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					History File Index
Salt Lakes – Northern           LC994.29 JOH chapter 26 – “Out at the Salt Lakes”.
Shipping Industry – Northern    See Civil Drawer No.4 – 150 years 1sr ship etc.
Shoal Bay                       Refer “Place Names of Litchfield Shire” V.File.
Shultz, Charlie                 1. Recording Territory Roots, Northern Territory News
Skewes, Helen                   1. Death Notices, Northern Territory News 14/6/02. pg
                                2. Death Notices, Northern Territory News 14/6/02. pg
                                3. Litchfield farewells matriarch, Helen Skewes,
                                Northern Territory News 14/6/02.
                                4. Death Notice – Halkitis Bros, Northern Territory
                                News 15/6/02 pg 32.
                                5. An era farewelled along with Helen and husband
                                Neville, Northern Territory News 16/6/02.
                                6. Death Notices, Northern Territory News 12/6/02 pg
                                29 & 30.
Skewes, Nellie                  1. Photocopy – Land Grant Certificate.
                                Copy of transfer section of transfer to Neville Skewes
                                then to Nellie, 15/3/77, Lot 4, Section 475 Hundred of
                                Strangeways, Humpty Doo Road, near Darwin
                                Northern Territory Shop Proprietor.
Soil Conservation               1. Soil conservation for rural & urban block holders in
                                the Northern Territory.
Solar Village                   1. Life in Top End solar village 2/6/87.
                                2. 1st Report Environment Council Northern Territory.
                                3. 2nd and Final Report Environment Council Northern
                                Refer to book 621.47 ENVI Solar Village Darwin Region
                                Proposal 2nd Report.
Southport                       1. Maps of Township of Southport T/BK/1/14 Lots 280,
                                285, 286, 297, 299, 307, 328, locality on East Bank,
                                South Arm at Junction of River Darwin. 1/12, 13, 14.
                                2. Map of Lot 370 Subdivision of Lots 95 Townsite of
                                Southport, Kersley Street.
                                Refer “Place Names of Litchfield Shire” V.File.
                                3. Map of Township of Southport on the Blackmore
                                Hundred of Cavenagh 18m S.S.E. of Fort Port Cherry
                                Street, Mira Square, South Terrace, Park Lands.
                                4. Map of Southport Town Realignment Survey 81/160.
                                Darwin/Blackmore River Scale 2037 June 1887.
                                5. Map Microfilmed 21/8/85 Lots 350-359 & 363-366
                                6. Map Sect D-D Elevation of North Face, Abattoir –
                                plans elevations & Sections.
                                7. Map Diagram No. 324 20/3/51, E. Yates Location
                                No.1142 Hd of Bagot.

                        8. Map (copy) Southport, Cherry, Barrow, South
                        Terrace lots.
                        9. Southport – Brief History.
                        10. Southport 1869 – The Beginning.
                        11. Southport Port Darwin Camp Cemetery from Vera
                        O‟Brien Northern Territory Cemetary Book No.1.
                        12. Diary of a visit to the Northern Territory 1872 -1873
                        by Hugh May, presented to Taminmin Community
                        Library by Ron & Margaret Bell – Southports 125th
                        Birthday 12/8/95.
                        13. Southport was quite a busy little town from Peter
                        Gumley at Telecom No.27 Page 12, had 2 stores, 2
                        pubs, Blacksmith & Saddlers Shops, Never-Never
                        Telegraphist Part 2, Mr Dodd‟s phony insulators some
                        past & present Southport Title Holders from 1870‟s,
                        deaths at Southport from 1873, 1886 Gateway to the
                        LC711.40994 DAR “Southport”.
                        14. Extract from Northern Territory Times & Gazette,
                        November 14, 1873, Southport x 2.
                        15. Extract from Northern Territory Times & Gazette,
                        5/12/1873, Vol.1 No.5 classifieds, includes Joseph
                        Skelton‟s Store at Southport & Royal Hotel Southport.
                        16. 1885 - 1 Hotel, 3 stores, Adocks, Jollys, Allens.
                        Southport was abandoned and river traffic ceased
                        after the building of the Darwin to Pine Creek Railway
                        in 1889.
                        17. Deaths at Southport, 19 of 1873 to 35 of 1880.
                        18. Livestock were swum ashore, Southport had
                        proximity to Hinterland.
                        19. Southport – gateway to Pine Creek Goldfields 1869
                        – 1889. Book by T.I. Gamon & M. J. Walsh Q994.295
                        GAM only copy at NACL.
                        20. Newsletter August 1976 of the Historical Society of
                        Northern Territory Darwin Branch, (Southport journey
                        Inland arrival at Yam Creek.
                        21. Exercise Book – Southport, Material Sources,
                        Postal History, Northern Territory Gazette Licences
                        18/3/182 for hotel etc opens on 15/12/1873 to
                        See Litchfield Times Vol.18 No.42 pg 5 re: Southport
                        hopes for Heritage Park: The Southport Progress
                        Association is lobbying the Government 23/10/02.
                        Southport Fruit Farm – refer Clubs/Associations
                        V.History file.
                        LCJ994.29 PAR “That‟s Our Territory” pg 47 Southport
                        See Litchfield Times Vol.17 No.18 2/5/01 pg 8 re:
                        LC919.429 SOW “The Northern Territory As It Is” pgs

