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					            Bank Manager Resume Template
Bank manager are the personals who are looking after finances and mergers of the bank.
They are responsible for the overall sales growth. They have to look after various
departments and functions. Bank manager job is a highly reputed one. One who has
degrees in finance or other higher degrees with relevant professional can apply for these
kinds of job.

Amy John
89, New Church Rd.,
Trenton, New Jersey 2334
Phone: (234) 275249
Want to join a reputed bank as a bank manager.
Summary of Qualifications:
   More than 7 years experience in banking sectors a bank manager.
   Very good knowledge in finances and economy.
 Good computer knowledge.
Career Experience/Job History:
National Bank of New Jersey, US
Bank Manager
   Looking after various mergers and taking financial decisions for the growth of the
   Introducing new loan programs and personal and commercial investment plans.
Bank of Arizona., Arizona, US
Bank Manager

   My responsibility was to take important decisions for bank.
 Designing new bank selling products.
• Best employee of the year award from the present company.
• I have won the gold medal in the master degree program for the achieving highest
grade in accounts subject.
MBA in Finance, University of Utah, US
BA in Finance and accounting, University of New Mexico, US
Professional References upon Request

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