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									                                  1. Getting Started___________           What are the possible
                                  Call Robin to set up a private
                                  meeting to learn how a reverse
                                                                           uses of a reverse
                                  mortgage can give you financial          mortgage funds?
                                  security for life.
                                                                               Its up to you!
                                  2. How are the payouts based?
                                                                           Pay for home repairs and
                                  Payout benefits are based upon:
  A Reverse Mortgage Pays          The appraised value of home
                                                                           Long-term healthcare
  You Money.                       Your age
                                                                           Pay off existing debt
 You must be 62 years or older    Current interest rate
                                                                           Healthcare and prescription
 No repayment is required as      Current mortgage amount
  long as you live in your home   3. Taking Action_____________            Pay credit card bills
 No income or credit             Robin will assist you in completing      Your grandchildren’s
  qualification                   the application and guide you             education
 Guaranteed by the FHA           through the necessary paperwork          Travel
 Social Security benefits and    and counseling.                          Buy a boat or a summer
  Medicare are not affected by                                              home
                                  4. Gaining Independence and
  a reverse mortgage                                                       Purchase a new car
 You continue to own title to    Control____________________
                                  You will retain title to the property    Earn a college degree
  your home                                                                YOU CAN PURCHASE A
                                  and remain in control of the home
 No out-of-pocket expenses at                                              HOME WITH A REVERSE
                                  AND put cash in your pocket.
  closing. Costs and fees are                                               MORTGAGE
  financed as part of the loan.
                                  **Lender incentives have                 Anything you want!
Get a free financial analysis
                                  never been better. Closing
 of the cash payout options
                                  Costs have been reduced
       available to you.
                                  offering you more money.
 Absolutely no obligation.
       It is the service
                                  UP to $10,0000 and
  we are not obligated to give    sometimes more!****
   that people value most.
       ~James   C. Penney
                                         *Depending on home value

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