                                24-28, 79, 95 & 121.
                                Lots 336 and 337 Southport (from Duminski 22/9/02).
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.11 No.16 24/8/95 pg 14 re:
                                Great 125th Birthday for Southport.
Sport                           1. Four more Northern Territory youngsters headed for
                                the big league, Northern Territory News 22/10/91.
                                2. Northern Territory pair flies high, Northern Territory
                                News 10/8/91.
                                3. Fishing feast, Northern Territory News 21/10/91.
                                4. Darwin Districts Cricket Junior Presentation 21/9/01.
                                U13, 15 & 17.
                                5. See Litchfield Times Vol.17 No.50 12/12/01. pg 24 re:
                                Local Cricketers shine at under 19‟s. Southern
                                District‟s Ken Skewes and Northern Territory Institute
                                of Sport Martin Brown.
                                6.Northern Territory gran in games side, a Territory
                                lawn bowler, Northern Territory News 27/3/02.
                                Refer Litchfield Times page 3 re: Combined Scout
                                AGM – Humpty Doo & Howard Springs Vol.18 No.16
                                Refer Litchfield Times Vol.18 No.20 page 16 re: „Full
                                Boar‟ takes out World Title – Aaron Corden is the new
                                Amateur World Light Middleweight ISKA (International
                                Sport Kickboxing Association) v Canadian Justin
                                Parsons at Howard Springs Tavern.
                                Refer 1983 Bound Copy of Humpty Doo & Rural Area
                                Times 20/10/83 front page re: Young footy players for
                                Berry Springs with Peter Knights coaching clinic and
                                page 16 & 17.
                                See 1984 Humpty Doo & Rural Area Times Vol.2 No.7
                                pg 12 re: Rural Little Athletics Club held its 1st meeting
                                for the season.
                                7. Territory girls get together in camp (U16 Netball),
                                Northern Territory News 13/8/02.
                                8. Gloves on at Batchelor, Northern Territory News
                                9. Attenborough in race for sprint double, Northern
                                Territory News 26/3/00.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.17 pg 16 re: Gold for
                                Humpty Doo‟s Wandering Archers 30/4/03.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.21 pg 20 re: The
                                Litchfield Bears newly formed cheer squad – The
                                Bearettes made their cheer – leading debut.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.22 pg 20 re: Deacon
                                Trophy Clash between cricket rivals.
Stockman/Drovers/Early          Refer Northern Territory history vertical file pg 7 1904.
Settlers                        re: Kidman, Jumbo Smith, Charlie Phillott, Jack Dick
                                Skuthorpe, Blake Miller and page 30 1923 epic.
                                Family journey Chalmers settleon the plenty and page
                                31 1924 Farmer‟s hard life, peanuts. Charlie Dargie &

                                  Squizzy Taylor.
                                  Refer civil vertical file.
                                  Also refer to “Women of the Territory” History File.
Stock Routes – Northern           Refer drawer 4 Civil File – “Heritage Map Northern
Territory                         Territory”.
Strangeways                       1. Copy from representative men of South Australia by
                                  George E Loyau – Strangeways, Hon B.T. (short
Strider                           1. Letter to Regional Development Taskforce re:
                                  Employment of Taskforce Inquiry 29/8/93.
                                  2. I first contested a general election re: House of
                                  3. Call fro submissions Regional Development Task
                                  4. Speech re: Woodchip Export Licences and the
                                  logging of previously unlogged forest areas (ie the so-
                                  called (“Old Growth Forests”) December 1994.
                                  5. Strider‟s Almanae, Sunday 1/9/02 recording
                                  6. Strider‟s Almanae, Spring Eve 2002, Solar Festivals.
                                  7. Strider‟s Almanae, Tuesday 3/9/02, barking owls,
                                  8. Strider‟s Almanae, Wednesday 5/9/02, Bar-
                                  shouldered doves calling.
                                  9. Strider‟s Almanae, Thursday 6/9/02, Barking owl call
                                  10. Strider‟s Almanae, Saturday 7/9/02, New Years Day
                                  in the Jewish calendar.
                                  11. Strider‟s Almanae, Sunday 8/9/02, Faintest N.W.
                                  seabreeze began at 0857.
                                  12. Strider‟s Almanae, Wednesday 11/9/02, Local
                                  sunrise time (in Darwin 0644).
                                  13. Strider‟s Almanae, Wednesday 11/9/02, Local
                                  sunrise time ( in Darwin 0644).
                                  14. Strider‟s Almanae, Saturday 14/9/02, Awoke at 0712
                                  to a humid calm morning.
                                  15. Strider‟s Almanae, Friday 20/9/02, Up at 0122 tem
                                  inversion In valley.
                                  16. Strider‟s Almanae Tuesday 24/9/02 Guttation on
                                  giant bamboo at morning star.
                                  17. Strider‟s Almanae Thursday 26/902, Woken by a
                                  sulphur crested cockatoo.
                                  18. Strider‟s Almanae Saturday 28/9/02, Some cloud
                                  and possibly overcast periods at night.
                                  19. Strider‟s Almanae Monday 30/9/02, Rainfell this
                                  morning in 2 showers.
                                  20. Strider‟s Almanae Tuesday 1/10/02, The night
                                  (overnight 30/9 – 1/10).
                                  21. Strider‟s Almanae, Natural history observations
                                  and Land Care technical notes Vol.2 No.1 Spring &

                              Summer 2002-2003 September 2000 (Draft front cover).
                              22. Strider‟s Almanae, Friday 4/10/02 051002; 0849.
                              23. Strider‟s Almanae, Monday 7/10/02 081002; 0812.
                              24. Strider‟s Almanae, Thursday 10/10/02 111002;
                              25. Strider‟s Almanae, Friday 11/10/02 121002;1609 –
                              No need for a blanket.
                              26. Strider‟s Almanae, Thursday 17/10/02 Cosmic data
                              for today, sunrise 0620.
                              27. Strider‟s Almanae, Saturday 19/10/02 The singing
                              of the birds full on at 0550.
                              28. Strider‟s Almanae, Tuesday 22/10/02 I began the
                              day at Leanyer about 0900.
                              29. Strider‟s Almanae, Saturday 26/10/02 It was a warm
                              30. Strider‟s Almanae, Wednesday 30/10/02 “I woke at
                              31. Stider‟s Almanae, Wednesday 20/11/02 “Full moon
                              0004 CST”.
                              32. Strider‟s Almanae, Saturday 23/11/02 “The Cool
                              Rainy Episode”.
                              33. Strider‟s Almanae, Tuesday 26/11/02 “The Cosmic
                              data for today was”.
                              34. Strider‟s Almanae, Thursday 28/11/02 At 0443.
                              35. Strider‟s Almanae, Saturday 30/11/02 (cont.) spots
                              of rain began.
                              36. Strider‟s Almanae, Tuesday 3/12/02 “I got up at
                              0734 at the Butterfly House”.
                              37. Strider‟s Almanae, Wednesday 4/12/02 “Woke at
                              the Butterfly House”.
                              38. Strider‟s Almanae, Thursday 5/12/02 “When I got
                              up at 0836”.
                              39. Strider‟s Almanae, Tuesday 5/11/02 “At about
                              40. Strider‟s Almanae, Saturday 7/12/02 “I woke up at
                              the Butterfly House at 0800”.
                              41. Strider‟s Almanae, Tuesday 10/12/02 “I slept in
                              42. Strider‟s Almanae, Saturday 28/12/02 “I pulled the
                              blanket over at dawn”.
                              43. Strider‟s Almanae, Monday 30/12/02 “The Cosmic
                              Data for Today”.
                              44. Strider‟s Almanae, Wednesday 1/1/03 “I celebrated
                              the New Year Festival at Lakewood”.
                              See Litchfield Times Bound 1987 Vol.3 No.4 pg 6 re:
                              An explanation to contest the seat of Fannie Bay.
                              Refer Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.22 pg 2 re: Local
                              response on timber strategy by local naturalist
Taminmin Community            1. Location/Brief History/Services.

