Diary by GoodluckSumari


									Service is an intangible product involving a deed, performance, or an effort that cannot be
physically be processed. Since the major characteristics of services are intangibility,
inseparability, perishability and variability (Heterogeneity), then different clients will experience
the service according to what he/she expects to get from the service. According to the
characteristics of services, it is obvious that different customers will have different experiences
from services. Since services are generally higher in experience and credence qualities, there are
several consequences associated with this including service consumers generally rely on word of
mouth than service firm advertising and rely more on price , personnel, and physical cues to
judge service quality. Therefore as the consumer of different services in different service
industries, I have some encounter experiences in the way of consuming the services.

Transportation industry is the another area where I had a postive service encounter with the
Mohamed Bus Service which makes in almost all parts of the country, But am so interest in the
route from and to Bukoba-Dar es salaam. The management and service providers that are the
drivers and conductors are so accommodating.

The services marketing issues involved in this experience;

These employees are interactive in services provision, it shows how these employees are well
trained in respective work hence make the customer comfortable and enjoy the journey despite of
being so long. If you need any assistant from the them, they respond positively in a cool
language in that manner you perceived the equitable in the price they charge and the service they
offer to customers

Not only that but also they distribute the snaps (water, Biscuits, sweets, cakes etc) along the way
which make the customer feel more that they are being considered and are respected by the
service providers (employee)

There are a lot of the offices distributed in a lot of the Towns in the country, which makes
communication so easier to the customers. Also they have many Cars in case the one in use
corrupt they in a position to exchange the Car and continue with the journey comfortably

They are in the uniforms, hence are easier be identified by clients for any assistant in the way
and at the Bus terminals especially Ubungo Bus terminal due to a lot of people from almost all of
the regions in Tanzania. This is so helpful to the new customers who first come in the city

This is so important in the profit and long run survival of the company since the clients are
satisfied with the services hence these can be maintained and they in a position to inform the new
customers to use the same company in traveling to /from Bukoba-Dar es salaam.
TIGO (Tanzania)-mobilize phones service provider in Tanzania. Extreme services both calls and
messages, This is the kind of service where by a TIGO customers are able to enjoy when they
need from morning to night for the messages and from morning to evening for a call, these
services can be enjoyed by all the members in the country at a given price according to the type
of the service a customer is on need. But general a client is required to send a word ‘extreme’ or
‘extreme sms’ to a given number for a call and messages respectively.

Most of the customers of TIGO are in the age of 15-35 although the are some clients in the other
age group but mostly belong in the named group, this is the group which are in love and in need
to communicate most of the time with the lover so they enjoy the service in advance.

The lowered costs of calling TIGO-TIGO also attract the customers of the young age due to the
low income in that case they enjoy low cost at a large quantity ( they are sensitive to the price)

with an account with the service is allowed to send or receive money to or from another
customer who is connected with this service. At the time I arrived at their office I found four
customers, one being served while others were waiting but within ten minutes all of them were
already served and it was my turn where it took just three minutes to complete the service. From
that experience i was very satisfied since the service was offered in a very high speed but with
high quality and accuracy. From this service encounter experience, I observed the following
aspects as far as marketing of services is concerned;

Client role as a co-producer in the whole process of delivering a service. It is well explained in
one of the characteristics of services known as inseparability, that in service provision a client
can facilitate the convenience in which the service can be delivered. In our case, most of the
customers I found they had very high speed and understanding, this made easier to the server to
accomplish the service at a very short time(to be efficient).This is because there were some
instructions given by the service provider to the client for the completion of the service like
writing password and the centre numbers this aspect that client sometimes need to cooperate with
the server in order to accomplish the service efficiently was observed in this service encounter.
However the aspects such as accessibility, and availability were observed. Accessibility stands to
explain the extent to which the service can easily and conveniently be used or received. The
service was very accessible since it was very easy to use and well designed in such a way that
even unknowledgeable person can learn with 15minutes.Also the service was available meaning
that the service is obtainable, that is capable of being purchased, used or received.

