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To Briefcase

         An Introduction to
        Rowan University’s
      Co-Curricular Transcript
    What is Backpack To Briefcase?

     “Backpack To Briefcase” is a Rowan University
     program that helps you transition from a student to
     a professional.

     “Backpack To   Briefcase” uses DATA180:
      Document your college experience and involvement
       on campus
      Stay organized and on track
      File and store important documents
      Highlight your leadership skills
+ What are the Benefits of using Data180
 as a Rowan Student?
    Upload Documents & Pictures
        Save important papers and homework assignments
        Save flyers, reports, and pictures from events of your organizations and
         student groups

    Build Up Your Resume
        Add your student organizations, sport teams, and honor societies
        Choose from over 150 SGA organizations on the Activity Guide

    Design Your Portfolio
        Record information from internships
        Add references
        Upload work from internships or jobs
        Personalize and design to express yourself

    Have potential employers electronically view
     your portfolios & resumes
    How to Log On

     User   Name: 9-digit Rowan ID Number

     Password: First time use is a pre-generated
     password emailed to you from Data180
      Personalize after the first time you’ve logged in
    Creating My Portfolio

     Under    Resumes & Portfolios tab
        Click “Add” an then “Edit Title” to create your resume
        Organize your selection options
        Change the style and format

     Clickon the blue highlighted resume name to see
     an instantly generated copy of your resume
The Activity Guide

    Includes a list of SGA-
     affiliated activities.
        Honor societies
        Sports & Intramurals
        Art & Dance
        Greek Life
        Volunteer Groups
        Special Interest and more!

    Click on desired group,
     fill out the template and
     it is automatically sorted
     and uploaded to the
     resume page!
    Updating & Editing my Portfolio

     “Input   Activities Tab”
      Choose    a selected area, click add, and input data
       in the fields required
      Includes Education, Work Experience,
       Professional Development, References, Skills, etc.

     Canalso use “Activity Guide” from home
     page to update
    Adding Artifacts

     Upload     important pictures and documents
        Academic Work: projects, term papers, lesson plans, annual
         reports, lab reports, scholarship essays etc.
        Internship Work: hour logs, evaluation essays, work and
         reports while on the job, etc.
        Student Organizations: pictures, flyers, minutes, etc.
        Personal Interest: photography, artwork, movies, music,
         poems, short stories, etc.

     Organize your Artifacts with
     labeled folders
    Personalizing Your Portfolio
       “Resumes and Portfolios” Tab
         Style and Design you resume/portfolio changes
         Add Picture Headings (choose from a provided
          selection or add artifact)
         Adjust Font, Colors, and Layouts of your resume.

     Use “Sections and Portfolio Templates” from
        the Home Page for premade designs
     To  Learn More, Join Our Next Workshop:
        Creating and Personalizing Your Showcase
            Mon, Dec  6 – 2:00-4:00 p.m.
            Mon, Jan 31 – 3:30-5:30 p.m.
  Any Questions or
        Need Help?
+ Arrange a Personal Meeting
 Melissa Novak
 G.A. Student Enrichment & Family Connections

 Contact Information:
 Email: novakm63@students.rowan.edu
 Cell Phone: (609) 221 – 4788
 Office: Student Center, Room 217
            Monday 1:00 - 6:00
            Wednesday 10:00 – 3:00

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