Library (T.C.L.)
                                 2. Booklet – Holiday Activities just for the children.
                                 3. Selection/Acquisition Policy for Arnhem Collection.
                                 4. Your Shire Report Taminmin Library.
                                 5. T.C.L. Holiday Programmes 5 year olds 12/12/91.
                                 6. Friends of T.C.L., Northern Territory News 7/4/93.
                                 7. T.C.L. Student Handbook 1993 x 2.
                                 8. T.C.L. 10th Birthday celebrations a big hit.
                                 9. T.C.L. Student Handbook 1993 x 4.
                                 10. T.C.L. Litchfield Collection “HELP” fill in gaps
                                 11. Santa comes to Taminmin Library.
                                 12. Holiday activities at Taminmin.
                                 13. The history of Taminmin Community Library 1983 –
                                 1999 x 6.
                                 14. Taminmin Library : A service of value to the rural
                                 15. Local children get into reading at their local library
                                 3/1/2001, Litchfield Times.
                                 16. Library staff Christmas party, Year 2000.
                                 17. Holiday Programme a HIT, Litchfield Times
                                 October, 2000.
                                 18. The official launch of “Preserving Our Past”
                                 Accept‟ce/Apols 1999.
                                 19. Use of library memo to all staff 25/3/96.
                                 20. Mac School Library Reference Manual Incomplete
                                 Copy – REF ONLY 19/6/92.
                                 21. Advertisement from Litchfield Times – “Taminmin
                                 Library proudly supports the Litchfield Shire‟s
                                 “Centenary Ball‟ to be held on 12/5/2001. 23/4/2001.
                                 22.Taminmin Community Library Litchfield Collection
                                 “HELP” us fill the gaps.
                                 23. Graduation ceremony for Dianna Wilcox, 24/5/01 x
                                 4 & Academic Record.
                                 24. Invitation from Darwin Mayor to Robin Hempel re:
                                 Celebration of the 10th Birthday of Karama Public
                                 Library 10/4/01.
                                 25. Refer Litchfield Times Vol.18 No.20 pg 4 re: Early
                                 Learning at Taminmin Library 15/5/02.
                                 26.History of Sally Howarth, commenced work at
                                 Taminmin Community Library when first opened its
                                 doors on 21/3/1983.
                                 27. Farewell card from Narelle.
                                 28. Library notes for Week 25-30/6/2001 by Robin
                                 29. Arnhem History, The Arnhem Collection is housed
                                 at Taminmin High School, Northern Territory News
                                 30. Playgroup month in May events, Playgroup
                                 Association, Northern Territory 3/5/01.

                        31. T.C.L. – Welcome Leaflet/Information etc.
                        32. T.C.L. Farm Visit 7/8/01.
                        33. Welcome Robin “She‟s all yours” enjoy.
                        34. Letter and Invoice to Robin Hempel from Helen
                        Pattinson re: Artist Fees & Material Costs for Mural in
                        Taminmin Community Library Childrens‟ Area, 26/7/01.
                        35. Letter to Taminmin Community Library re: Written
                        Agreement between Robin Hempel, Taminmin
                        Community Library Manager & Helen Pattinson, Fine
                        Artist, re: Start & Completion of Mural, Children‟s Area
                        36. T.C.L. Presents Pets on Parade Tuesday 2/10/01 x
                        12 copies.
                        37. T.C.L. Simply The Best presentation highlights the
                        vision & quality of the Library & Info services
                        Taminmin offers, dedicated to our Director, Lea Giles-
                        Peters, 4/10/01.
                        38. Rubber, fur & feathers – Pets on Parade, Litchfield
                        Times 10/10/01.
                        39. Letter from Anne-Marie Marias to Head Librarian
                        re: Computer Matters, 2/10/01.
                        40. Pets welcomed in Library – Pets on Parade photo‟s
                        of Jarrad Crooke & David Laughton, Northern Territory
                        News 10/10/01.
                        41. Library & Information Workers ALIANT Invites you
                        to a tour of Tamimin Community Library 17/10/01.
                        42. Library notes for 3/9/01 re: Growing Your Own
                        Food Tropical Style, Leonie Norrington‟s recently
                        published book: Tropical Food Gardens: A Guide to
                        Growing Herbs & Vegetables in Tropical & Sub-
                        Tropical Climates.
                        43. 1996/97 Budget: Taminmin Community Library
                        44. Taminmin Community Library & Friends of
                        Taminmin Library Appreciation Awards to NT Grain,
                        Birds of Paradise, Tasty Change, Palmerston Pet
                        Supplies, Top Video & The Litchfield Times, for their
                        support for the 2001 Pet Parade.
                        45. Copy of Xmas in Taminmin Community Library –
                        46. Library Floor Plan.
                        47. Labour Government attacks Taminmin Community
                        Library, Litchfield Times 19/12/01.
                        48. Taminmin Library ute & staff cuts, Litchfield Times
                        49. Taminmin Community Library Holiday Activity
                        Programme, January 2002.
                        50. Taminmin Community Library ute & staff cuts,
                        Northern Territory News 19/12/01.
                        51. Northern Territory Holiday Reading Club Taminmin

