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					         My Social Media Marketing Graph.

  I am present Social Media Marketing Graph for a
client. From this report you can able to know about
              my social media roadmap.

             Presented by Pravakar

              First Week

Blogs, Blogging, blog commenting

First I will create a blog for client. In this blog
I will focus your service; how people will get
benefit from your service also I will focus about
your products information.

Why blog, blogging and blog commenting.

Blog is a platform where you can write details
about your products, service, etc. It will give
chance to reader to comment about products, company

Blogging & Blog commenting – I will submit your
website or blog in various blogging website. Also I
will participate other your theme related blog
topic as result I can indirectly focus your service
to other reader.

So in social media platform, Blog is the major tool
to get better traffic and knowing about your brand
what customer are saying about service.

               Second Week
I will generate bookmarking and tagging for client
in various website such as dig.ocm,, and and many more website.

Why Bookmarking/Tagging – it is the process from
which you can promote your service using keyword
tagging. I mean create small sentence about your
product and prompting in various tagging website.

                 Third Week
Discussion boards and forums – in this I will
discuss about service and product in various
automotive forum website with accurate your website

Why Discussion boards and forums – it solves
customers problem. Especially visitors visit this
website those have certain problem to solve. So it
is best space to discuss about service with

Events and meetups – I will create online event for
your website,,

Note – it will be done if you are doing any offline
or online event.

                 Fourth Week

Microblogging – I will create your website profile
in Microblogging website and promote.
Microblogging website like: twitter, tumbler and
many more.

Why Microblogging - Microblogging is such a
platform where you can focus our breaking news or
up coming news. Our service will be reaches in
short period in to various people.
                    Fifth Week

 Video & Photo sharing – from this step I will
create your brand photo and video and promoting or
sharing in various video and photo sharing website
like you tub and flicker.

Why video & Photo sharing – this two platform will
message your service to your target visitor through
video and image sharing.

Pod casting & Presentation sharing – I will make
your products or service presentation in various
format like ppt, WordPad and promote in various pod
casting & presentation sharing website.

                      Six Week

Public Relations & social media releases – from
this process I will generate content about your
service, products or upcoming news. After that I
will promote in various press release website and
social media release.

Why Public Relations – social media releases – as
you know visitors like read upcoming news even also
search engine give more priority to the website
those have focusing news or SMR.

Social networks: applications, fan pages, groups,
and personalities – here I will create your
business profile in various social networking also
making groups, inverting people to that group and
discussing about the service within the group
member. Sites like Face book, Stumble upon, etc
Answering questions, Wikis and SMS marketing – this
last process where I will participate in various
question answering website and solve the customer
problem. Also creating wikis for your website.

In SMS marketing I or you can send message to your
customers or visitor about upcoming service or any

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Description: I am present Social Media Marketing Graph for a client. From this report you can able to know about my social media road map.