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					Welcome to Bike Club
          Dr McBride

Chief Medical Officer for Department of
Health, Social Services & Public Safety
Kevin Mayne

Chief Executive, CTC
CTC – the UK‟s national cyclists‟ organisation
• Founded1878
• Leading cycling training and
  development - Devised Cycling
  Proficiency in 1936
• Campaigning on cyclists‟ issues
• Promoting the benefits of cycling
• Local groups - CTC Northern Ireland
• Community development projects
      Existing cycling programmes
• Children who are not      • Resources not being
  being reached:              used:
   – Outside middle            – Out of hours
     classes                     activities
   – Girls                     – Youth services, clubs
   – Disabled                  – Informal education
   – Teenagers                 – Award schemes
   – NEET                      – Parenting schemes
   – Excluded from school      – Informal sport
Extended use of cycling to deliver Ten Year Strategy
for Children and Young People in Northern Ireland
Cycling for new children, in new environments
Distinctive offer for socially excluded communities
Non-sporting community Bike Clubs in the youth and
community sector
Engaging a wider family audience using the school
or club as hub
Cycling as an out of hours focused activity
Joint working with local authority teams and partners
The Bike Club Consortium
 •UK Youth
 •CTC Charitable Trust
    • The leading national youth work charity with
    750,000 young people, 40 local member groups
    in England and 3 national members –
    Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

•   Youth Achievement Awards, Foundations
•   Peer Education and Mentoring
•   National Activity Centre at Avon Tyrrell
•   Programmes that support specific groups,
    like young mothers and young drivers
ContinYou is a national learning charity that aims to open
  up opportunities for learning through:

• working directly with individuals, schools, families and
• developing innovative provision that demonstrates
  effective practice
• sharing knowledge about „what works‟ with others
• acting as advocates for accessible learning
• Innovative programmes, resources, training and
  consultancy in the fields of: community-based learning;
  health improvement; regeneration; lifelong learning
   In Northern Ireland
Also working closely with:
• Belfast City Council
• Youth Action NI
Cycling England
School Champions and Active
8 Bike Club Development Officers
18 towns and cities

Asda Pedal Power
6 further Bike Club Development
All nations of the UK including NI
    Sarah Troke
UK Bike Club Manager – CTC

      And the team…
             Bike Club

     The concept – to provide learning
 opportunities for children and young people
aged 10-20 and their families through cycling
 Where is
Bike Club?
  What has happened so far?
Cycling England Funded Sites (began Sep
• Recruitment
• 18 towns and cities
• Networking with local and regional partners
• 171 groups applied to be Bike Clubs; 108
  successful, 48 in process. 66% from “target
• £191k in grants issued
  What has happened so far?
Asda Funded Sites (Apr 10-Dec 12):
• 6 additional positions:
  - Glasgow
  - Edinburgh
  - Cardiff
  - London
  - Belfast City
  - Newcastle & Gateshead
  What has happened so far?
• Tim Edgar
• Partner Belfast City Council
• Community cycle projects and
• Networking and planning groups
• Consultations with young people
• Events e.g. Santa Cycle 5th Dec
  Titanic Quarter to Comber
• Over 500 Bike Clubs across the UK including:
  – after-school clubs
  – community youth clubs
  – family projects
  – youth lead projects
  – under-representation: excluded from formal
    education, girls & young women; BME; disabled
  – with at least 37 clubs in Northern Ireland
Examples of Bike Club activity
Bikeability Training – Boathouse Youth Group Bike Club, Blackpool

   Types of Bike Club activity

            Training, off-road, BMX, expedition,
                     maintenance, etc.

                   Examples with photos
Duke of Edinburgh Expedition – Lawrence Weston Youth Group
Bike Club, Bristol
Family Community Cycle Sessions – Haddenham
Bike Club, Buckinghamshire
Volunteer Mountain
Bike Leadership
training – Bristol
Bike Clubs
Young people
referral project –
ROCI Bike Club,
Cycle maintenance sessions – Connexions Bike
Club, Blackpool
         Support on the ground
•   Experienced officer
•   Small grants programme
•   Publicity and promotion
•   Youth Achievement Awards
•   Partnerships
•   Training
•   Sourcing and training volunteers
•   Registered/qualified cycling instructors and clubs
•   Bike Club Membership – including insurance
•   Sustainability not delivery
          Focus for Bike Club
Empowerment of young people
• On the ground consultation
• Development of positive role models for cycling
  amongst their peers
• Devising and implementing programmes
• Passing on passion to other family members
• Bike Club website – activity listings, blogging,
• Accreditation through Youth Achievement Awards
Youth Achievement Awards
     Expansion of Bike Club

•   Bike Club toolkit, September 2011
•   Bike Club membership for anyone
•   Access to online resources and networks
•   Potential for further partnership working
•   Identification of new sources of funding
What next for Bike Club in
   Northern Ireland?
• Series of local networking events for on
  the ground workers
• Invite organisations to apply to Bike Club
  Small Grant programme
• Clubs on the ground in New Year
• Further identification of local partners for
  new clubs
• Potential for wider partnerships
  Communication with Bike Club
• Discuss your ideas with your Bike Club Development Officers
        07500 069357

•Bike Club Manager - UK:
    01483 0238332
•Call Bike Club head office on 0844 736 8450
•Email us at
•Online at
•Twitter at @BikeClub
•Facebook page
        Questions for you…
a) How can Bike Club help your aims and targets?
b) How can Bike Club best engage the young people and
   their families that you work with or represent as an
c) Who is missing from this table who would be a key
   contact/organisation for Bike Club to work with?
d) What will you go away and do now you know more
   about Bike Club? – Pledge
Thank you &
  Develop “Young Guns” with Bike Club to
     include a whole family approach

Asda Community Colleagues to promote Bike
         Club in West Belfast

  To provide Bike Club with contacts for
Neighbourhood Policing and CASE Officers
Offer on-road cycle training through Bike Club

   Support Tim to set up successful and
sustainable Bike Clubs in particular areas of
                  the city

  Support the development of cycling as an
     alternative to anti-social behaviour

Build a partnership between Bike Club and Tri
Cycle – national standard on road instruction
Offer on-road cycle training through Bike Club

 Develop Bring a Friend Free programme to
 skatepark facility to encourage BMX cycling

   Make links between Bike Club and the
      extended schools programme

  Set up a Bike Club with my young people

      Promote Bike Club to colleagues

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