                        Community Library 16/12/2000 x 2. (fliers).
                        52. Postcard from Robin in Adelaide for the Library
                        53. Postcard from Lilian in Cairns to renew her loan for
                        books (Lilian Richardson).
                        54. Colour photo of Pre 1995 Library Staff.
                        55. Postcard from Peter & Paul to T.C.L. staff from
                        Fitzroy Crossing, Geike Gorge.
                        56. Postcard from Pete from Port Lincoln, South
                        Australia to Sally, Jan & Cindy 31/12/93.
                        57. Postcard from Sue to T.C.L. from Queensland
                        58. Letter to Robin from G. Deva PO Box 1134 Humpty
                        Doo 21/5 re: Lost book.
                        59. Postcard from Ann on holiday in Western Australia
                        (Hand delivered).
                        60. T.C.L. turns 10 years old on March 21, opened
                        21/3/83, Litchfield Times 11/3/93.
                        61. Dianne K. Wilcox – Copy of Diploma in Library &
                        Information Studies 4/5/01.
                        62. Palmerston Shopping Centre 2000 Special
                        Children‟s Xmas Party Certificate to Taminmin
                        Community Library.
                        63. Xmas card from the Northern Territory Library.
                        64. Postcard from Eleanor to Robin & girls from Red
                        Bay & Cushendall 22/9/00.
                        65. Special Children‟s Xmas Party, Palmerston
                        Shopping Centre Client Pass, 2001.
                        66. Postcard from Robin & Ray on holidays in
                        Queensland 8/3/98.
                        67. Postcard from Sue on holidays in Brisbane‟s South
                        Bank 3/7/97.
                        68. Postcard from Lilian Richardson, extend books,
                        from Gold Coast.
                        69. T.C.L. Summary of services since opening
                        including usage statistics.
                        70. Postcard from Jeff from Burswood Casino, Perth,
                        Western Australia 11/1/94.
                        71. Postcard from Robin Hempel from part of Main
                        Road Ballarat, Victoria 17/10 (from Sydney).
                        72. Postcard from Pete & Mandy on holiday in
                        73. See Litchfield Times Vol.18 No.43 pg 7 re: Local
                        Library launch for Leonie Norrington – Author of “The
                        Burrumbi Kids”.
                        74. Postcard to staff from Robin in Melbourne &
                        Kangaroo Island.
                        75. Postcard from Jeff on a break in Western Australia.
                        76. Certificate of Merit to T.C.L. re: Special Children‟s
                        Xmas Party 10/12/01 (laminated).

                        77. Library top place for holidays for littlies & for all –
                        has an exciting programme of events during school
                        holidays, Litchfield Times 27/6/96.
                        78. Xmas card from James.
                        79. Postcard to Robin from Rita Clause from Gold
                        Coast 20/1/02.
                        Refer bound copy of “The Humpty Doo & Rural Area
                        Times, Vol.1 No.1-7, 1983 re: page 12; “Top Marks for
                        Taminmin on Opening Day”.
                        See Litchfield Times Vol.13 No.25 pg 7 re: “Shire Says
                        NO To Library”, 26/6/97.
                        80. New staff at Taminmin Library, pg 34 Robin, Sue D
                        & S. Howarth.
                        81. T.C.L. Staff Meeting 29/8/02, Liz Short, Judith
                        82. Welcome to T.C.L. Info Leaflet.
                        83. Shire says no to Library (re: operation of),
                        Litchfield Times 26/6/97.
                        84. T.C.L. School Holiday Programme 9-12 April 2001.
                        85. Vet in schools – In appreciation of T.C.L.‟s Support
                        of Vet in schools in 2000.
                        86. T.C.L. Staff Meeting minutes Wednesday 30/10/02.
                        87. 4 copies of background on name Taminmin,
                        Litchfield Times 11/6/87.
                        88. Taminmin Library ute & staff cuts, Litchfield Times
                        89. Labour Government attacks Taminmin Community
                        Library by P. Maley, Litchfield Times 2/1/02 pg 7.
                        90. 4.5 Teachers short, Northern Territory News (Mr
                        Stirling) recruitment drive.
                        91. Letter to Gerry Wood MLA from J. Ah Kit 17/12/01
                        re: Question re: Vehicle used by staff at Taminmin
                        Community Library re: vehicle lease.
                        92. Letter to Gerry Wood MLA from Minister for Local
                        Government re: His correspondence to the Chief
                        Minister of 18/12/01 re: reduction of staff hours at
                        Taminmin Community Library 14/1/02.
                        93. Taminmin Community Library Holiday Programme
                        January 2002.
                        94. Question Taminmin High School/Taminmin
                        Community Library – library vehicle uncorrected proof
                        from Gerry Wood to Minister for Community
                        Development 21/5/02.
                        Refer WWII V.History file item 6 re: Library to host
                        battle exhibition.
                        See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.21 re: Big morning teas
                        abound” 28/5/03.
                        95. Letter to Nell Irwin from Librarian in charge re:
                        Request for Library shelving Taminmin Community
                        Library 7/2/85.

                               96. Minute to all staff from Ron Davis re: Transfer of
                               assets 20/8/84.
                               97. Minute to Librarian in charge from Chris Mc Mah
                               re: List of Assets 20/8/84.
                               See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.18 pg 3 re: Library &
                               Info Week 12-18 May 2003 (activities).
                               See Litchfield TimesVol.19 No.22 pg 5 re: Taminmin
                               Community Library Short Story Competition Winners
                               See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.23 re: Taminmin High
                               School‟s visit by Author Morris Gleitzman.
Taminmin High School (THS)     1. Taminmin High School Athletics Day 1991
                               Programme August 1991.
                               2. Programme of Farm Comples Official Opening.
                               3. Taminmin High School Presentation Day
                               Programme 1989.
                               4. Taminmin Open – The Humpty Doo and Rural Area
                               Times Vol.1 No.2 Thursday 6th October 1983.
                               5. Copies of students entries for competition PACIFIC
                               SCHOOL GAMES MASCOT.
                               6. And Beyond – YOTHU YINDI, Northern Territory
                               News May 1991.
                               7. Bringing cultures together – Yothu Yindi, Litchfield
                               Times May 9th 1991.
                               8. Programme for 1991. N.A.I.D.O.C. Week at Taminmin
                               – Illustration by G. Yunupingu.
                               9. Floor Plan of Taminmin.
                               10. Students do proud, Litchfield Times March 15
                               11. In every child, a piece of brillance, Northern
                               Territory News 20/5/89.
                               12. Fred‟s Pass Show entries June 1989.
                               13. Landcare awards (Elliott children Humpty Doo
                               Primary School).
                               14. Taminmin High School Enrollments for Years
                               15. Taminmin High School visit by Marshall Perron.
                               16. Annual meeting of COGSO 14/4/92.
                               17. Blue Light Disco, Northern Territory News 14/4/92.
                               18. Taminmin High School Parent/Teacher Night
                               Refer “Place Names of Litchfield Shire” V.File.
                               19. Taminmin High School Parent/Teacher Night.
                               20. Taminmin High School Tailors Education For Rural
                               21. 1992 Eisteddford.
                               22. Judith Thompson.
                               23. Bi-Centennial Bash at Taminmin High School.
                               24. Background on name Taminmin. (11/6/87).
                               25. Back to basics at Taminmin High School/ )8/10/82).

