experience was and it will also show you the
keywords that are keeping your cash register ringing with sales and those that are performing
poorly and need to be changed. However, let us discuss Google Analytics in a different forum
since it covers a totally huge discussion on its own.

So in order to bring in the right amount of website traffic, all you need to do is follow all the
steps provided for by Google AdWords and if you do that, you will surely be on the right
track. Google AdWords will provide you the most amazing online tools that will guide your
campaign from start to finish.

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