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					  732 APRIL 3. 1937                               CORRESPONDENCE                                                  THE BRITISH
                                                                                                                MEDICAL JOU RNASkL

standing that medical illustration is a " specialist's job,"       "Though I was well acquainted with the road to Dover,
which cannot be executed by people who merely "draw             and made allowances accordingly, I could not help being
and paint a little," is responsible for the low standard        chagrined at the bad accommodation and impudent imposition
prevalent in this country. We are far behind America            to which I was exposed.... I need not tell vou that this
                                                                is the worst road in England with respect to the conveniences
and Germany in this respect.                                    of travelling, and must certainly impress foreigners with an
   The medical profession ought to realize that this            unfavourable opinion of the nation in general. The chambers
specialized ancillary service must be given proper sur-         are in general cold and comfortless, the beds paltry, the
roundings: much of the free-lance work is poor; indeed,         cookery execrable, the wine poison, the attendance bad, the
many good artists who undertake it are eventually forced        publicans insolent, and the bills extortion; there is not a
into commercial draughtsmanship because they cannot             drop of tolerable malt liquor to be had from London to
sacrifice themselves to the cheap production demanded           Dover. . . . Dover is commonly termed a den of thieves;
of them.                                                        and I am afraid it is not altogether without reason that it
                                                                 has acquired this appellation. The people are said to live by
   The ideal solution to this problem is for each medical       piracy in time of war, and by smuggling and fleecing strangers
school, hospital, or clinic to employ an artist on the staff,    in time of peace; but I will do them the justice to say they
and the artist should be prepared to be vitally interested      make no distinction between foreigners and natives."
in all stages of the research work, and (because of the            Poor Smollett, his complaints of conditions in the French
previous training) should guide all the illustrative work       inns are even more severe, but he hints that he was some-
of the department, which should include photography.            times " more than usually peevish, from the bad weather
I emphasize photography because these two branches are          as well as from the dread of a fit of asthma with which-
closely united. Good photography as an illustrative agent       I was threatened." One cannot accompany him on his
cannot be ignored; it is for the artist to combine the two      journey from Boulogne to Nice by way of 'Paris, Fontaine-
and decide whether a specimen should be drawn or photo-         bleau, Dijon, Lyons, and Montpelier without sympathy in
graphed. I know many artists will disagree with me, but         all his discomforts and grumbles.
I have found this essential, and I think medical illustrators      The whole volume of his Travels, made up as it is of
should hold a broad-minded view when remembering the            letters to friends, is full of interest and entertainment.
purpose of their work in medical research. Therefore the        -I am, etc.,
artist should be familiar with all branches of scientific        Cannes, March 20.                           A. A. WARDEN.
photography, thus knowing the capacities and limitations
of both sides.-I am, etc.,
   London, Marclh 13.                                Z. S.
           Medical Aid in Southern Spain
                                                                      ALEXANDER CORSAR STURROCK, M.D.
  SIR,-Since the fall of Malaga the plight of the wounded                 Consulting Physician, Salford Royal Hospital
and the refugees in Southern Spain is very serious. My          Dr. Alexander Corsar Sturrock died at his home in Eccles,
husband has taken a British University Ambulance Unit           near Manchester, on March 27, at the age of 65. He
to Almeria and has succeeded in establishing a hospital,        was born at Linlithgow and studied at Edinburgh Univer-
two front casualty clearing stations, a food station, and a     sity, taking the Master of Arts degree in 1892. After-
children's hospital outside the town on the road to Lorca.      wards he went on to the medical school and took the
He hopes to establish several more at intervals of twenty       M.B., C.M. with first-class honours some four years later.
miles to the point where the railway begins to run again.       In 1898 he gained the M.D. with a gold medal. For- a
The unit at present consists of Sir George Young, Miss          short time he acted as an assistant in the physiological
Thurstan (the commandant), two nurses, three drivers, two       department at Edinburgh before being appointed house-
cars, and an ambulance.                                         surgeon to the Grimsby Hospital. In 1900 he was ap-
  A woman doctor and two more nurses went out last              pointed resident medical officer to the Manchester Royal
week. There has been a wide response to appeals for             Infirmary for a period of two years, after which he began
supplies for the unit, but its work is severely hampered for    a busy and successful life in Eccles as a general practi-
lack of surgeons and staff. If any fully qualified doctors      tioner. In 1906 he took the M.R.C.P.Lond. He seryed
or surgeons were willing and able to go out it is certain       for two years in the Royal Army Medical Corps in
that many more lives could be saved. Expenses out and           Salonica and in France, and was mentioned in dispatches.
back will be paid, and keep out there. If such there are,       Returning home after the war, with the rank of major,
I should be most grateful if they would get in touch with       he took up consultant work in Manchester, being appointed
me, in the first place, stating for how long they would be      to the honorary medical staff of the Salford Royal Hos-
able to stay out.-I am, etc.,                                   pital. He was at the same time an honorary physician
  30, Lower Belgrave Street, S.W.1,     J. HELEN YOUNG.         to the Eccles and Patricroft hospitals. Dr. Corsar
            March 29.                                           Sturrock was a member of the Manchester Medical and
                                                                Pathological Societies, and was honorary secretary of the
                  The Old English Inn                           Lancashire and Cheshire Branch of the British Medical
                                                                Association for the years 1923-7. About this time he
   SIR,-I notice that Lord Horder, in his address to the        developed a special interest in nervous and mental diseases,
British Health Resorts Association at Bournemouth               and took charge of an out-patient department at the
(Journal, March 20, p. 626), asked: " Where was the old         Salford Royal Hospital, which was organized in associa-
English inn, the inn of Dickens, and Fielding, and              tion with the County Mental Hospital at Prestwich, and
Smollett, and Charles Lamb?" If we may judge by Dr.             was at that time a new departure in general hospital
Tobias Smollett's description of his journey to the south       practice. In collaboration with D. Orr he wrote a paper
of France in 1763 it is probably a good thing that these        on the " Influence of the Sympathetic on Infections of the
old inns in England and in France have disappeared and          Central Nervous System."
given place to the clean and comfortable hotels that we            Corsar Sturrock's opinion was often sought at the assizes
all know. Writing from Boulogne, Smollett lets himself go.      when any question of the sanity of a prisoner arose.

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