; How to Save iPhone Contacts
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How to Save iPhone Contacts


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									How to Save iPhone Contacts

The iPhone has certainly proven to be a revolutionary device to be used for entertainment and other
communication requirements. Along with its capability to be used as an Apple iPod, a video player, an
Internet communication tool, and a gadget with other media features; you should not forget that it is
primarily a cell phone. Hence, there is a need for dealing with functions regarding saving and trans ferring
phone numbers from and to the iPhone. In the following part of the article, you will come to know ab out
how to save iPhone contacts on the device and also transfer it to a computer.

How to Save iPhone Contacts

As in any other mobile phone or P DA, the iPhone also has an address book tagged with the name
'Contacts'. The Contacts icon is located on the second page on the main menu of the iPhone, for which
you will need to slide your finger to the left on the screen. The Contacts icon is a brown option on the
second page. Tap the '+ ' option situated at the top of the screen and to the right of 'All Contacts '. Doing so
will let you access the 'New Contact' page which consists of white spaces for adding contact details.

You can tap on any field you want to enter data in and view the virtual keyboard. You will also find
optional fields to enter details such as email address, mailing address, and website address of a contact.
Once all det ails are entered in the required fields, you will have to tap the 'Done' option located at the
upper right of the page. This was about saving contacts on the phone memory of the iPhone. Now let us
take a look at how to transfer contacts to the iPhone from another S IM card.

How to Transfer Contacts from Another SIM Card

Those searching for information on how to save iPhone cont acts to SIM, should note that the device does
not store contact data directly on the SIM card. However, if you have a S IM from another mobile phone
and want to transfer its contact details to the iPhone, you can do so by following a few steps. Take out the
SIM from the iPhone and insert the SIM with the cont act information to be saved. Tap the "Settings" icon
and then access the 'Mail, Contacts, calenders' option. In the contacts section of the list, select 'Import
SIM Contacts' aft er which the SIM contacts would be saved onto the iPhone memory. Read on to g et to
know about how to save iPhone contacts to computer.

How to Save iPhone Contacts to Computer

Saving contact info from the Apple iPhone might be necessary in case of getting the device repaired or
simply purchasing another cell. Here you can save iPhone contacts through Apple iTunes software. The
first step is to connect the iPhone to the computer and run the iTunes application. Select the 'iP hone' tab
on the left sidebar of the software interface. Select the 'Info' tab after which you will need to select 'Sync
Address Book Contacts'. Here, you can even export iPhone contacts to Gmail and Yahoo address book,
provided that you have the respective email accounts. Clicking on the "Apply" option will finally do the job
of transferring contact data from the iPhone to the comput er.

These are the steps on how to save iPhone contacts to and from the device and a computer. In order to
keep your contact details secure, make sure you periodically do a data backup of the iPhone on your
computer (read: How to Backup iPhone). I hope now you have got a clear idea about transferring contact
details on the Apple iPhone.

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