                        26. Recommendation on name for Humpty Doo Rural
                        Area High School.
                        27. Taminmin High School was opened in January
                        LC630.7 REG “Taminmin Agriculture Project June
                        28. Taminmin High School 1991 (Photo).
                        29. Taminmin High School Tennis Courts 11/5/93
                        (Northern Territory News).
                        30. Taminmin High School Parent/Teacher Evening
                        20/5 Northern Territory News 13/5/93.
                        31. Taminmin High School Debutante (Northern
                        Territory News 13/5/93).
                        32. Peter scores an Northern Territory first.
                        33. Taminmin High School Pupil free day.
                        34. Taminmin High School Quiz Night 19/3, Deb Ball
                        35. Tennis lessons have restarted at Taminmin High
                        36. 1993 Marks Taminmin High School‟s 10th Birthday.
                        37. Taminmin High School Council Thanks Sponsors
                        For Donations.
                        38. Taminmin High School Will Be Hosting Its
                        Debutante Ball May 22.
                        39. Students In Court Battles.
                        40. Taminmin High School Will Hold A Combined Blue
                        Light Disco.
                        41. Taminmin High School Experienced A Year Of
                        Growth & Development 1993.
                        42. Taminmin High School Principal Steve Sjoberg.
                        43. Taminmin High School Marked Its 10th Anniversary.
                        44. Draft Plans Underway For COGSO Annual Meeting
                        At Taminmin High School.
                        45. Taminmin High School Engineering Class Girl
                        46. Kids Caught In Drug Raid 3/4/94 (Northern Territory
                        47. Officer Pushes Kids To Say No To Drugs 10/4/94.
                        48. Girls Achieve At Taminmin, 19/4/94.
                        49. Girls At Taminmin High School In A Wide Range Of
                        Sporting Activities (abseiling) 21/4/94.
                        50. Driver & Taminmin High School Receive Career
                        Counsellor 26/4/94.
                        51. Palmerston YMCA „Monnies” Disco P/U, D/Off
                        Taminmin High School.
                        52. Taminmin High School Presentation Day.
                        53. Taminmin High School Swimming Carnival,
                        February 18, Litchfield Times 3/3/94.
                        54. Taminmin High School ASSPA Committee Annual
                        Meeting, Litchfield Times 8/3/94.

                        55. Parent Members 1994 School Council & Tickets
                        Annual Deb Ball 7/5/
                        56. Parent Members 1994 School Council & Tickets
                        Ann Deb Ball 7/5.
                        57. The 1994 Taminmin Deb Ball.
                        58. Next Term At Taminmin High School.
                        59. Taminmin High School Newsletter.
                        60. 1993 Taminmin Debutante Ball 22 May.
                        61. School Community Management Policy Taminmin
                        High School 1997.
                        62. Taminmin High School Timetable Structure 1995.
                        63. 1993 Evaluation Report School/Community Liaison
                        Project Taminmin High School.
                        64. Tower of Hanoi Extended Maths Task by Elaine
                        65. Taminmin High School Celebrate International
                        Teachers Day 27/10/2000.
                        66. Taminmin High 2000 (on display) x 5.
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                        68. Student & Parent Information Evening 11th June.
                        69. 2000 MS Read-a-thon Certificate Of Appreciation.
                        70. Taminmin High School 1996 Presentation Day
                        See Humpty Doo & Rural Area Times 1984 Vol.2 No.17
                        pg 7 re: Blue Light Disco 1st Birthday.
                        71. Prospectus Taminmin High School 1997 x 2.
                        72. Taminmin High School Teacher Handbook (No
                        73. Taminmin High School Teacher Handbook
                        Taminmin High School 1995.
                        74. Taminmin High School Evening & Saturday
                        75. Canine Expo Quiz Night Taminmin High School
                        Gym 29/5/99.
                        77. Taminmin High School Staff Information Sheet.
                        78. Homerooms – 1995.
                        79. Taminmin High School Timetable Structure 1995.
                        80. Day 1 1995 8.30 – Assembly Welcome By Principal.
                        81. 30 January 1995 – Happy Day Program. (Steve
                        82. Taminmin High School Newsletter Vol.1 No.2 2001
                        – Laminated x 1 copy.
                        83. Taminmin High Presents The Quiz Night That
                        Rocks 14/9/01 x 2.
                        84. High Achievers Years 8-12 Semester 1, 2001.
                        85. To All Taminmin High School Students Homeroom
                        8.1‟s Exhibition, “A Walk Through History: A History
                        Of The World In One Room” flier Thursday 21/6/01.
                        Taminmin High School Young Australian Of The Year
                        Awards 01-02 K. Stewes, C. Green, A.J. Hageman (on

                        display blackbox – Civil).
                        87. Dear Teachers & Staff – Invitation to “A Night Of
                        Bewitchment 2/11/01.
                        88. To Taminmin High School In Appreciation Of
                        Support, Girl Guides Australia 19-21/8/1994.
                        89. Watering – always turn taps on (laminated).
                        90. Map of existing and proposed irrigation, pathways,
                        plant varieties, article from Wanatca Yearbook 1993.
                        91. Ann Treloar and partner invitation to Taminmin
                        High School Admin/School Staff Xmas Dinner
                        92. Taminmin opened in 1983 with Years 8&9, Northern
                        Territory News 11/1/2000.
                        93. Taminmin High School Newsletter Vol.1 No.3 3 + 3
                        See Litchfield Times Vol.17 No.49 pg 10 re: Taminmin
                        High School Students Year 12 Graduation 5/12/01.
                        See Litchfield Times Vol.17 No.50 pgs 8 & 9 re:
                        Taminmin Awards Night Gallery 12/12/01.
                        94. Taminmin High School Council Inc. Minutes of
                        Meeting 8/11/01.
                        95. Taminmin High School 2002 Staff Photograph (on
                        96. Taminmin High School Sports Day Programme
                        Taminmin High School Year Books 1984, 1985, 1986,
                        1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 x
                        2, 2000, 2001 (in box b/shelf window).
                        See Litchfield Times Vol.18 No.35 28/8/02 pg 2
                        Taminmin finalist in National Landcare Awards 2002.
                        See Litchfield Times Vol.18 No.35 28/8/02 pg 7 re:
                        Sports Day & pg 6.
                        See Litchfield Times Vol.18 No.36 4/9/02 Taminmin
                        wins Northern Territory Literacy & Numeracy
                        Excellence Award. Award carries $10,000.
                        Refer Litchfield Times Vol.9 No.7 22/4/93 re:New
                        Assistant Principal Denise Wilcowski.
                        Refer Litchfield Times Vol.18 No.41 16/10/02
                        re:$393,000 Skills Centre opens at Taminmin –
                        Automotive & Engineering Skills Centre.
                        Refer Litchfield Times pgs 8-9 Vol.18 No.47 27/11/02
                        re: Taminmin Graduation Night for 2002 Year 12
                        97. 2002 Debutante Ball 10/8/02 Info Leaflet.
                        98. Memo from M. McDonald 13/5/02 re: Enrolment
                        Evening For Parents (Year 8‟s).
                        99. Taminmin High School A.G.M. Meeting 4/3/97.
                        See Litchfield Times bound 1987 Vol.3 No.4 pg 6 re:
                        Inaug Taminmin Community Police Scholarships –
                        Scholarship Presentations.

