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                                  Reach 3 million

                     is the premier website for international students all around the world. Our
                              portal provides students with access to information, advice, products and services all geared to studying,
                              living and traveling abroad. Operated by Envisage International Corporation (EIC), an online
                              international marketing company with a network of leading international education websites,
                              International and the other network sites attracts in excess of 3 million visitors. For further
                              details about our site, visit or for a complete list of sites visit

                              Traffic and Demographics
                              The majority of our traffic is organic, and has been developed over the network’s 10 year history
                              through careful link exchanges, inbound links from thousands of schools and website optimization.
                              Students find us either by word of mouth, listing on school websites or simply through our strong
                              search listings. Below you will find some details about our stats and demographics:

                                                          Visits/ Month                          2007
                                       130,000                                                                                     2008
                                       104,000                                                                                     2010




                                                     Jan   Feb Mar Apr May       Jun   Jul    Aug Sept Oct    Nov Dec

                                                    Top 10 Countries                                         Top Search Terms
                                 1. USA                    6. Pakistan                       1. International Student(s)
                                 2. UK                     7. Philippines                    2. International Student Exchange
                                 3. India                  8. Germany                        3. Study/ Studying in the USA
                                 4. Canada                 9. Russia                         4. Work in (the) USA
                                 5. Australia              10. China                         5. International Scholarships
                                                Advertising Options

                                                We offer a number of different advertising packages that can fit in with your budget and the exposure you need. All our packages
                                                can be customized, so the outlines that are described below are starting points. Please also note that we have a 3 month minimum
                                                on all advertising packages.

                                                I. Featured School/ Program
                                                  This package provides the most exposure and represents the
                                                  best value for money for your campaign on our site. The
                                                  program can be run for either 6 or 12 months

                                                  6 Months - $9,000 total
                                                   ✓ option to direct visitors to:
                                                     • landing page on site with lead generation form
                                                     • direct to your website
                                                   ✓ right hand box rotation on home-page
                                                   ✓ right hand box rotation through selected section of site
                                                   ✓ guest blog posts with monthly tweets
                                                   ✓ 2 newsletter listings

                                                  12 Months - $15,000 total
                                                   ✓ option to direct visitors to:
                                                     • landing page on site with lead generation form
                                                     • direct to your website
                                                   ✓ right hand box rotation on home-page
                                                   ✓ right hand box rotation through selected section of site
                                                   ✓ home-page central listing ( 6 months in the year )
                                                   ✓ 3 guest blog posts with monthly tweets
                                                   ✓ 4 newsletter listings
                                                                                                                    Figure 1 - Example of central listing
                                                                                                                             - Examples of right hand boxes

                                                II. Travel Video Contest Sponsorship
                                                   Each year, runs a travel video contest where students from all around the world submit their videos
                                                   telling us why they want to travel/ study abroad. The contest is a feature of our annual marketing efforts and attracts
                                                   worldwide attentions, receiving hundreds of video entries, of which the best are put online for our readers to judge and
                                                   provide us with their feedback. The contest page is the highest ranked page in our site during the competition months from
                                                   September to December. Further information can be found online at

                                                   Gold - Please Contact for pricing (1 available)
                                                   ✓ banner in first position on all contest pages for 12 months
                                                   ✓ name branding of the annual video contest
                                                   ✓ 10 second video clip added to all finalist videos to be played before users can watch the finalist videos

                                                   Silver - $2,000 (3 available)
                                                   ✓ banner in second position on all contest pages for 12 months
                                                III. Right Hand Box

                                                   Throughout the site, each page has adverts through the right hand side boxes (as seen in figure 2). These boxes contain a 60 x
                                                   60 pixel image along with a title of 2 to 3 words and 30 words of text. We place the ads in zones on our website, the
                                                   homepage has its own individual pricing, and then all other zones are priced the same. 1 Zone includes all pages within that
                                                   section of the site.

                                                   Examples of ad zone placement:
                                                   • Home-page
                                                   • Study in the USA
                                                   • Study in the UK
                                                   • Study in Australia
                                                   • Study Abroad
                                                   • Travel Center
                                                   • Visa and Immigration
                                                   • Communications Center                                                   Figure 2 - Examples of a right hand side box
                                                   • International Financial Aid                                                with 60x60 image and up to 30 words

                                                                              Rotation                      Fixed
                                                   Homepage                    $3,000                       N/A
                                                   Per Zone                    $1,000                       $2,000

                                                   The minimum purchase is 3 months, and the prices above reflect exposure for 3 month.

                                                IV. Newsletter
                                                   Our email newsletter is sent out once a month and provides general
                                                   information, news, help and advice for international students. The
                                                   newsletter has a current subscriber base of over 150,000 people and
                                                   this includes students and international education professionals from
                                                   all around the world.

                                                   You can view past newsletters online at:

                                                   Newsletter packages include:

                                                   Special Broadcast - contact us for pricing
                                                   We will send your message, whether in HTML or plain text to our
                                                   database. For more information about this option please contact us.

                                                   Standard Listing - $500/ listing
                                                   The standard listing, as highlighted in figure 2, provides up to 3 to 4
                                                   words for the title and then up to 125 words for the main text.           Figure 2 - Examples of a standard newsletter
                                                                                                                             listing that is available in our email newsletter.
                                                   There is a minimum purchase of 2 listings

                                                V. Custom Packages
                                                  In addition to, EIC operates an extensive network of highly regarded international education
                                                  websites, blogs and forums which all offer various advertising and marketing avenues for you. We can run any package we
                                                  offer across our network to provide you with the most targeted results, or you can individually advertise on one of our sites.

                                                  ‣   - a worldwide directory of english language schools
                                                  ‣ - an international financial aid directory
                                                  ‣ - student forum/message board for international students
                                                  ‣ - an worldwide english language school directory
                                                  ‣ - a database of scholarships and awards for internationals
                                                  ‣ ESLForum - a forum for international students and teachers in the ESL field

    Contact Us
    For more information about any of the packages or to talk with us about your various options and for a proposal that will meet all
    your objectives, please do not hesitate to contact us:

          Ross Mason                                                 Keith Clausen
          International Director                                     President

          Email:                     Email:
          Toll Free: (888) 247-1387 ext 103                          Toll Free: (888) 247-1387 ext 101
          Int’l: +1 (904) 247-1387 ext 103                           Int’l: +1 (904) 247-1387 ext 101

          Head Office                                                 Head Office
          804 Third Street, Suite A                                  804 Third Street, Suite A
          Neptune Beach, FL 32266, USA                               Neptune Beach, FL 32266, USA


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