“Blood of Kings” – the Classic Maya

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					                          “Blood of Kings” – the Classic Maya

This film focuses on the excavation of two cities at their peak during the period of the
Classic Maya: Tikal (Guatemala) and Palenque (Mexico). Also mentions Copán

What contributions (for better or worse) did the following people make to Western
knowledge the Maya:

American John Lloyd Stephens and British artist Frederick Catherwood (1839):

Alberto Ruz (excavations of Palenque in the 1950s):

Fray Diego de Landa (1562):

J. Eric Thompson (British-born Mayanist):

Giles Healy (1946):

Russian epigrapher Yuri Knorosov (1952) and Harvard Mayanist Tatiana Proskouriakoff

1. Contrast the initial and popularized view of the Maya with more recent
   interpretations. How has our understanding of the Classic Maya changed?

2. What are some of the mysteries or questions surrounding the Classic Maya?

3. What does the film present as some of the positive/ impressive aspects of Classic
   Maya civilization?

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