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					                    Reverend Lucius Walker - ¡Presente!

It is impossible to find words to express our sadness upon hearing of the passing of our good
friend and comrade, the Reverend Lucius Walker, best known to all the world as the founder of
the Pastors For Peace Friendship Caravans to Cuba. For the past twenty years, Reverend
Walker and the Pastors For Peace Caravans have broken the U.S. blockade of Cuba by
collecting humanitarian aide for Cuba in regions across the U.S., enduring brutal harassment at
the hands of the U.S. government, to deliver that much needed aide to our Cuban brothers and

Throughout so many years we have come to depend on Reverend Walker’s steadfast vision, his
unrelenting militant but nonviolent spirit, and his willingness to stand on principle in the face of
brutal odds.

In our work with Cuba, and throughout the world, we on the Global Exchange Cuba Team have
learned from and tried to emulate the example of Reverend Walker and the Interreligious
Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) in our complementary endeavors.

Reverend Walker not only sought to end the illegal and immoral blockade of Cuba but to offer
to communities around the globe an example of a better world based on principles of humanity
and love, both on a global scale and in his personal life and commitments.
Our brother, Reverend Walker, we give thanks for having been able to share the road of life
with such a worthy and giving person -- such a precious gem – as yourself.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With ultimate respect,

Walter Turner, President
Board of Directors Global Exchange

And the entire Global Exchange Cuba Team

“It could have been me, but instead it was you…
So I’ll keep doing the work you were doing as if I were two…
I’ll be a student of life, a singer of songs, a farmer of food, and a righter of wrongs…

If you could work for Freedom, I can too…”
                                                     -- words by Holly Near

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