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									                             Your true Worldwide
                             Identity under
                             Indian Bank Credit
Launched on 30-01-2006

                              Launched on 24-03-2006

  ¢   Worldwide Acceptance

  ¢   Accepted at over 30 million VISA Merchant
      Establishments across the world

  ¢   Accepted at over 150,000 VISA Merchant
      Establishments in India
Indian Bank’s
Gold/Classic Credit Card
through VISA
 ¢   No joining fee, No renewal/annual fee
 ¢   Free insurance coverage
 ¢   Pay just 5% of total monthly outstanding and
     revolve the balance
 ¢   Competitive pricing @1.99% pm on purchases
 ¢   Access over 30 million VISA Merchant
 ¢   Interest free credit period maximum of 45 days
 ¢   Online shopping

           CREDIT PERIOD
¢    Interest free Credit Period – Usage of the
     Credit Card on the Billing date of the month
     would provide 45 days interest free credit
     whereas using the card on previous day of the
     Billing date would give only 15 days interest
     free credit.

¢    Payment period within 15 days from the
     Billing date.
¢   Up to 40% of the stipulated Credit Limit
¢   Withdrawal at
    ¢ Any of Indian Bank ATM
    ¢ Any VISA enabled ATM across India
    ¢ Any of VISA ATM worldwide
    ¢ Any of the more than 30000 specified
       ATMs under Sharing arrangements like
       CASHTREE, MITR etc


¢   For every Rs 100 spent, Rs 0.50 is rewarded
    to the Cardmember’s Account.

¢   Once Rs 500 is accumulated in the
    Cardmember’s Account, it is given by way
    of credit to Card members’s Account.

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