The communication and physical evidence of this service was done through very shining adverts
starting from the UCC door to room number five where I found one of the employee in the t-shirt
written ‘M-PESA’ at the front part. But also these messages were written in blue and red colour
symbolizing primary colour in the Vodacom brand. So when in that service delivering point
there is a feeling that one is in a certain kind of service and for sure I experienced it.

Technological aspect in service delivering of services and the issue of using intermediaries in
services provision.UCC is an agent of the Vodacom in specifically the provision of M-pesa
services. The use of this kind of money transfer is one of the technological advancement in
mobile phone service provision but also the use of an agent for just one service line helps
convenience but also efficient quality services by avoiding overloading of the agent.

Cafeteria1 at the University of Dar es salaam is another service firm I have experienced their
catering service I joined the University but the kind of the service I received in that particular
day and time was somehow strange to me as far as my experience in that firm of somehow good.
It was real very embarrassing to me as the tea serve (an employee) took the coupon from me and
went to the next chamber where they sell fruit juice talking to the juice server then after three
minutes he came claiming the coupon by shouting so that he can serve me, in fact I was furious.
The following are the aspects from the knowledge of marketing of services demonstrated in the
service experience from this catering firm;

Variability (heterogeneity) resulting from simultaneous production and consumption of the
services is one of the characteristics of services pot rayed in the catering firm encounter. This is
due to the fact that in each and every day I visited that cafeteria I was served by different people
and at different time in some cases. So the quality of service varied since it was provided by not
the same people I normally meet where I go there for meal. It shows that since individual people
are involved and makeup part of the service delivering, it is purely true that services are unique
and can never be exactly repeated.
Time utility is another aspect of marketing of service which can be observed from the experience
above. This is the satisfaction that the customer gets due to the availability of service at the
exactly time needed for consumption, in this case where the tea server was not available at that
time I needed service it reduced time utility. In addressing this kind of negative experience due
to variability of services, the following measures are recommended;

Customers’ dissatisfaction and their buying behavior. Since I got this experience I do not feel
like taking meal in cafeteria1 and where I approach it sounds in mind like am going to face the
same negative experience. Also when am with my colleagues I tell about that kind of
dissatisfaction I call it. Then this has been reflected in recent marketing researches that the
average customer who had a problem with the organization such as receiving poor services will
tell another 9 or 10,this means bad news spread very quickly like the wild fire in dry grssses.So
this is dangerous to the firm since it can loose many customers but also creating hardship in
getting new ones

Cafteria1 management has to be very careful in employing personnel but also there must be
regular training so that at least the quality of service to be improved. Since I have been longtime
customer of cafeteria1 I normally hear some employees speaking a vernacular language (let it
remain anonymous) showing that if not mostly blood relatives they hail from the same region
and employed by the same criteria whether trained in catering services or not. To me this implies
how the management is not serious. So for this firm to provide high quality service among other
factors, they should employee the quality personnel and the service has to be standardized

Customers satisfaction monitoring should be given the very special attention. In this encounter I
was not in the position to send complains since the firm has no that system, leading to the
repetition of the same mistake. This can be done through placing a suggestion box just outside
the firm, customer surveys and comparison shopping so that the unsatisfactory service provider
or service providing system can be detected and corrected or eliminated from the system. It is my
expectation that even up to this moment they offer their services poorly due to lack of the proper
customers satisfaction monitoring system.

Education sector, Minaki secondary school. Through the Government initiatives of expanding in
the intake and quality of the secondary education in the Tanzania, Minaki was one the schools
among the older schools in the country being in the plans of stopping the ordinary intake instead
expand the advanced level intake in all art and science subjects. It has now already put the plans
in the action since the last year but the problems which still existing are as follows;

There is lack of teachers in the named subjects to handle them properly and in time hence leads
to poor provision of the intended services

The qualities of teachers are not at the desired level hence leads in the difficult in the delivering
of the services to students (clients)
  The ethical level during the working hours is also unsatisfactory hence leads to treat the
teaching services to inferior and cause the behavior of the students to be dreadful thus the fail to
pass the exams in the final National examinations.