                                See 1987 Bound Litchfield Times Vol.3 No.9 pg 8 “Our
                                School” by Peter Ivinson.
                                100. Darwin Rural Area Enrichment Centre booklet re:
                                “A Joint Project Of The Northern Territory Department
                                of Eduction, Taminmin High School, Humpty Doo,
                                Howard Springs, Berry Springs and Middle Point
                                Schools Since its opening in April 1992 (copy of) See
                                LC371.956 DAR).
                                101. See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.13 pg 11 re: “Safe
                                Partying & Youth Week”.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.14 pg 9 re: Taminmin
                                News, includes exchange student from Turkey.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.14 pg 2 re: “Taminmin
                                Produces Video for Teen & pg 9 re: “Not Just Pretty
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.17 pg 7 re: “Which
                                Party” – student film looks at options, the official
                                launch hosted by Leslie Taylor.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.18 pg 7 re: Leading
                                The Way In Vet Eduction”.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.19 pg 3 re:Show Poster
                                A Winner (Zoe Smith).
                                See Litchfield TimesVol.16 No.35 pg 22 re: Taminmin
                                News – Helicopter Recruiting 30/8/00 also see
                                Yearbook 2000 Annual Athletics Carnival.
                                Japanese visit 2001-10-26-See 2001 Yearbook.
                                Also refer to Taminmin Filing Cabinet Drawer 2 re:
                                “Fred‟s Pass Show”.

                                Refer Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.21 pg 9 re: “Taminmin
                                News – Palmerston Superschool”.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.23 pg 2 re: Author
                                Morris Gleitzmans visit, and page 4 re: Taminmin
                                News; Business Meeting, Mind Matters, Hangi.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.22 re: Taminmin News
                                Including Education review at Palmerston, results &
                                photos of Taminmin High School at 25th Freds Pass
Taminmin High School Logo       1. Original Submission for Taminmin High School
                                Logo 1983/84.
                                2. Collector Edition Taminmin 1984 x 2.
                                3. Happy New Year Logos x 2.
                                4. Taminmin High School Senior Students Handbook
                                Covers (back front).
                                5. Taminmin (back & front).
                                6. Staff Members/Choice/Staff Number & designs.
Territory Wildlife Park         See Litchfield Times Vol.18 No.4 re: Learning Is Fun At
                                The Wildlife Park Holiday Programme, pg 1 23/1/02.
                                1. A Thorny Little Devil – Discovery At Howard
                                Springs, Northern Territory News 15/9/01.

                                2. Territory Wildlife Park, Berry Springs Information
                                3. Park Proves Popular 3/10/91.
                                4. Government Seeks Money From Parks, Northern
                                Territory News 11/1/92.
                                5. Graceful Ray For Park, Northern Territory News
                                6. Day As A Keeper, Northern Territory News 24/1/92.
                                7. World First For Territory Wildlife Breeders Of
                                Chameleon, Northern Territory News 27/3/02.
                                8. Territory Wildlife Park Leaflet On Daily Features &
                                Major Attractions December 31/93.
                                9. Letter to Manager Taminmin Community Library
                                from Territory Wildlife Park re: Provisons Of Books
                                For Our Vacation Care 6/11/01.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.11 No.20 19/10/95 pg 16 re:
                                Quiet Birthday (6th for wildlife park).
Test Farms – Northern           LC630.994295 TES “Test Farms Sub-Coastal Plains
Territory                       Northern Territory re: 3 Farms Available For Leasing In
                                Perpetuity. The Farms Are At Humpty Doo, each farm
                                has a frontage to the Adelaide River: mixed farming &
Tipperary Station               1. Copy of Photograph 1947 with names E. Sullivan,
                                Queenie Mrs Rae etc x 3.
Tourism – Northern Territory    1. Australia‟s Northern Territory, The Top End Holiday
                                Guide 1993/94, with Daryl Somers “You‟ll Never Never
                                2. The Top End Visitors Guide, Northern Territory
                                News 26/3/01.
                                3. The Top End Visitors Guide, Northern Territory
                                News July 2002.
                                4. Where Are They Now? Resorts, Lodges, Cent.
                                College, Northern Territory News 16/6/02.
                                LC919.4295 “ Your Guide To Darwin & The Top End by
                                E. Wagnon.
Tumbling Waters                 Refer “Place Names Of Litchfield Shire” V.File.
Uranium                         LC622.18493 ANN – Called “The Uranium Hunters, by
                                Ross Annabell.
                                LC307.766 LEA – Called Yellowcake & Crocodiles,
                                town planning government & society in Northern
                                Territory by John Lea & Robert Zehner, page 33
                                “Uranium Discoveries & Development Choices”.
                                Refer Northern Territory History File Item 34 Booklet
                                pg 34 re: Uranium Crystals.
Vesteys Meatworks               Refer Northern Territory History V.File Item 15 pg 20
                                1914, Meatworks opened in 1917, & pg 24 1918,
                                “Darwin Rebels, 1000 March In Protest.
Victoria River                  1. Victoria River Roundup, Electoral Newsletter,
                                Buntine Highway, Historic Handover – Daly River, Live
                                Cattle Exports, Bradshaw Station, Timber Creek Races

