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					                         Is a Guide for Cityville Even Worth it?

I like to think of myself as being well informed about the latest generation of social
networking games such as Farmville, Cafe World, Mafia Wars and Frontierville. That's
why when I began to see guides for Cityville appearing I was surprised. I could
understand that people might have needed guides for games such as Farmville, and
Frontierville but I figured that Cityville must be just the same. Why would someone want
a guide for another duplicate of Farmville?

By this point I was still just speculating, I had not actually played the game so I decided I
should give it a shot and see if it could really be all that different. I was in for a real
surprise. While there are many similarities between games like Frontierville and Cityville
(after all it is a Zynga game) they are actually very different and require different
strategies if you want to be successful. In no time of playing the game I had no coins, or
goods and had no idea where I went wrong. I was a Frontierville pro and now I looked
like a complete Cityville noob. It looked like Cityville was going to be a little more
difficult to master than I had anticipated.

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Because I have experience with similar games I was able to get on top of things but I still
was not making very much progress. I finally decided that it was time to suck it up and
put out some money. I figured that a guide wouldn't do much good for me so I began
buying Cityville Cash and extra coins. After putting down $20 things were going great I
was finally passing many of my friends and I jumped 5 levels in almost no time. This was
bound not to last though. After all this progress I again fell into the same slump as soon
as I ran out of cash and extra coins. I knew I was going to have to do something different
if I really wanted to reach my Cityville goals.

I searched online and did some research and picked what looked to be the best guide out
there. That guide was Cityville Domination. I was sceptical at first thinking that I was
just going to come across some Frontierville rip off but boy was I wrong. The guide had
secrets and strategies completely unique to Cityville and after following the easy to
follow strategies I was progressing faster than I was when I spent the money on Cityville
Cash. This would be different though, now I had the knowledge that would allow me to
continue improving my city and surpassing my neighbors. When I bought the guide I was
level 26 but now after only a week I am level 46 and well on my way to level 50. If you
would like to have the same sort of Cityville success story I did don't hesitate and buy the
guide yourself.

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