How to Activate iPhone 4

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					How to Activate iPhone 4

Unarguably, the best smart phone to have been launched in recent times, the Apple iPhone 4 is truly a
phenomenal product by Apple Computers. If you are planning to buy the new Apple iPhone 4G, it is
essential that you know how to activate it. There seems t o be considerable confusion about how to go
about activating the new iPhone 4G. The aim of this article is to present you with some tips on how to
activate iPhone 4 with iTunes. It is the simplest way of activating it as you will see in the following lines .

How to activate iPhone 4 without sim card? First of all, you need to know that you cannot activate the
iPhone 4G, if you do not have an A T& T SIM card, with a subscription plan. That is because A T& T is the
default service provider for the iPhone in USA, currently. The activation is also tied in with the A T& T
subscription. For those who are curious about how to activat e iPhone 4 without SIM, know that it is not
possible currently, unless you have a factory unlocked iPhone.

So, after you buy an iPhone, you will need to get an A T& T subscription S IM card to begin with activation.
Also those of you who have wondered how to activate iPhone 4 without iTunes, know that it is not
possible. You need the iTunes to get the phone activated as the whole process has been made to be
iTunes centric. Let us see the procedure for activating the iPhone 4G, using Apple iTunes. Also check out
how to reset iPhone to factory settings.

How to Activate iPhone 4G?

For activating the iPhone 4, you will firstly need the lat est version of Apple iTunes installed on your
computer. You can download the application directly from the Apple computers website, if you don't have
it. As already mentioned, get an AT& T subscription, with the kind of call and texting plan you need. Get
the SIM card and install it into your iPhone. You can also use an existing subscription with A T& T to
activate the iPhone. Without installing the SIM card inside, the activation process won't run. So get the
SIM installed inside and switch on the iPhone. The screen will say 'Connect to iTunes '.

Switch on your computer and get the iTunes application running. To trans fer data and activate your
iPhone 4G, you will need to use the USB cable (that comes with the device) to connect it with your
computer. The moment you make the connection, iTunes will recognize the iPhone 4 connected with your
computer and the activation process will begin.

You will be shown the terms and conditions page, which you must agree with, to move ahead. You will be
asked for the Apple ID and password next, which you use to purc hase music on the iTunes store. If you
don't have one, creat e an account and enter the required information to go ahead with activation.

Next, your personal details and billing details will be displayed, which you must check and save to move
ahead. With that the activation will be complete and your iPhone 4 will restart automatically. Then you can
go ahead and configure the iPhone for use.

You will get a confirmation about activation from A T& T, if it's a new subscript ion. This concludes the
procedure for how to activate iPhone 4. If you are wondering how long does it take to activate iPhone 4,
know that it is just a few minut es. This sets you free to use all the wide range of iPhone applications.

Hope, this article has left no doubts in your mind about how to activat e iPhone 4 at home. As we saw,
activation is quite simple and all you have to do is follow the instructions presented above. People keep
asking me how to activate iPhone 4 without iTunes, but I didn't see a ny other way in which you could do
that, as the whole process is iTunes centric.