                                   1996, Newsletter.
                                   See Book 636.201 MAKI “The Story Of Victoria River
                                   Downs Station & 994.29 HIL.
Virginia                           1. Map Of Town Area.
                                   Refer “Place Names Of Litchfield Shire” V.File.
Visits To Nhulunbuy –              1. Ngalawurr Munnunggurr c/- Yirrkala Community.
Northern Territory
                              See photo album – “Robins visit to outback Aboriginal
                              Communities (on display).
Waler Barracks                Refer “Place Names of Litchfield Shire” V.File.
War-Boer                      Refer Book ANZACS, Australians at War on display).
Watling, Ted                  1. Photograph of Ted on Ride-on Lawn Mower.
                              2. Death notices, Northern Territory News 1/12/01.
                              3. Ode to Ted, Waldo and Sue from Humpty Doo,
Waterwise                     1. Water Resources Division update No.34 July 1996.
                              See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.19 re: Installation of
                              Public Water Supply Point.
Weddell                       Refer “Place Names of Litchfield Shire” V.File.
                              See Litchfield Times Vol.16 No.42 pg 3 re: “Do we
                              need a dam to create Weddell”.
Weeds                         1. Weeds on the block info leaflet (Bush eare).
Wildflowers – Northern        LC582.13 BRE, “Wildflowers of Kakadu, a guide to the
Territory                     wildflowers of Kakadu National Park and the Top End
                              of the Northern Territory by Kym Brennan.
Wildlife – Northern Territory LC 591.994 STR, “Wildlife of Tropical Australia by Col
                              1. Northern Territory Booklet/Paintings by Malcolm
                              Arnold 1986, forward by Ainslie Roberts.
Wishart Siding – Humpty Doo See 1989 Litchfield Times Vol.5 No.1-12 pg 9 re: The
                              Tea Room at Wishart Siding official opening
                              Siding/Railway Museum 28/1/1989.
                              1. Photograph Wishart Siding Historical Darwin
                              Excisions Feb 1989.
                              2. Workers train drops in, Janet Dickson receives a 31
                              tonne train, which will commemorate railway workers
                              during the battle of Australia, Northern Territory News
                              3. Host of attractions for day out, the historic Wishart
                              Siding, Northern Territory News 25/4/1992, (the
                              museum has heritage listing).
                              See Litchfield Times Vol.18 No.44 pg 4 6/11/2002 re:
                              The rail engine at Wishart Siding has been moved to
                              the Adelaide River Railway Museum.
Women Of The Northern         LC994.29008 JAM “No Man‟s Land”, by Barbara
Territory                     James.
                              1. Northern Territory Discovered – Women.
                              Refer Book “Untamed Territory” by Elsie Masson.
                              Mary Packard was the only woman in the official
                              photograph of the members of South Australia‟s 2nd

                                Expedition to Escape Cliffs.
                                LC919.429 DAL Digging, Squatting & Pioneering Life
                                in the Northern Territory of South Australia”, by Mrs
                                Dominic D. Daly.
                                Refer Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.7 pg 4 re: Beverly
                                Wilson, Rural Women‟s Award Winner.
                                LC B919.4295 LIT(DIC) “Jessie Litchfield – “Grand old
                                lady of the Territory by Janet Dickson.
                                2. Tribute to Northern Territory Women Poster/leaflet –
                                nominations for past/present.
                                Territory women for making a difference to our
                                economic, social, cultural life.
                                3. Our history “Territory Women”, Northern Territory
                                News 15/4/2003.
                                See Bulletin History File pg 22 30/3/1988 re: Noel
                                Padgham – Purich article.
                                4. Country girl (Esther Sargeant/Meaney) who cared
                                for others, Northern Territory News 13/5/2003.
                                5. Anna, undisputed queen of Territory: Anna Collins
                                & The enduring legacy of our queen Anna nee: Cubillo
                                & mother Lily Cubillo family history, Northern Territory
                                News 4 & 11 Feb 2003.
Woodside Reserve – Humpty       See Taminmin High Yearbook 2001.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.18 No.47 pg front – Taminmin
                                Reserve under threat.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.17 No.17 Taminmin‟s Living
                                LC630.7 REG The Taminmin Agriculture Programme
                                June 1988.
                                See Litchfield Times Vol.19 No.12 pg 3 re: Just keep
                                calm, Taminmin High Students.
                                See Rural Schools Community 1991 Report re: Howard
                                Springs School Farm Visit (on display).
Woodside Offshore               1. 2000 Annual Report A Year Of Outstanding
Petroleum Pty Ltd               Performance and Transformation, Woodside
                                Australian Energy.
                                2. Sunrise, an emerging energy resource.
                                3. Woodside Facts Sheets, Cossack Pioneer, Onshore
                                Gas Plant, North Rank in A, and Goodwyn A.
World War I 1914 -1918          Refer Book “ANZACS”, Australians at war.
                                1. The Dardanelles – Map of Gallipoli Strait from book
                                called, “Damn the Dardanelles! The boys who came
                                2. Hero‟s Land Stand, Gallipoli gives up Harold‟s
                                postcard, Northern Territory News 20/4/2002.
                                Refer Northern Territory History File Item 15 pg 22
                                1916, Northern Territory men into battle, Northern
                                Territory News, Roll of honour Pott killed, Captain C.F.
                                Yeadon of 22nd Battalion.

                                3. Last Gallipoli vet honoured – Alec Campbell,
                                Northern Territory News 24/2/2002.
World War II 1939 -1945         1. Copy of Official Surrender Document signed in
                                Tokyo Bay Japan 2/9/1945/
                                2. Copy of Instrument of Surrender 2/9/1945.
                                3. The Australian Railway Historical Society Train
                                Passing 8/1970.
                                4. Extracts from Diary Bombing 1st Raid on Darwin,
                                Diary extracts from February 19th 1942 – 29th &
                                December 1943, 1943 to last raid 12/1 (glass cabinet).
                                Also refer Civil File – 8th drawer, military sites,
                                shipping positions.
                                5. Howard Pearce 9/12/1985 No.2 re: Proposed park
                                contains 4 historical sites at relevant to military
                                activity in the Darwin region during WWII, Sawmill site,
                                Camp Liberton, Spitfire Aircraft Remnants
                                Government Shade Tally Point.
                                6. Library to host battle exhibition – Train at Darwin
                                River watering point Litchfield Times 18/6/1992.
                                Refer Litchfield Times Vol.18 No.44 re: Mystery
                                matchbox covers for sale – ANZAC commissioned.
                                7. Wartime images, down memory lane calendar,
                                Series 5 1992 (on display).
                                Refer Litchfield Times Vol.17 No.50 12/12/2001 pg 33
                                re: WWII Radar Station Site.
                                8. The Bombing of Darwin February 19, 1942 special
                                lift-out, Northern Territory News 19/2/2001.
                                9. Federation Frontline, A Snapshot of WWII in the
                                Northern Territory, Official Souvenir 1901-2001 by
                                Peter & Sheila Forrest x 2.
                                10. WWII Historical Trail 6, Coomalie to Howard
                                Springs – Airstrips.
                                11. Supplementary Education Kit Northern Territory,
                                Australian remembers 1945 – 1995 (on display).
                                Refer books: “Trails of History”, “Signs of History”,
                                “WWII Historical Sites”.
                                Refer 1983 Bound Copy of Litchfield Times Vol.1 No.3
                                pg 5 re: Relics of warhold no fear for oldies, re:
                                Discarded flour drums in Bees Creek Road.
                                LC940.5429 “The Army & Defence Of Darwin”.
                                12. An Eyewitness History of Australia by Harry
                                Gordon – Rigby – Darwin‟s 1st Air Raids etc and how
                                many people died.
                                13. The Bombing of Darwin, Survivors gunned down,
                                Northern Territory News 19/2/2001.
                                Refer Adelaide River History File.
                                14. Bomb Raid warning that never arrived, Northern
                                Territory News 12/2/2002 (Allied Shipping).
                                15. Read all about our history – 60th Anniversary of the
                                bombing of Darwin, Northern Territory News

