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Web site optimization is the process, content, pages, layout optimization adjustments to make the site more easily indexed by search engines, improve the user experience (UE) and the conversion rate and thus create value.

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									PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

 Website design, development & Website optimization for your website by Global Solutions India

       By Global Solutions India
       Dated: Apr 27, 2010

       For over 9 years, Global Solutions has been designing websites for companies based all over the world. Let
       us at Global Solutions help your company become a success on the internet.

       A Maximum number of companies agree that having an online presence is essential for growth in this day
       and age. They agree that websites help improve their company visibility and enables them to reach out to
       audiences further than their physical boundaries. More often than not, companies are out to find a website
       designer who can cater to their website designing needs and deliver a ‘professional looking website’ for
       almost nothing! Sadly this isn’t how it works.

        A company website essentially needs to focus on getting the important company information across to a
       prospective client and/or visitor on the internet. Statistics show that a website ahs exactly 10 seconds to
       show a client that it means business. Your client is on the look out for information that he or she can obtain
       quickly and easily without a lot of effort on their end. If not found on your website, it is quite possible that
       they might turn to a competitor of your.

        Try not to let the above fact hamper or influence your website designing requirements. A professional
       website, manages to get all the necessary information across and keeps the visitor interested enough to want
       to find out more in detail information about the said service or feature being provided by your company.

       While we understand that competition in the online world is just as fierce (if not fiercer) as the physical
       markets, we also understand a company’s need to ‘look good’ and/or ‘look professional’ on the web.
       Companies need to realize that a website designer/designing company would create a website that would be

        •Visually appealing in layouts and associated graphics
        •Easy to navigate through the various pages on the website
        •And of course, give it the profession look that ever company website deserves

        The above points on the designing aspect are really quite a base to the overall look and feel of a website. If
       a client is looking for Search Engine Optimization in addition to the designing requirements, he or she has
       to realize that the cost for enriching your ‘professional website’ with strategic keywords, Meta tags and the
       likes might not come to be cheap.

        We at Global Solutions India know the amount of work and energy that is put to making a website
       successful on the internet. Our services, delivered at an affordable cost are designed for your company to
       make an impact on the web!

        All our designing services from designing a basic template to optimizing a website for search engines all
       provided in-house. We have an extensive portfolio that highlights our best work of over that we have
       delivered over the last 9 years of our existence as a website designing company. We understand that a
       professionally designed websites is an essential investment for any company from any industry and is
       essential for its success. We assure complete transparency in working and allow our client complete say in
       the look and feel of their website. To see the kind of work we are capable of delivering, do take a look at
       our design portfolio and email us incase of enquiries. (


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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

At Global Solutions we offer a complete web design service from initial consultation through to design,
publication and periodic overhauls and maintenance. Global Solutions specializes in getting small to
medium sized businesses onto the Internet.

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