The communication language among the teachers and the students is not in the friendly way
hence the participation of the students in the process of providing a service as the co-part.

In summation of all the teaching services is under perceived from the students as the main clients
and the society at large.

National Micro-Finance Bank (NMB)-Ilala branch came to offer the service of providing new
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Cards to the customers whose cards had expired, it was
through that service that the dissatisfaction from the service was experienced. Due to that
experience, the following aspects can be sorted out. The most burning issue is inaccessibility of
the service that is the service for issuing new ATM cards was available but the customers could
not access it as the responsible employee was absent. The recommendation which can be made in
regard to this missing facility is to the human resource department substitute with another
employee when the responsible one is absent. But the company should regularly equip its
employee with relevant ethics.

Communication to the customers is another issue to be addressed. First is the external
communication even through the media that for those customers who joined the bank three years
ago are suppose to collect their new ATM cards in their respective branches, it could have
satisfied the customers by avoiding unnecessary restrictions to the service.Iteractive
communication in weak because the way that employee responded to me it seems she did not
know that the customers believe more on what the employees say rather than the company in its
different communication to the customers like advertising, sales promotion publicity and public
relation. The useful comment is that the bank management should make sure that the company
image is well portrayed by the employees in service delivering.

Utility in terms of time has also some kind of weakness. For example when waiting just to be
told that the service was not offered creates dissatisfaction to the customers. In marketing of
services we say that the total satisfaction the consumer includes also the time spent in receiving
that particular service. The bank should be in the position to deliver the services efficiently for
better satisfaction of the customers. Also in attempting to achieve this, the employees have to be
trained on how they can deliver the service at high speed efficiently.

The technological/electronic aspect of delivering services has to be incorporated in
recommending on how best this bank can avoid such long queues like the one encountered in our
case. To make customers wait for the short time but also comfortably, the bank has to use
electronic ways of calling each customer in the same order where by the customers will be seated
and the maximum time of serving each customer should be set to avoid unnecessary delays in the
service delivery. One of the mobile service providing company in Tanzania has been using this
system and it real works.

Another service experience encounter which was interesting to me is that encountered at the
UDSM-Mlimani Hair Cutting Salon. I was very much satisfied with their service. The following
are marketing concepts associated with this service encounter. One of the observed aspects is
physical evidence, since the services are intangible; this salon has decided to use equipments like
different hair shaving styles in the coloured photographs attached on the walls.

Inseparability of the service and the service provider, and simultaneous production and
consumption can be seen. That is it very difficult to separate the service and the service providers
in some services like hair shaving or dressing salon and this is among the chief characteristic of
the person based services, meaning that a person must be there for the service to be provided.
Also the need for the qualified employee in this kind of service is of great deal since the total
efficiency in service provision will depend on the kind of employee. In our salon encounter, the
employee was well trained and has enough speed to accomplish the service delivering at the right
time and satisfy the client effectively as well. But the recommendation to this salon is that they
have to strengthen the external communication to the customers like advertising using some
advert messages in different halls of residence so that consumers will become aware of the
service. Because from the personal experience from campus, it was very difficult to find whether
there is a hair shaving salon at the University main campus or not, it was until I asked several
students is when I knew that there was a hair shaving salon at the main campus.

Therefore from the different encounter experiences in different service industries analysed,
marketing of services should be given a very special consideration in different activities involved
to the satisfaction of the customers including careful service demand analysis, timing of
delivering of the service, pricing of the service to be in accordance with expected benefits by the
customers, right employees, use of effective communication and appropriate distribution
channels and monitoring and evaluating customers satisfaction through proper mechanism.
These particular aspects if taken into consideration well, the service will survive in this ill-
structured business environment, and profitably satisfy and retain the clients/consumers for the



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