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        IIA Update
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
•   Top LSC’s
•   Credit Union Agreement Status
•   League Spot Light
•   What’s New
     – 2010 GM Private Offer
• Updates
     –   Sprint
     –   Shop America
     –   DIRECTV
     –   Allied Van Lines
     –   FTD
• 2010 LSC Communication Schedule

Top LSC’s
January – August 2010

        Auto Sales             Sprint Supporting Credit
Texas                14,683 Illinois                  51

Florida/Alabama       6,009 Pennsylvania              51

Pennsylvania          4,174 California/Nevada         36

California/Nevada     4,038 Tennessee                 32

New York              3,510 New Jersey                26

    Agreement Status
    Follow Up With Your Credit Unions!
    Program (Thru 8/15/10)               Big Ticket       Sprint          Member Rewards
    Sign-Up Level                           1,880           N/A                  1,867
    Endorsement Level                        435           1,003                  366
    Total Supporting CU’s                   2,315          1,003                 2,233
•      Check on the status of your credit unions with the League Reports at:
•      Help make sure your Big Ticket endorsing credit unions are paid by
       reminding them to:
        • Provide a copy of their Quarterly Newsletter articles
        • Insure the new trademarked IIA web banner is prominently displayed
             on their CU home page
        • Materials can be sent via e-mail to
•      It’s not too late for credit unions to send in agreements to qualify for 4th
       quarter payouts. Agreements are due by 10/31
•      Agreements available at:

League Spotlight

                       Virginia Credit Union League

                       The Virginia Credit Union League
                       created a separate IIA page under
                       their products and services

                       Following the GM Private Offer
                       webinar on 9/10/10, the league
                       immediately added information
                       provided by IIA to their web site
                       and notified their credit unions.

    What’s New
    GM Private Offer
•  Year-end marketing campaign to drive auto loan growth!
•  Available to Invest in America credit unions that agree to participate and meet marketing
•  Offer is in addition to existing GM credit union member discount and other GM public offers

•   Private offer timing: 11/2/10 – 1/3/11
•   Private offer incentive in excess of $750
•   Available to targeted credit union members only
     –   Identify members in-market for a new auto
     –   Credit unions have complete flexibility on modeling their member data
•   Credit unions must send a direct mail/e-mail piece to targeted members to inform them of the
    offer and to provide their unique program code
•   To take full advantage of the offer, credit union members will need to provide dealership
    personnel with two codes:
     –   The standard GM credit union member discount authorization code for GM Preferred Pricing
     –   The unique private offer program code which will be pre-printed on the direct mail/email piece

  What’s New
  GM Private Offer
Eligible 2010/2011 Model Year vehicles:
 Chevrolet Silverado      Chevrolet Impala          Chevrolet Avalanche

 Chevrolet HHR            GMC Sierra                Buick Lucerne
Program Benefits
•  Member receives incremental benefits because they are a member of your credit union
•  Member saves even more with low credit union rates
•  Targeted approach to drive auto loan growth

Invest in America Support
•   Direct mail creative elements
•   Website banners for linking to the GM credit union member discount save page
•   Modeling/targeting criteria suggestions
•   Phone and email support, plus assistance from your Invest in America business consultant and
•   For complete details click here or visit

GM Private Offer
Date      Task                            Credit Union Action
9/10-30   Participation Acknowledgement   Contact appropriate IIA National Business
                                          Consultant or e-mail
9/24      Creative Provided               Direct mail/e-mail templates and creative
                                          elements available online to credit unions
10/1      Program Codes Provided          Last day for mail counts to be provided to IIA
10/15     Custom Material Approved        Last day for credit union to submit non-template
                                          materials for approval
11/2      Mail Drop                       Send direct mail/e-mail piece to members
11/19 &   Recommended Follow-up Dates Send reminder e-mails to members
1/3/11    Program Concludes               Discontinue marketing efforts, dispose of related
                                          marketing materials and program codes
Gear up for the 2010/2011 Contract Year
•   The Sprint contract year runs from October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011
•   Newly enrolled credit unions must include an insert in their January mailing
    to be eligible to earn 75% of their marketing incentive
•   The deadline to order inserts for the January statement is December 1, 2010

4 simple yearly marketing requirements:
•   Continuously display lobby materials
•   Place two Sprint articles per year in credit union newsletters
•   Include inserts for entire membership in at least one quarterly mailing
•   Continuously display correct Sprint web banner link on credit union web site

Credit union members have saved over $63 million
•   Are your credit unions providing this discount to their members?
•   Reach out to your credit unions supporting other IIA programs but not           Samsung Epic™ 4G
    Sprint and make sure they are aware of this tremendous opportunity
•   Act now so they can earn 75% of their marketing incentive next year

•   Shop America On-line Mall Opened in June!
•   Over 16,000 members visited Shop America                                       E-blast
                                                                                scheduled for
•   5,000 members created an account                                            week of 9/27
•   Most popular stores to date include:
         •Apple               •Target              •Walmart
         •Kohl’s              •       •E-bay

• It’s as easy as:
     – Click – The Shop America logo from
     – Shop – Over 1,200 popular on-line merchants
     – Save – With daily specials plus earn cash back
• Details at:
• Marketing Materials at:


•   New subscribers - order DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket™ and Premier
    Package - save almost $300 and get:
     –   Over 200 games a season, up to 14 games per week
     –   Games in crystal clear HD
                                                                                      scheduled for
     –   Up to 8 games on 1 screen
                                                                                      week of 10/4
     –   Replays of entire games in 30 minutes
     –   Catch every play inside the 20 with the RED ZONE Channel
     –   Get 5 Months Free of DIRECTV’s Premier Package when you purchase the NFL
         Sunday Ticket ($54.99/mo. for 5 mos.) 285+ Channels AND all of your favorite
         Premium movie channels (HBO, Starz, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, DIRECTVs Sportspack)
     –   NFL Sunday Ticket offer ends October 6, so reach out to your credit unions now!

•   PLUS with every new subscription, Invest in America donates $10 to the Children’s Miracle
    Network, and members receive an additional $15 deposit in their Credit Union Account.

•   For complete details visit:

• $15 discount on each item ordered:
   - Flowers           - Gift baskets
   - Plants            - Spa certificates and more
   - Chocolates

• Members encouraged to use
  their credit union credit/debit card

• For complete details visit

                                              scheduled for
                                              week of 9/20

Future League
•   League Conference Calls will be held the 1st month of each quarter on
    Wednesday’s at 3pm EST*
     –   October 13
•   Access Information
•   Toll free: +1 (866) 816-1627
•   Conference ID: 1177265367

•   Monthly updates via PowerPoint Presentation will be emailed on:
     –   November 17
     –   December 15
                                   *Attendance required for
                                    Leagues Endorsing or
                                    Partnering with Big Ticket and
                                    Endorsing Member Rewards