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					    Automobile Manager Resume Template
The automobile manager is required having good communication skills to communicate
with the customers. Apart from that, he should be able to identify mechanical problems
and other malfunctions of the automobile. He should inspect the vehicle when brought to
the base and see to it that it is functioning properly.

Automobile Manager Resume Template
Dean Perry
Work shire Road


Phone: 430-65-334
To work in a challenging position in the automotive industry in a good designation post.

Summary of Qualification
   Efficient working skills and performance record.
   Conducted good communication with the customers and updated clients about the
    new entries of automobiles.
Career Experience/Job History

Denver Motors

Management Official

   Reviewed all departments and maintained records of the deals of the company.
   Maintained customer service records and conducted training sessions for new

Diploma in Management, Step in Automotive Institute

Graduate (Engineering and Manufacturing program), Francis College.

Professional reference will be furnished upon request


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