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					Refinance Scheme for Agro-processing Industry:

         Bangladesh Bank has introduced a Refinance Scheme for Agro-processing Industry with
a fund of Tk. 100.00 crore vide ICD Circular No. 01, dated November 04, 2001. Total fund
disbursed till March 31, 2010 is Tk. 91.16 crore through different scheduled Banks & Financial
         As on 31 March 2010, 08 banks & 12 financial institutions have signed Participation
Agreement with Bangladesh Bank to avail this refinance facility. Under this fund, Bangladesh
Bank provides refinance facility through PFIs to different agro-based industries (as mentioned in
the ACSPD circular letter 04, dated: 26/06/2008) to enhance the growth of agro-based and agro-
processing industries.

List of PFIs (Banks & NBFIs) under Refinance Scheme for Agro-processing Industry

Initiatives Taken for the Development of SME:

For the development of SME sector Bangladesh Bank has taken several policy initiatives and
others necessary steps. Some of the important policy statements are as follows:

   1. Issuance of Guidelines for financing SME sector through Banks & NBFIs:
          a) ACSPD Circular No. 01, dated 02/05/04- Introduction of Refinance Scheme for
             Small Enterprise Sector to provide maximum 100% refinance facilities for Small
             Enterprises (SEs).
          b) ACSPD Circular No. 01, dated 02/05/04 and ACSPD Circular No. 02, dated
             19/07/05- Issued to encourage & boost up SME sector availing the ADB Fund.
          c) ACSPD Circular No. 05, dated 04/05/08- Issued with following important terms
             & conditions:
                                • Banks & NBFIs will inform BB about their annual SME
                                    loan disbursement target.
                                • Of total SME loan 40% must be given to SEs.
                                • Setting up dedicated desk for SME.

           d) SMESPD Circular No. 02, dated 15/02/10- Lower limit for SEs has been fixed to
              Tk. 50,000.00 instead of Tk. 2.00 lac.

   2. In ongoing 05years strategic plan of BB, SME sector has been given the most priority.
     List of PFIs (Participating Financial Institutions :Banks & NBFIs)
                                    (till March 2010)
     Refinance Scheme Agro-Processing Industry

Sl. No.           Name of Banks           Sl. No.        Name of NBFIS
1.         National Bank Ltd.             1.      Peoples' Leasing & Financial
                                                  Services Ltd.
2.         Eastern Bank Ltd.              2.      United Leasing Co. Ltd.
3.         South East Bank Ltd.           3.      IIDFC
4.         Trust Bank Ltd.                4.      Uttara Finance & Investment
5.         AB Bank Ltd.                   5.      IDLC
6.         Commercial Bank of Ceylon      6.      Phoenix Finance & Investment
7.         The City Bank Ltd.             7.      MIDAS Financing
8.         Premier Bank Ltd.              8.      Self Employment Finance Ltd.
                                          9.      Prime Finance & Investment
                                          10.     Islamic Finance & Investment
                                          11.     Lanka-Bangla Ltd.
                                          12.     Reliance Finance Ltd.