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Leather Lingerie Supple, Sensuous, and Sexy


Each season, we recommend the best lingerie that’s sexy and feels great. Our favorites combine sexy designs with sensual feeling fabrics and cuts made for showing off those curves

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									Leather Lingerie: Supple, Sensuous, and Sexy

Usually, leather clothing is delegated for two groups: cowboys and bikers. Cowboys wear leather chaps
and outwear to protect their bodies from brush, trees, and nature in general. Bikers on the other hand
prefer leather to protect them against what is affectionately known as road rash. It is unsurprising then
that the kinds of leather outwear worn by both of these groups is thick and restrictive for movement:
two aspects that are definitely not good for lingerie! Rather than wearing your leather on the outside,
harness your inner leather diva and enjoy the luxurious feel of quality leather against your skin.

Let’s face it women, what guy’s fantasy doesn't start with having his wife or girlfriend disrobe to uncover
a glimpse of leather and skin? The sure fire way to drive that man in your life wild with passion is by
donning leather. Besides, something about pouring yourself in to a material which hugs your skin at
every curve can do something for your own libido as well. Since you will find numerous selections of
lingerie styles, select a certain outfit that is sure to drive him crazy! What guy can resist a woman in a
skimpy leather mini skirt or a screamingly seductive leather corset? Certainly not your guy, that is for

For all the men out there questioning what to purchase their wives or girlfriends for a special occasion-
or no occasion at all- consider leather as your new best friend. If you're still skeptical, find any piece of
leather and put it on your bare skin. Now, doesn’t that feel better than itchy lace or scratchy netting?
Any concerns you might have will fly out the window. Keep in mind that there are a wide range of
leather styles, so you are able to find one that will make your lady love the most comfortable. If a
leather thong and string bikini is a little too adventurous, think about a buttery soft pair of leather hot
pants or a corset top to give more coverage. If your woman’s closet is overflowing with leather delights,
think about clever leather accessories that will allow her to complete the look.

If that fabulous feel of leather on bare skin have you jealous of the leather- donning women in your life,
bear in mind that there are fantastic options available for men as well. Before you turn up your nose at
the thought of wrapping yourself in leather lingerie, take out any preconceived notions which might
exist. Options exist from the deliriously comfortable leather pants to a more adventurous leather
harness. Keep in mind that clothing can stimulate your intimacy and role playing is a great way to jump
start a stagnant love life. Still skeptical? Start off with leather accessories and slowly work your way into
a new part, things such as leather collars and leather vests are an excellent way to dip your toe into the
pool of leather lingerie before you jump directly into the mix (and do not be concerned, you soon will).

Of course the logistics of leather lingerie leaves many people scratching their head. For beginners,
leather is a natural material which could literally mold to your body. This reason solely is why leather is
popular against bare skin simply because it forms a second skin, enabling you to move freely while
(albeit scantily) clothed. One more reason why leather is popular is because of its temperature. The
temperature of leather is directly dependant on the temperature of its surroundings. When you first
slink into your leather lingerie, you'll find that the apparel is cool and refreshing. However, as you begin
to wear the leather, it will adopt the temperature of your body, leaving you deliciously attractive to your
loved one.

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