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									Corbett national park is situated in one of the most picturesque locations. It is on the
foothills Himalayas and is famous for the Tiger. Other wild animals to watch for in
Corbett National Park Tour are Elephant, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Gharial, King Cobra,
Muntjac, Wild Boar, Hedgehog, common Musk Shrew, flying fox, Indian Pangoli and
various species of tree and birds. There are plenty of places to visit at the park. Dhikala is
one the most sought after tourist destination. It’s situated on the edge of the Patli Dun
valley from where Ramganga branches out. Dhikala offers breathtaking views of the
valley, with the Kanda ridge in the backdrop. The beauty of the area can be experienced
better from the watch tower at Dhikala.

Since Dhikala is very enchanting most people opt for the Corbett Tour with Dhikala. This
is a 2 nights and 3 days tour. On the first day, the tourists relax themselves by taking the
nature walk around the Kosi River. Other options are a visit to Gajiraj Temple and
Corbett Museum. Next day, they move to Dhikala forest lodge. Dhikala forest lodges are
managed by the forest authorities of the National Park. This lodge is about 30Km from
the Dhangadi gate. The one to one hour fifteen minutes drive from the gate to lodge is
very scenic and adventurous. While driving to the lodge visitors get excited passing
through the dense Sal trees and spotting the wild animals. Most of these wild animals can
be seen from the lodge complex along with sweet musings of the bird calls. But visitors
need not worry about their safety as the whole lodge is enclosed with solar fence.
Dhikala lodge is a wonderful place to stay with great views of the valley. It’s an ancient
rest house that has been built hundreds of years ago. In terms of facilities, all rooms have
basic comforts and houses about 103 beds with 24 bunk beds in the Log huts and others
in bungalows and cabins.

Tourists go around Dhikala through the Jeep Safari In Corbett. The jeep safari is the best
way to go around to the deep forests in the area. An expert guide accompanies the curious
visitors on the jeep and briefs them about the place and answers their queries too. To sum
it up, a trip to Corbett is incomplete without a visit to Dhikala.

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