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									IEEE P1801: 30 March 2010 Meeting Notes:
not approved as of 30 March 2010.
Action Items for Next meeting:

Connection details: at bottom See also


8/18   9/1   Oct   Nov   Dec   5      2      16     2      16     30   Name              Company
             09    09    09
                               Jan    Feb    Feb    Mar    Mar    Mar
                               2010   2010   2010   2010   2010   2010
 x     x     X     X     X     X      X      x      X      x      x    Gary Delp         Spirit
 x     x     X     X     X     x      X      x      X      E      X    Shir-Shen Chang   Synopsys
                                                           x      e    Cary Chin
                                                                       Jim Sproch
                         X                                             Yatin Trivedi     Accellera
                               x      x      x      X             e    Cary Chin
 x     x     X     X     X     x      X             X      X      X    Erich Marschner   Mentor
                                                           x      e    Rick Koster
                                                                       John Shields
 -     x     X     X           x      e      x      X      x      e    John Biggs        ARM
 x     x     X     x           x      x      x      X             x    Rolf Lagerquist   TI
                                                                       Minh Chau
 x     x     X     x     X     x      X      x      X      X           Judith            AMD
 x      -    X     x                         e      X      x      e    Knut Just         Infineon
                                      X                                Juergen
 x     x      -                                                        Michael Rifani    Intel
 x      -    X     X           X      X      x      X                  Jon               Magma
                               x                    X                  Worthington
 -     x     X     x     x                                             Ben Beaumont      Azuro
 -      -    X     x           x      x             X             x    Don Mills         Microchip
                                                                       Pedro Ovalle      Technology
                                                                       Tim Jordan
                                             X                         Fred Jen          Qualcomm
                                             x      X                  Sorin Dobre

Key: X – in attendance, v - vacation and they told us, e- excused, p – proxy present
      No annotation or – not present
    BoilerPlate:
        o Patent policy
        o Action Items from previous meeting
    Primary Topics:

Patent Policy
All attendees are aware of IEEE Policy, the IEEE patent Slide Set was presented, and the
call for essential claims was made at the meeting.
There were no responses to the call for known essential patents relevant to this proposed

Previous to the meeting: Review minutes from previous meeting
    Approval of agenda
          o XXX moved to approve the agenda; XXX seconded
          o Abstentions
          o Approved by acclamation

Action Items from previous meeting:

      BoilerPlate:
          o Patent policy
          o Action Items from previous meeting
      Primary Topics:
          o Issues sub-committee
          o PG_Pin mapping update
          o Form of SoWG
          o Form of 1801-V3D1
          o Erich update on states
          o Issues review

Meeting Minutes:
Roll call; 5/13 companies 6 people

Patent Call: http://standards.ieee.org/board/pat/
    No patents revealed.

Pg_type document – a very early version has been posted in Google Docs.
It should not be distributed beyond the group because there are unresolved copyright
permission issues.
John Shields shared info IEEE’s 10% rule
Gary to ask for IEEE permission (see
ml )

Shir-Shen to confirm with Liberty™ use of that document text.

   ID         Type        Category       Severity      Status      Updated     Summary
                                                                            of owner
                                                                            supplies for
                             6.40                      assigned    2010-03- buffers
0002600 Clarification                      major
                         set_isolation               (Gary_Delp)      30    (repeaters)
                                                                            inserted for
                          4. Power                                          Section 4.10
                          domains,                    assigned              allowed
0002602 Errata              name           major       (Erich               Boolean
                         spaces, and                 Marschner)             operators too
                         precedence                                         restrictive
                                                                            FAQ: pg_type
                             6.40                      assigned    2010-03- document:
0002887 Clarification                      minor
                         set_isolation               (Gary_Delp)      30    Isolation Cell
                                                                            FAQ: Formal
                                                                            input to
                                                       assigned    2010-03- P1801
0001923 Enhancement Conventions            major
                                                     (Gary_Delp)      30    commands to
                         Appendix B                                         definition of
                                                        closed     2010-03-
0001866 Errata           Supply net        crash                            net_state
                                                    (Steve_Bailey)    30
                          logic type                                        uses Reserved
                                                                            Word ON

Meeting ended 80 minutes after the start

          o Schedule expectations
                First Ballot June 2011
                   New version December 2011
                   TBD: Sense of the workgroup straw man for TI’s issue.
             o Activity expectations
                   Near term clarifications
                   Potential means to disconnect net
                   FAQ
                   Publishing a “Sense of the Workgroup living document”
                           Interpretations/clarifications of the current standard
                           Current view of any additions to the standard in the next
                           Accumulate decisions of the work group
                           Publishing externally – may be a subset document.

Meeting details:
Topic: IEEE P1801 Work Group
Date: Alternating Tuesdays starting 12 May 2009
Time: 10:00 am, Central Daylight Time (GMT -05:00, Chicago)
Time: 8:00 am, Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -07:00, San Francisco)
Time: 4:00 pm England, 1800 CET, 8:30 pm India
You can contact me at:
Delp.gary@mayo.edu or Gary.Delp@gmail.com
+1-507-293-1547 (mayo) 1-507-289-7276 (home office – usually forwarded)
+1 563-289-7276 (Google Voice)

Group: IEEE P1801

Primary: Synopsys contributed:
Time: 9:00 am, Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -07:00, San Francisco)
Meeting Number: 330 335 748
Meeting Password: ieee09
To join the online meeting
1. Go to https://synopsys.webex.com enter meeting number 330335748
2. Enter your name and email address.
3. Enter the meeting password: ieee09
4. Click "Join Now".

To join the teleconference (MeetingPlace)
Meeting ID: 44217
    Call Synopsys MeetingPlace at:
    4-6338 (Internal)
    1-650-584-6338 (Local/International)
    1-888-813-5316 (Toll-free)
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