                        16. Looking at our history “Living on the brink of war
                        re: 60th Anniversary of the bombing of Darwin,
                        Northern Territory News 12/2/2002.
                        17. Deadly Silver Darts rained from the sky, the
                        bombing of Darwin 60 years on, Northern Territory
                        News 16/2/2001.
                        Darwin salutes bombing heroes, Edwin Brown, Tom
                        Hughes, Stan Phillips, Ron Hamley, Dudly Vose, Dawin
                        Oval Battery in 1941, Northern Territory News
                        19. Civilians Lives Forever Changed re: Their impact,
                        Northern Territory News 19/2/2002.
                        20. Bombing of Darwin, 60 years on – Bomber Crew
                        Recall Grim Heat Of Battle, Northern Territory News
                        21. Bombing of Darwin 60 years on – War hero Melvin
                        joins comrades Northern Territory News 19/2/2002.
                        22. 60 years on, sounds of gunfire and sirens echo
                        across the harbour, Northern Territory News
                        20/2/2002, we‟ll always remember, re-enactment site of
                        old Darwin oval.
                        23. Bombing of Darwin 60 years on, sisters died in
                        post office, Ted Woodward 81 came to Adelaide River
                        War Cemetery and grief stricken veterans visits,
                        Northern Territory News 21/2/2002.
                        24. Sir Roden Cutler, artillery man to receive Vic
                        Cross, Northern Territory News 23/2/2001.
                        25. 60th Anniversary of the bombing of Darwin – 800
                        war vets and photos, Northern Territory News
                        Refer Book “ANZACS Australians at War” (on display).
                        26. Searching for Black Sunday War Heroes, 1944, US
                        Air Force pilots in Papua New Guinea. Recovered a 45
                        calibre pistol from a B-24 bomber and recovered
                        wreckage of a B-24 Liberator, Northern Territory News
                        LC940.5429 RAY “The Army and the Defence of
                        Darwin Fortress”.
                        LC940.53229 AUS “Air War Against Japan 1943-1945”.
                        Refer Civil Drawer No.8 “The Territory War” selected
                        shipping positions 19/2/1942.
                        LC823.3 GAR “Bloodstrained Wattle”, a story that
                        deals with that period of WWII described by John
                        Curtin as the Battle of Australia”, time when Darwin
                        was the front line.
                        Refer book B636.213 “The War Years and 1st Visit to
                        Darwin by Forrest/Park.
                        Refer PER 919.429 NORT “Northern Perspective 50th
                        Anniversary WWII Vol.18 No.2 (wet season).

                        Refer Humpty Doo History File re: Albert Hart WWII
                        Soldier stationed at Humpty Doo, who wrote a letter to
                        a man from Humpty Doo he didn‟t know.
                        27. War Veteran helps Humpty Doo kids, Northern
                        Territory News 11/12/1991.
                        Refer Litchfield Tourism Advisory Group History File.
                        Refer Humpty Doo History File Item 4 re: Fighters at
                        Humpty Doo 1942.
                        LC919.4295 WEST “Over the Next Hill”.
                        28. World War Sites noted – Darwin Harbour ablaze in
                        1942, Northern Territory News 13/3/2001.
                        29. Humpty Doo from the army slang term “Umpty”
                        used in 1917 for dash when reading morse?
                        Refer leaflet of National Archives of Australia (Admin
                        File) – “Holding onto our history” – Paragraph called
                        “Coming of Age”, from the files:- The Archives holds
                        Australia‟s 3 page Declaration of War on Japan dated
                        9/12/1941 and also hold the Instrument of Surrender,
                        signed 4 years later.
                        LC940.53942 POW “The Shadow‟s Edge, Australia‟s
                        Northern War.
                        LC994.295 “Katherine and World War Two”.
                        30. The long march to hell, the fate of the Australian‟s
                        captured by the Japanese in WWII, 50th Anniversary
                        Special, the Australian, 25 pounders at Gemas,
                        Malaya, January 1942 paintings in back.
                        LC994.29 JOH chapters 27 & 29 re: The Famous Drum
                        LC355.94.4110994 SMI “Convoys up the Track” by
                        Alan Smith.
                        LC940.5429 SIG “WWII Historical Sites, Signs of
                        History, a photographic collection of WWII Historical
                        Sites signs in the Northern Territory 1992.
                        LC940.542994 FOL “Point Charles Lighthouse and the
                        Military Occupation of Cox Peninsula”, Occasional
                        Papers by Mike Foley, 1987.
                        LCB919.4295 AUS “The Quality of Life, a reflection of
                        life in Darwin during the Post-War years by Maisie
                        31. 1901 – 2001 Commemorating – The Bombing of
                        Darwin in the Centenary of Federation, 1942 – 1945
                        Federation Frontline 19th February 1942 The Bombing
                        of Darwin Official Programme of Commemoration
                        19/2/2001 (on display).
                        32. Official Commemoration Programme 19/2/1942 4
                        Day Programme Of Events 20/4/2002.
                        33. Federation Frontline The Bombing of Darwin 1942
                        – 1945 by Australia Post (on display).
                        LC940.5429 SIG “The Reunion 60th Anniversary 2002
                        Signs of History WWII Historic Sites (on display).

WWII Railway Workers            1. Wartime Territory – A Tribute to Railway Workers
Commemoration                   April – July 1992.
                                2. Memo to Batchelor Area Organisations re: WWII
                                Workers Commemoration Programme to be held at
                                Wishart Siding 4/5/7/2002 10/6/22.
                                3. Railway Line led troops to war, Northern Territory
                                News 6/6/1992.
                                4. Letter from Bob Brown to Australian Railways Union
                                5. Letter from Colin McGregor to Minister for Transport
                                6. Letter from Bob Collins to B. Brown 31/10/1991.
                                7. Letter from Martin Ferguson to Mr B. Ivinson
                                8. Letter from Martin Ferguson to B. Brown 21/10/1991.
Yates – Ted & Kath              LCA828.3 PAL “1992 Writers‟ Picnic” Your local
                                history, a collection of student and presenters writing.