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Kindle was first released by Amazon in 2007 and it is still rated the #1 best selling product on
Amazon today.

With an updated operating platform, a sleek new design, and a huge selection of ebooks and
news feeds to read, it’s no wonder everyone is clamoring over the next new thing in e-reading

If you aren’t sure if a Kindle is right for you or if you are on the fence about purchasing an
Amazon Kindle e-reader, here’s a few reasons why I love my Kindle and why I think you would
like a Kindle, too.

No More Carpel Tunnel, No More Bookmarks

OK, I admit. Losing bookmarks probably isn’t the first thing that comes to people’s minds when
asked why they love their Kindle. But really, how many times have you had to put down your
book and came back a day later and it was knocked off the shelf…laying on the floor with no
more bookmark. Many of us with good memories could probably start right where we left off.
But for others, it’s an annoying process.

But aside of the slight annoyance of bookmarking, the Kindle is easy to read and light on the
hands. For those with joint pain, arthritis, or carpel tunnel, they don’t have to struggle with
holding books in awkward positions. They can simply curl up on the couch and place the Kindle
in their lap! Plus, you can take the Kindle anyplace with you – on an airplane, to a doctor’s
appointment (no more outdated waiting room magazines!), or even on vacation. No more heavy
books or getting to your destination only to be suddenly be disinterested with what you brought.
You can simply turn on the e-reader and find an interesting title or article or news headline.

The iPhone Has Nothing on the Kindle

Many people do not know that you can also listen to music on the Kindle! For those multi-
taskers who like a little background noise when enjoying their favorite book can plug in their
headphones and jam away while reading their favorite books or magazines online. Music can be
stored on the Kindle in mp3 format. Plus, this opens up an amazing new topic – audio books!
Let’s say you are reading a gripping thriller and just can’t wait to get home and read the rest.
Once you get in your car to trek home, simply press a button and your ebook will continue in
audio format. Amazing, I know. This was one of my top reasons for springing for a Kindle.

Do Your Eyes a Favor…

Unlike back-lit computer screens that can cause uncomfortable eye pain, the Kindle is easy on
the eyes and won’t strain your eye muscles like a computer would. You can also choose to
change font sizes and most people get so enraptured with how Kindle’s pages look so much like
traditional hard-copy books that they forget they are reading on a Kindle.
You Can Get Free Stuff

Not like Amazon won’t keep you busy with thousands of titles available, but if you’re a bargain
hunter there are tons of website that have free Kindle swag to keep your wallet and eyes happy.
No more waiting around for your favorite title to become available at the library – it’s right there
when you need it with the Amazon Kindle.

Find a Kindle for yourself or a friend at! With a wide selection of
Kindle covers and other popular Kindle accessories you can find something for that special
techie in your life.

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