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AmericAn express® Fx international payments


									AmericAn express Fx international payments
                                                                                        For Financial Institutions

          International Wire Transfers Made Easy with
          American Express FX International Payments

          As businesses trade internationally, your credit union stands
          to benefit by making itself a trusted and dependable provider of
          comprehensive foreign currency payments solutions.

          But how does your credit union offer these value-added products
          and services without making a huge investment in associated
          systems, infrastructure and support services?
                                                                                            “ FX International Payments
          The answer is simple. Connect with American Express                                 is a cost-effective solution
          FX International Payments.                                                          for your credit union to
                                                                                              offer international wire
          The SUPPORT Of a GlObal PaymenTS leadeR
                                                                                              solutions directly to your
          fX International Payments is a turn-key foreign currency payments                   members. It is easy to use, is
          service supported by a global payments company with over 100 years
                                                                                              offered with low transaction
          experience in foreign exchange. With fX International Payments, your
          member transactions will be executed with reliability, speed and                    fees and provides you with
          convenience, and at competitive costs. There are no subscription                    access to our world-class
          fees and no time commitment, and there is no software to install or                 customer service group. We
          manage. a Service manager is assigned to your account to help deliver               are here to help you every
          a hassle-free, seamless experience.                                                 step of the way.”
          a COmPeTITIve edGe ThaT Can ReSUlT In mORe bUSIneSS                                    Gus Karris
          fX International Payments will enable you to cost-effectively offer your               Director—Strategic
          members a full suite of secure foreign currency transaction solutions. In              Business Development
          addition, offering these services gives you an opportunity to differentiate            American Express
          your institution from others in your market that have not added fX
          services to their product line-up.

          a fUll SlaTe Of fX PROdUCTS and SeRvICeS
          To enable you to provide superior service to your members, the fX
          products and services you offer must be competitive in terms of price,
          features and functionality. With fX International Payments handling
          operations and service, you can be confident that fX transactions will
          be executed with reliability and convenience for you and your members.
          your financial institution has access to member transaction information
          and member account management tools. Custom reporting and other
          back-office administration services are also available.
OnlIne manaGemenT RePORTS and PaymenT TRaCkInG
Our system allows you to keep track of all transaction details in one                       A CoMMITMEnT To HElPIng
place. you can check the status of a single payment, see payments                           You groW Your BusInEss
made to a specific payee or download payment history. dynamic                               FX International Payments
reporting capabilities with data are available online for 18 months.                        empowers you to establish
Stored beneficiary information and templates are available for repetitive                   and grow your business,
payments. In addition, our system can be configured to automatically                        while allowing you to provide
send a notification e-mail when a payment has been processed, giving                        additional member services.
the payee confidence that payment is secured.
                                                                                            •	A	Service	Manager	specializing	
COmPeTITIve RaTeS In 110-PlUS CURRenCIeS                                                      in your market segment
                                                                                              serves your business needs
Our global technology, purchasing power and strong inter-bank
relationships allow us to offer you competitive rates. and our global                       •	Effective	marketing	and	
presence, with foreign exchange desks in new york, london, Singapore                          customizable	POS	collateral	
and Sydney, means you can offer fX trading in more than 110 currencies                        is available
24 hours a day, 5 days a week. as one center closes, another one opens.                     •	Training	and	tools	are	provided	
                                                                                              for your staff at no cost
a membeR-fRIendly, InTeRneT-baSed SySTem                                                      covering products, features
                                                                                              and sales strategies
fX International Payments enables you to make payments and manage
member transactions online via our secure, reliable, easy-to-use site.                      •	Customized	solutions	are	
member services include:                                                                      available for your specific needs
•	 International	Wire	Payments
•	 Drafts
•	 Incoming	Wires
•	 Incoming	Cash	Letter	Items


                                                                                            Contact us to learn more about
                                                                                            FX International Payments
                                                                                            n Telephone 1-888-391-9971
                                                                                            n Fax 1-312-775-0159
                                                                                            n E-mail FXIP.FinancialInstitutions

                                                                                            n Web
With FX operations geographically dispersed, FX International Payments can provide global     fxip-financialinstitutions
execution around the clock in a follow-the-sun operating model. As one center closes, the
next center takes over trading and processing responsibilities.

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