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					                      UTAH LABOR COMMISSION
                    INDEX FOR AUDIO RECORDING

                       Tuesday September 15, 2009 at 8:00 A.M
                            Carbon County Event Center
                               310 S Fairgrounds Rd
                                  Price, UT 84501

1. Sherrie Hayashi, Commissioner – Meeting called to order 8:10 AM
       Review of last meetings minutes
              o Walter Arabasz made a motion to approve as written.
              o Jimmy Brock seconded the motion.
              o Minutes were approved without opposition.

2. Garth Nielsen, Director, Office of Coal Mine Safety – Report on the progress of the
   Office of Coal Mine Safety since the last meeting in June.

Commissioner Hayashi invited comments from the council regarding Garth Nielsen’s question.
      What would be the appropriate action for the Office of Coal Mine safety (OCMS) in
         the event that an operator refuses to comply and cooperate? What authority should
         the OCMS have in such instances?

                        Please refer to audio recording for comments:
                        Time on Recording             Name of person speaking
                        0:10:36                       Lamar Guymon
                        0:10:45                       Pete Hackford
                        0:11.47                       Garth Nielsen

3. Emergency Response
      Proposed Rule - R616-4-3. Examining coal mines.
             o Todd Bingham motioned to add the definition of Garth Nielsen’s roll, and
                authority, to the agenda for the next meeting.
             o Miles Nelson seconded the motion.

                        Time                        Name of person speaking
                        0:26:48                     Todd Bingham
                        0:29:11                     Pete Hackford
                        0:29:45                     Sherrie Hayashi
                        0:30:22                     Alan Hennebold
                        0:31:50                     Walter Arabasz
                        0:32:50                     Kim McCarter
                        0:33:02                     Alan Hennebold
                        0:33:46                     Randy Tatton
                        0:34:15                     Sherrie Hayashi
                        0:34:40                     Randy Tatton
                        0:35:25                     Todd Bingham
                 Time                       Name of person speaking
                 0:36:36                    Sherrie Hayashi
                 0:37:17                    Garth Nielsen
                 0:39:13                    Ken May
                 0:39:54                    Alan Hennebold
                 0:40:50                    Ken May
                 0:41:20                    Todd Bingham
                 0:42:26                    Sherrie Hayashi
                 0:42:38                    Todd Bingham
                 0:43:10                    Garth Nielsen
                 0:43:38                    Jimmy Brock
                 0:44:49                    Ralph Sanich
                 0:46:06                    Sherrie Hayashi
                 0:47:12                    Jim Poulson
                 0:48:00                    Don Shelley
                 0:48:06                    Garth Nielsen
                 0:48:30                    Don Shelley
                 0:49:15                    Sherrie Hayashi
                 0:49:26                    Lamar Guymon
                 0:51:15                    Sherrie Hayashi
                 0:52:34                    Todd Bingham
                 0:52:53                    Sherrie Hayashi
                 0:53:11                    Alan Hennebold
                 0:53:37                    Todd Bingham
                 0:53:54                    Sherrie Hayashi
                 0:54:11                    Randy Tatton
                 0:54:45                    Pete Hackford
                 0:54:55                    Sherrie Hayashi
                 0:55:10                    Ralph Sanich
                 0:55:52                    Alan Hennebold
                 0:56:15                    Ralph Sanich
                 0:56:40                    Alan Hennebold
                 0:57:00                    Sherrie Hayashi
                 0:57:26                    Wes Sorensen
                 0:57:55                    Sherrie Hayashi
                 0:58:12                    Todd Bingham

   Proposed Rule - R616-4-4. Accident notification requirements.

                 Time                       Name of person speaking
                 1:03:35                    Ken May
                 1:03:55                    John Byars
                 1:05:20                    Kim McCarter
                 1:05:50                    Jim Poulson
                 1:06:50                    Jimmy Brock
                 1:10:40                    Todd Bingham
                 1:11:55                    John Byars
                 1:13:00                    Lamar Guymon
                 1:16:25                    Ralph Sanich
                         1:17:58                     Kim McCarter
                         1:18:30                     Gary Christensen
                         1:19:40                     Ken May

           Proposed Rule - R616-4-5. Emergency response training.
            o Todd Bingham motioned to table both issues (R616-4-4 and R616-4-5) until the
               next meeting.
            o Terri Watkins seconded the motion.

                         Time                        Name of person speaking
                         1:22:14                     Wes Sorensen
                         1:22:40                     Ken May
                         1:23:50                     Walter Arabasz
                         1:24:15                     Kevin Tuttle
                         1:26:20                     Todd Bingham
                         1:30:00                     Kevin Tuttle
                         1:31:36                     Jim Poulson
                         1:33:38                     Lamar Guymon
                         1:34:10                     Kim McCarter
                         1:34:38                     Ralph Sanich
                         1:37:00                     Todd Bingham
                         1:41:00                     Gallery member

 4. Legislative Report
        Background of legislative report and deadline.
        MSTAC discussion of report.

                         Time                        Name of person speaking
                         1:45:50                     Walter Arabasz
                         1:47:15                     Miles Nelson
                         1:51:00                     Walter Arabasz
                         1:52:10                     Todd Bingham
                         1:54:20                     Walter Arabasz
                         1:55:15                     Todd Bingham

 5. New Business - Miles Nelson, Associate Vice President, College of Eastern Utah gave a
    brief report of the current status of training.

                         Time                        Name of person speaking
                         1:57:20                     Kim McCarter
                         1:57:50                     Miles Nelson

Adjourn: 10:45 AM

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