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									Construction Resume Template
Construction industry is a ever growing industry. There are lot of opportunities for people
looking at jobs in the construction industry. The remuneration is also very good. Some of the
jobs in construction industry are site engineers, construction supervisors, architects,
surveyors, contractors etc. Construction industry also provides opportunity to use one’s own
innovative and creative talent to build and designing unique structures.

Construction Resume Template

Randy Huggy
2389 Random Street
Wikisville, MA 04459
Phone: (289) 920486
Seeking a job in leading construction company that can use my skills and
knowledge along with wide experience in various positions at construction
Summary of Qualifications:
• Sound knowledge of civil engineering concepts.
• Well aware of latest concepts like nature friendly designs, traditional design
practices etc.
• Have worked at more than 10 construction projects.
Career Experience/Job History:
Final Construction Company
Site Engineer
•Provide on-site technical assistance to the construction supervisor.

• Coordinate with supervisors, surveyors, architects etc for smooth execution of
the project.

Gaama Builders
Site Engineer
• Prepare detailed survey reports and layout plans for land development.

• Work with other professionals like architects and site supervisors for mitigating
unforeseen technical issue at construction site.
• Gold medalist in graduation for my unique building design.
2000 -2002
University of North Texas, Masters of Science in Civil Engineering
University of Iowa, Masters of Science in Civil Engineering
References upon request

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